Happy New Year, Everybody!

Okay, folks, you know me too well to think I’d let New Year’s Eve pass without making a fuss over resolutions. I LOVE New Year’s resolutions! However, I do not love social-self rigidity, white-knuckle compliance, or devotion to things that fail to contribute to your absolute happiest existence. I’m here to challenge you to make resolutions that really will change your life in a very good way.

Here’s the recipe for a truly terrific New Year’s resolution:

1. Feel for your future happiness. Get still, clear out the din of other people’s voices in your mind, and let yourself know what your heart is doing. Find the things it yearns for. They might seem impossible, or silly, or ignoble, or presumptuous, or selfish, or wicked. I DON’T CARE. YOUR HEART’S YEARNING IS YOUR DESTINY!

2. Once you’ve identified what you yearn for, resolve to receive it. THIS IS THE ONLY RESOLUTION YOU NEED FOR 2008.

3. Every day, for at least 5 minutes, sit quietly and pretend that you already have whatever it is your heart is yearning for. Actually, I’d prefer it if you did this little visualization many many times every day. But 5 minutes is better than nothing.

4. After picturing your desire fulfilled, completely let go of the image and return to the absolute present—this moment, not next week or next day or next instant, but THIS MOMENT.

5. Whatever is happening in this moment, accept it completely. If you are grieving, grieve wholeheartedly, and accept the grieving. If you are enraged, be fully enraged, and okay with it. If you’re bored, accept the boredom. Say “Yes” to the mess, whatever the mess is in your life.

6. Feel as much gratitude as you can for this moment (even if it seems awful), and for the fulfillment of your heart’s desires (even if it seems impossible).

Those of you who’ve read Finding Your Own North Star may recognize this as similar to Wildly Improbable Goals. It is—but I’ve refined the technique as I’ve experimented and learned. This kind of resolution-making is like magic. Try it for a year, and see!

May joy, excitement, fulfillment, contentment, and adventure fill this year for each of you!


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  1. Fiona from UK
    Fiona from UK says:

    Whenever I feel that you have taught me everything I need, there you go and come right out with more wisdom!!

    I LOVE the idea of resolving to receive my resolutions (or aspirations) – it takes the battle right out of it and that is so much more relaxing and gentle! thank you Martha – you are a star!

  2. Thomas Mangum
    Thomas Mangum says:

    WOW!! On New Year’s Day I was at my house alone in sunny San Diego and began having wave after wave of gratitude for the extraordinary people that have come into my life. It was quite emotional–as in flushing, tears, etc… and Martha, you were clearly one of those people.

    and then BAM! I get on the web today to find what the latest is with you and here you are writing about gratitude!!!! What a way to reconnect with you. I miss seeing you Martha!

  3. Ange
    Ange says:

    Martha, I am so glad to have found my way into your energy space. This afternoon I was despairing of having some simple joy in my life. After reading your thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions, I feel confident that I can get what I need for 2008 and beyond. So much of life has to do with feeling a sense of entitlement, and your books and thoughts get me ever closer to believing.

  4. Sheryl Jones
    Sheryl Jones says:

    I LOVE You Martha! Once again you help me help myself. I’m so grateful for your wisdom and courage and wit. Thanks for helping me resolve the thought that I need to work for someone else when I know I will make more in one month than I ever did working for “The Man.” I guess that means it’s time to jump off the cliff knowing the parachute will work just as it’s supposed to. You’re the Best! Tell Oprah I send my Love!

  5. kizla
    kizla says:

    Thank you, again, for your words. I am re-reading North Star for the third time right now, (in a different color ink, of course) and it’s fascinating to see what I wrote and underlined the first two times compared to now. I am dedicating this year to really listening to myself, and more importantly, GOING FOR IT! I am terrified and excited! Is it possible that I can get what I want? It doesn’t seem so. But I do think that you will help me get there, and I’ve never even met you!

  6. Margie
    Margie says:

    I am soooooo angry. The print in this book is so tiny and light that I cannot read more than a page without having to put it down due to eye strain (my eyes are fine-just had an exam and new glasses). I was so disgusted after spending the money for this book I tried to give it away yesterday. The person would not take it because she had difficulty reading itnwhen she looked at it. Without even getting past 10 pages, I have given up. I will either throw it away or give it to a library.

  7. carole carson
    carole carson says:

    As a free lance writer, I have written an article in which I refer to Martha Beck and would like to send her the article so she could add a quote, if she liked.

    Where could I send a draft of the article? The article is a take-off on her “no complaining” campaign in the October 2007 issue of Oprah magazine

    Please advise where I might send the draft.

  8. wendy
    wendy says:

    I love the advice to be in the moment and be OK with it, after the visualizing . The key is to know that it will not affect the outcome . Its still going to happen , no matter what.. even if we don’t see the way yet. I used to desperately need to change what was happening now because I thought it impacted my ability to manifest what I was visualizing. what a relief to just let go !!

  9. jana braswell
    jana braswell says:

    Apparently its taken me a year to read this! I guess all good things in all due time. And the time is now. I think Im going to give your strategy a try. Can’t hurt, right? Best to all of you and yours!


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