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Yearly Archives: 2008


Starting from Rock Bottom

(IMAGINATION+COMMUNICATION=”LEADING UP” IN A SANE SYSTEM) Hello again!  I hope you’ve been practicing your Love Zone and Spider Sense skills, for three reasons: first, because it’s wonderful to learn that you can do real magic; second, because “leading up” requires such magic, and third, because if you’re in any relatively sane systems, using your magic - Continue Reading


From Impossible to I’m Possible

  (It Doesn’t Take Much for a Team Member to Turn “Powerlessness” Into Leading From Below)  If you’ve been reading along with these posts, you know that according to my reckoning, all members of The Team are basically entrepreneurs—literally, people who bring (prendre) something into (entre) being.  This means that none of us has the - Continue Reading



  I’ll keep blogging away about the methods the Team needs to save the world, but I also want to pepper this blog with my favorite profiles of, and stories about, some of our Teammates. For thousands of years, humans spent their evenings sitting around a fire, sharing experiences, ideas, and dreams (that’s why TV - Continue Reading


There’s No Such Thing as Too Many Chiefs (At Least Not on the Team)

Well, hello!You’re back!That must mean you’re interested in my theories about the save-the-world Team.Whether you’re right on my wavelength, or merely fascinated by what you see as the deterioration of my sanity, I’m so pleased you’re here. You may recall that in my last post, I hypothesized there are certain people who are born with - Continue Reading


There’s No “I” in “TEAM”…But There’s ME

Yo!  Martha’s First Blog Post! Hi, it’s me, Martha.  I recently realized that all I really want to do was sit down and yack with my coaches and clients.  I tried doing this on the phone, and lost six pounds because I forgot to leave time to eat.  So I’ve decided a blog is the - Continue Reading


How are you feeling, really?

by Pamela Slim If I were to attach a giant magic probe to foreheads across the U.S. right now, what emotion do you think would be off the charts? Fear, anyone? Market meltdowns, government bailouts, war, natural disasters and election uncertainty make this point in history a pretty unsettling one, at least for those of - Continue Reading


The subtle tricks to building an effective vision board

by Pamela Slim If you have been around the field of personal development in the past 20 years, you have surely heard of vision boards as a great way to graphically illustrate your hopes and dreams, as well as increase the likelihood that you will get what you wish for. Martha was recently on Oprah - Continue Reading


The trick to nipping late night Oreo nashing

by Pamela Slim Do you ever fantasize about looking in the mirror and using one of those magic “before and after” wands to shrink your chubby thighs to the size of a long distance runner’s? I know I do. We are bombarded by weight loss commercials, fat-free food and stick-thin Victoria’s Secret models wherever we - Continue Reading


Confused about which of your inner voices to trust?

by Pamela Slim A core part of Martha’s approach to life coaching is the concept of the Body Compass. Housed deep inside you, your compass is always pointed True North, towards the life that will make you happy, healthy, wealthy and wise. The body compass speaks through your physical body. So as you think of - Continue Reading


Do you and your lizard live in a van down by the river?

by Pamela Slim I listened intently to my highly educated and successful client express his fears about quitting his job to start a business. “What are you really afraid of?” I said. “When it comes down to it, I am afraid of living on the street and eating garbage out of a dumpster.” This fear - Continue Reading