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by Pamela Slim

As promised, we have migrated to a new blog platform (on WordPress for those who take note) that is housed within the newly designed Martha Beck website.

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While we are currently posting new articles every two weeks, as time goes on, we will increase the variety and frequency.

If this is your first time visiting, please browse the archives for some practical ways to put Martha Beck’s coaching tools to work.

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  1. Abbe
    Abbe says:

    I thought you might enjoy this story.
    In spite of being in the process of working through Steering by Starlight, I was having a very hard day. Every attempt to capture and use my happy place was bringing me to tears. My mind was all dark corners. Until…
    I imagined a way to change the picture.
    My home computers had all been confiscated in an FBI raid that, to say the least, set a new definition of life’s challenges for me. In addition to what the legal future brings for my family, I was now without a single computer at home. I use the computer for so many things that not having one felt like a truly unfair punishment since I was not the subject of the illegal activity. In fact, it may have been a case of stolen identity and not even anyone living in the house.
    Then boom, part of my brain challenged the statement, “the FBI has your computer and you can’t get online.” Instead, I realized that for a relatively small amount of money, I could go buy another computer. I imagined going to the local electronics store and finding a laptop at under $450. It would be set-up and ready to go. I felt the power of having options. I felt some of the grief over the invasion of the search dissipate.
    So off the to store at lunch time. By the end of the day, I had bought a new laptop, store special because it had been a demo, for $449. It wasn’t the only magic of the day; it was the most noteworthy in that it gave me back some faith in the presence of the magic and the light beyond the storm clouds.
    Thanks for all your writing.


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