What Matters Now — and Tomorrow

This is Martha’s long lost blog editor Pamela Slim stepping in for a moment to let you know about a cool project that Martha just participated in with Seth Godin.

What Matters Now is an e-book filled with delicious one-page essays like Elizabeth Gilbert on ease and Daniel Pink on autonomy and Tom Peters on excellence.

And our very own Martha Beck on world healers.

It talks about dignity, vision, enrichment and sacrifice.

And how you recognize enough.

The eclectic group of 71 authors will stimulate you to think and feel and question your beliefs.

All so you can change your corner of the world.

So download a copy at this link.  It is free. Read it. Pass it on. Share it with your friends. Talk about it.

What Matters Now says “big thoughts and small actions make a difference.”

What are yours?

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  1. jana braswell
    jana braswell says:

    For those of you who have not had a chance to read ‘What Matters Now’, I encourage you to do so and pass it along to your friends and colleagues! I ‘tweeted’ it out to my mini tribe, and hope they pass it along too. There is much wisdom to be gained.

  2. willmc
    willmc says:


    Thank you for your mini-essay on World Healers! I’ve been researching all the authors in Seth Godin’s What-Matters-Now (you’re on page 61 of 82) over the last twenty four hours and I must say between the Momentum Equation (for practicality) and World Healers (for inspiration) I could not have spent my time better.

    Thank you for touching my heart. I hope you have a wonderful new year.


  3. Jose Anajero│Internet Business
    Jose Anajero│Internet Business says:

    If it’s from Seth Godin et al, it must be good.

    Actually, I seldom download free ebooks these days, after suffering from Information Overload. But since I now know the people producing gems versus those producing trash, information overload is not a problem for me anymore.

    Thanks Pamela for the heads-up.



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