The Joy Zone– It’s Too Good to Be False

I was just reading over the copy for this month’s telecourse, “Get What You Want  — No Resolutions Required“, and at first I thought, “this sounds too good to be true.”  But for this year of my life I’ve decided to question every limiting belief that passes through my head.  I recognized a limiting belief and immediately turned it around. What came out was, “this sounds too good to be false.”  And this felt much, much truer.   

As we begin 2010, I have a feeling that all of us in this Tribe, and perhaps all others, are achieving new levels of capability when it comes to things like remaining rooted in joy, working effortlessly, and achieving a magnificent relationship with money, and becoming friendly with our own bodies.  I have a sense of things speeding up, although this may just be my medication. 

This is all the more reason for us to communicate with one another, share new insights and celebrate both the useful and not so useful outcomes of all of our experiments.  I like to emphasize the fact that these are skills, not circumstances.  Friendships, abundance, rapid learning–all of these are inside jobs.  As we correct what is disordered in our own thinking, miracles trickle into our lives and then become torrents. 

I don’t expect everyone to commit to questioning every disturbing thought, but I can tell you that this single process has vastly accelerated the influx of miracles to my life.  I wish the same for all other beings and the tools are right here in our hands and our minds, or at the very least our libraries.  

Today, please connect with a book or person who pulls you into the zone of joy (or I should say helps you pull yourself into the zone of joy), and feel the beauty of that experience.  Nothing I can say here will give you half as much insight as a moment of living it.  You’ll discover firsthand that living in the joy zone is itself “too good to be false.”

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  1. Alma
    Alma says:

    This is so true for this 71-year-old woman just beginning to know my own path of happiness. Better late than never!

    • Val
      Val says:

      I’m 65 and feel the same. I may have decided to cross Brown’s cheerleader off my “really want to do this” list, but I have so many things I want to do, so many people to share the experiences and outcomes with and as importantly, so many people to learn from. I’m reading works of spiritual leaders I didn’t even know of a year ago and I feel ageless, so many aha’s I feel like I’m receiving spiritual oxygen every day. Namaste.

      • Nancy
        Nancy says:

        Love that I allowed myself to follow my inner nudge to read these comments. It is always a joy to connect with (or read) others who are like minded and like hearted. At 61, I too am living a whole new adventurous life of the spirit which I was propelled into via a series of personal life-belief-shatterings that brought me full circle back to the intrepid truth-seeker I was when I first entered college in 1972. Out of the fire, I truly am thankful for this rebirth and all that brought me to this place and joyous time, no matter how difficult and painful it was getting here. The harvest and rewards of truly knowing (and accepting) my Self continue to manifest in unexpected ways, as I let go of angst and embrace joy.

    • Marjorie B
      Marjorie B says:

      So true Martha, thanks again, your message to the world is needed and wanted, some, and it use to be me, of us have trouble finding the joy which you emphasize. May you be well, may you be safe, may you live in joy and peace Dear Martha. Marjorie B from WNY


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