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Yearly Archives: 2010


How You Got Here Is How You Walk Here

My friend Dan believes that our whole lives are metaphorically prefigured in the story of our respective births. I’ve been asking everyone, to see if I agree, and I have to admit Dan has a point. My own birth was pretty normal except that I was huge—10 pounds, 14 ounces. Eight years later, when I - Continue Reading


I Can’t Stop the Waves, But I Can Learn to Surf

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa: I’ve had a checkered history with blog posts because of old mental patterns I don’t want to release. My computer was once my sanctum sanctorum, the place I went to write, the object of fiercely undivided attention. Since I have a massive case of ADD (doesn’t everyone?) focusing - Continue Reading


Strange Book Preview

Hey, everybody! I just discovered this cool program called “wordle.”  Google it!  You paste in a bunch of text, and according to word repetition and frequency, it creates a “word cloud” that represents your whole text in one schmear. Here’s what the first 90 pages of my new book The Team look like in Wordle. - Continue Reading


Yellow Is Gold

For the past two weeks or so, every traffic light I drive through turn yellow while I’m in the intersection. Those lights are yellow for much less total time than they are either red or green, but I’ve become a yellow-light magnet. What’s more, as I drive under the lights, it almost feels as though - Continue Reading


My First Video Blog Ever!


Give It A Rest — And See What Happens…Insight from Martha

Warning to all those who think that resting is out of the question when you’ve got goals to achieve! Last June, I began getting an insistent message from a variety of sources telling me that the time has come for those who wish to heal the world to paradoxically move forward through rest. I have - Continue Reading


I CAN Live With or Without You… Insight from Martha

I have a bit of a grudge with American television, movies, and popular music when it comes to the issue of romantic love.  Most of the songs you’ll hear, for example, suggest this kind of crazy notion: “I can’t live if living is without you.”  Themes that feature ideas like “you complete me” are blatant - Continue Reading


Martha Beck and Seth Godin discuss the future of publishing

(Pam Slim here once again to give you a sneak peek into a discussion between Martha and Seth Godin.  Both are doing a lot of thinking about the future of the publishing industry, as well as the emerging role of author as coach and leader. Enjoy, and please share your reactions in the comments below!) - Continue Reading


The Joy Zone– It’s Too Good to Be False… Insight from Martha

I was just reading over the copy for this month’s telecourse, “Get What You Want  – No Resolutions Required“, and at first I thought, “this sounds too good to be true.”  But for this year of my life I’ve decided to question every limiting belief that passes through my head.  I recognized a limiting belief and immediately - Continue Reading


I’m Creaning Up My Mind in 2010

Hello, dreamy friends! As you know from our frequent conversations, I’m a HUGE lover of Asian philosophy (though I am trying to take off a few pounds).  Finding the world’s wisest book, the Tao te Ching, was one of the two good things that came from my naive college decision to major in Chinese, a - Continue Reading