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Yearly Archives: 2011


Coach 4 2day – Trust After Hurt

In this video blog, I address how you can learn to trust someone after you’ve been hurt.


Video Sneak Peek of the New Book!

  Here’s a sneak peek of the stuff I’ll be discussing in my new book:  what’s YOUR “call of the wild”?  Finding Your Way in a Wild New World: Reclaim Your True Nature to Create the Life You Want will be released December 27, 2011. Reserve your copy on now. 


“Expecting Adam” is Target’s Current Book Club Pick!

Exciting News! The Target Book Club has chosen Martha’s book, Expecting Adam, for their current book club pick. It’s a special paperback edition that includes an all new afterward with an update on Adam and Martha. Martha is thrilled to be selected and we wanted to make sure you all were among the first to know. You can purchase - Continue Reading


Seeing Your Emotional Blind Spots

Most of us have such psychological “blind spots,” aspects of our personalities that are obvious to everyone but ourselves. There’s the mother who complains, “I don’t know why little Horace is so violent—I’ve smacked him for it a thousand times.” Or your gorgeous friend who believes she has all the seductive allure of a dung - Continue Reading


Watch Martha at O You! 2011

At O You! 2011, Martha used her experience in tracking animals in Africa as a metaphor on how to go back to your “last hot track” when you’ve lost your way and are having trouble finding your passion.  Watch more below! Clicking on the above video will direct you to website.  


Martha on Oprah: The Truth Will Set You Free

Recently Martha joined Oprah for a live webcast after the episode “The Truth Will Set You Free” from Oprah’s new Lifeclass series on OWN.  With her signature blend of humor, science, and spirituality, Martha helps us understand how lies and secrets affect relationships, self-esteem, and even our health. Both Martha and Oprah then offer their keen insight - Continue Reading


How to Break Through Old Limitations: Insight From Martha

As many of you know, my system of coaching consists of several conceptual “tools” that can quickly cut through the chatter of people’s socialization and connect them with their essential self.   Recently, I have modified one of the tools, turning it from a paring knife into a sort of Swiss Army affair with additional flanges. - Continue Reading


When People Are Mean

The first time I saw a T-shirt that said “mean people suck,” I thought, Now, there is a heartfelt sentiment, succinctly expressed. I only wished I’d been the author. I mention this because recently I’ve encountered several mean people, and I’ve had to remind myself that the concept of authorship is key to surviving these - Continue Reading


Coach 4 2day – Self-Doubt

Can’t see the video? Watch this video on self-doubt online.


Martha’s Bookshelf: Incognito – The Secret Lives of Brains

The statement “truth is stranger than fiction” is more true of current neuroscience than it is of soap operas.  Fabulous new books seem to come out on a monthly basis, and more and more things are being discovered about the strange little blob of cells our heads that are capable of changing the world and - Continue Reading