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Monthly Archives: March 2012


Spring Cleaning: Walk Away Clutter

I’m one of those people who gradually accumulate possessions until their living spaces begin to feel stuffed up. Folks like me sustain an ongoing attempt to spring clean, but something in us always protests. It makes us cling to possessions we don’t need, hesitate before discarding things, and set discouragingly ambitious rules about how de-cluttering - Continue Reading


On Martha’s Bookshelf: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

This month I had the pleasure of working on some scripts for the next season of Oprah’s Life Class. One of her featured guests will be Deepak Chopra, whose work I’ve read before, but in a rather cursory way. Because I wanted to understand the subject matter thoroughly, I spent considerable time with Dr. Chopra’s book The - Continue Reading


Choosing a Line: Insight From Martha

Due to a freakish lack of snow in the Rockies this year, I only recently sneaked in a couple of days of skiing. It was probably a mistake not to go sooner and more often because many of the dramatic breakthroughs in my career have happened while I was on the slopes. My first invitation - Continue Reading


Revealing Ourselves: The Art of Self-Disclosure

Cindy was my own little JFK: A riddle wrapped in a question locked inside an enigma. She’d been my client for nearly three months, but I still had no idea what she thought or felt. Our conversations always went something like this: Me: “So, Cindy, what’s going on in your life?” Cindy: “Oh, you know. - Continue Reading