On Martha’s Bookshelf: The Firestarter Sessions

First of all, I want to shout out to the many people who have been giving me books by mail and in person. It is always an honor to receive a heartfelt book and I seem to attract that honor at a level that has now outstripped my reading speed. If I have not contacted you about a book you have given me, please accept my thanks and apologies.

This month I’m happy to recommend Danielle LaPorte’s The Firestarter Sessions. This book has kick-ass instructions to motivate and inspire business people, but please don’t let that make you think it’s a business book. Danielle’s way of approaching any action is smart, energizing and empowering. Those of you who have attended the Sedona Star or Master Coach Michael Trotta’s workshops know that making fire can be astonishingly difficult. I, for one, would hesitate even to try without the help of a master fire-maker but you also know when you breath life into a smoking ember and it finally bursts into flames you know in that moment that you can create anything. The Firestarter Sessions are well named: Danielle LaPorte really can ignite your business sense, whether it’s entrepreneurial, corporate, or completely woo woo. Like Prometheus, her goal is not to start your fire but to give you the gift of becoming a firestarter yourself. I urge your to accept that gift.


  1. says

    In response to your remarks about the number of books given you by others having outstripped the speed of your reading…if you ever have an opening on your staff for a “pre-reader” drop me a line !

  2. says

    I agree it is an awesome book. I will be using it for my business growth and some of the worksheets with my clients. I also love books that introduce me to people/ books that will further my journey. This book brought me to you. I feel like each new book I read or coach I listen to is like the next, faster train I jump on that moves me closer to my destination. Love the ride.

  3. Linda Flood says

    I have a changed life because of your books. I am so grateful. I wonder if you have (or will) written about grief or loss? My recent experiences put the number on the Richter scale of stressors at a very high number. I want to deal well with these and continue to make life affirming choices as I LIVE on. I really appreciate your perspective. You’ve helped me see in a whole new way. Thank you seems inadequate but that’s what I have to give you… my gratitude – sincere and huge.

  4. chris k says

    Just finished reading your new book. Way to blow my mind. How awesome it is to explore new terrain in my mind. Yet there was something so familiar to it also. First book I’ve read of yours, so glad to have stumbled upon it…or did I stumble upon it is a new question I ask myself. So much FUN…Pondering how to use all this information.. Thank you much..Peace

  5. says

    Right you are. The Fire Starter Sessions is honest and funny with the right tools to reignite both your passion and your beleif in the power of the work you do. Get it. Read it. Work it and make your mark. Thanks Martha for showcasing the book and for all the work you do. Nancy

  6. Diane says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Firestarter Sessions,kicked my butt! I feel more empowered to move forward than ever. Danielle is my other best friend,next to Martha of course. I KNOW one day I will be having tea with both of you. YOU folks ARE my tribe!
    Be well and i will be in touch.
    Rest, then PLAY!

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