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Finding Your Way in a Wild New World

Hello, Fellow Wayfinders!

Many of you have been reading – and rereading – Martha’s latest book, Finding Your Way in a Wild New World, and telling us how much it has touched and transformed your life and the way you live in the world. We’ve heard how incredible it was to recognize yourself in just the first few pages of the book and how you finally felt seen and understood in a way you’ve never felt before. (And for those of you who worry about being on The Team – believe this: if you read the book and resonated with the material in any way – or with Martha’s other works in general – you are on The Team!)

Because the exercises in this book are meant to be put into practice in your life and are all intended to work together, we’ve created a book discussion guide to help deepen your experience with the book. It also gives you a great way to share it with others, including ideas on how to organize and promote your discussion. We’ve found that there is nothing more exhilarating than sharing the magic of Finding Your Way in a Wild New World with fellow members of The Team – like experiencing Wordlessness through the path of play, bending spoons, cracking puzzles, or sharing how you’ve learned to wayfind your way through the day.

>Download the Finding Your Way in a Wild New World Book Discussion Guide Now!<

Be it as an in-person book club party or a virtual Facebook group, we hope you enjoy sharing this book with others. In the spirit of sharing, please feel free to add your local book club event to the comments of this post in order to promote it with other members of The Team.

Please include:

  • Your first name & last initial (e.g. Martha B.)
  • Your location (e.g. Phoenix, AZ)
  • Event date(s)
  • A 2-3 sentence event description
  • The event type (e.g. online, telephone, in-person)
  • A link to the event where applicable (i.e. your personal website or blog, meetup, a Facebook group, or Eventbrite)
  •  Your contact information (email only).

We do moderate comments, so please allow at least 24 hours for your comment/event to appear. If your information doesn’t meet the guidelines above, it won’t be included.

Have fun!

~The Martha Beck Team

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  1. Dawn S.
    Dawn S. says:

    If anyone in the Cambridge/Boston MA area wants to meet over coffee and discuss, I’d love to connect! You can contact me at dawneslack _at_ gmail

  2. cathie parmelee
    cathie parmelee says:

    How can I say this…ok here goes…I LOVE THE BOOK! and i love that i found out about my
    team and tribe!!! I feel home for the first time in my adult life …(I
    used to be in wordlessness ,oneness and had magic happen all the time…until
    I hit my teen years….so strange how i abandon all of my young magic wonderfulness to start that
    separation into adult hood as if all that wordlessness was something I had learn for the parents
    and needed to let go of in order to grow up) the minute I started to listen to THE BOOK….I could feel those younger
    days coming back ….I feel young again….but the reason I keep listening to
    the book over and over again is the vibes i am getting from just hearing the passages read…some how(well we know how) it
    connects me up in a second to this wonderful vibe that is helping me to reprogram faster!!!MARTHA THANK –YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU!!!!!!
    …..I love my new nick name….wayfinder!!!

    • Diva Livingston
      Diva Livingston says:

      Cathie — I strongly relate to your comment. I teared up at least 3 times about half way through reading the book when I realized how much of my magical ability to have things just happen had not been used for ages! I mentioned this book in 2 group settings yesterday as many people are searching not only for work but they are searching for a life! After I finished reading it, I begun to create more with my photography and WordPress blog. I went to the presidential inauguration and felt I was among people who wanted the same kinds of things I was — hope for a better future and a sense of community with like-minded people.

  3. Sierra C Kay
    Sierra C Kay says:

    I am an artist living in New Orleans. I finished Finding Your Way in Wild New World by Martha Beck a few weeks ago. Now I am reading it again and I am getting more new insights the second time round. I am hoping to turn many of the exercises in habits. I’m excited to discuss the book and ways to sustain some of the practices in our wild lives. So I started a facebook group Playing Your Way in a Wild New World. Come, Lets play and have some great conversations about Martha’s amazing book!

  4. Connie Lovell
    Connie Lovell says:

    You, You,You…..I’ve been looking for y’all all my life. For the first time in my life I felt like I was HOME. Can not thank you enough for the book. My sister and I listened to it then brought book and are listening and re reading it over and over. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!
    Connie Lovell

  5. Mary
    Mary says:

    I loove this book! I wanted to find out about book clubs in Hawaii, but I also wanted to inquire about the visualization in the book. It says you can find it here to download for free, but I can’t find it 🙁 I was really hoping to listen to it, not just read it. I have used many of the techniques in the book and find myself enjoying more and more of my life!

  6. Eileen
    Eileen says:

    I believe this is what “mothering” should be all about…I feel nurtured by Martha Beck while reading “…Wild New World” It isn’t new to me either, I remember as a young girl going into the forest and wanting to get naked….I was shocked at myself but it felt like a normal reaction to the wordlessness and oneness that came so naturally then…not so much as I entered my teens and less and less as an adult. I have been one of those “cringingly nice” people as Martha says and when I recognized that in myself I decided in order to change my world I MUST change. Martha’s book came in the mail soon after that, miracle? yes, odd? no…it just keeps happening. Cardinals like to hang around now and I dropped into wordlessness and oneness watching a beautiful horse on Sunday…as soon as I knew I was connected his head snapped up to look at me! I laughed out loud! Love isn’t a strong enough word to apply to Martha Beck…I feel like I am blessed because I am now her daughter…….she is the mother I never had and didn’t know I needed. Thank you Martha! Bless your continued mending<3 Eileen

  7. Jennifer Warnes
    Jennifer Warnes says:

    Dear Martha,
    I love your new book. I wrote and recorded a song on my album called The Well that I have been trying to send you through this format, but it won’t accept Mp3’s. The song is called “The Panther”. If you go to ITunes you can find it.
    As I read your Leopard stories, I couldn’t help but smile.

    My deep hello across the trenches,
    Jennifer Warnes

  8. Magii
    Magii says:

    Thanks for the inspiration Martha, and sharing from your heart. It helps us other Wayfinders out here know we are not alone. I college educated but still have some book larnin to do and your books assist me with that quite well, thank you. Mahalo Nui Loa. I resonate with Mary and Connies comments above too. I spent 12 years traveling, lookin for myself, and met amazing people along the way, willing to share their experiences, teachings, etc. I lived in Hawaii for awhile and also Nicaragua. I have traveled in a dugout canoe in the estuary, slept on the beach with the Big Huge Milky Way above me and felt so itsy, bitzy, teeny, tiny. (Marthas book resonated with me so much in this regard as well as the ancient teachings.) I left with two suitcases and $300 with no plan at age 40. If I can do it anybody can do it! OK enough of my ramblings. We’re holding a book club for Wild New World to spread the word in Texas. Thank you so much for your honesty and sharing Martha. Happy Trails everybody.

  9. Marcia
    Marcia says:

    Hi all! I just put on my seven league boots, went for a stroll and was surprised to find my guide is a Siberian Tiger with blue eyes. I live in Alberta, Canada, no tigers roaming free here. I was given a purple clothe bag. When I got home and opened it, I discovered a TV.
    Alrighty, then.
    I have been reading your book Martha for months. Doing the exercises. Putting the book down, digesting, picking it back up, reading, doing the exercises, sharing with my sisters. I have read and used steering by star-light. I buy Oprah magazine and read your column every month. I am so gratiful for living at this time and being part of the team, the tribe and a wayfinder.
    Onward and Upward!

  10. Kristy
    Kristy says:

    Hi! I’m going to get the book, are there any readers in the Dallas/Plano, TX area that would like to start a group?? Let me know. Thanks

    • Kristina
      Kristina says:

      Hi Kristy,
      Are you still looking to start a group? I am in the Dallas area and searching for local team members. You can email me at – k engh roberts at yahoo dot com if you are interested.

  11. Tamika Stembridge
    Tamika Stembridge says:

    I have been struggling to figure things out…but thanks to your book, I am finally “finding my way…”

    Thanks Martha!!

  12. karen h.
    karen h. says:

    If anyone in the Rochester NY area wants to discuss this book let me know! I haven’t read it yet but I intend to….

  13. Amy Miller
    Amy Miller says:

    Hello! I am starting a Meetup group for going through both the Wild New World and the Finding Your Own North Star books in the Minneapolis, MN area. I’m no life coach, so this is just an informal group for chatting over coffee. Best of all, it’s free! I’m planning on doing a chapter a week starting in January. I just got done doing a similar meetup for The Artist’s Way down in Austin, TX, and enjoyed it so much, I wanted to do the same thing for Martha’s books. If you are in the Twin Cities area over the next couple months, come find us on Meetup!

  14. Brooke E
    Brooke E says:

    Hi – I live just south of Denver in Parker,CO and would love to meet with anyone else in this area who would like to discuss this wonderful book!

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      Hi Brooke E.

      Are you still interested in meeting up? I live in Denver and love Martha Beck. I've read most of her books and work with a coach. Love the philosophy!


  15. Deborah Perry
    Deborah Perry says:

    Hi! I am only partway through the book but am loving it -thanks Martha, you are amazing. I also really enjoyed Finding Your Own North Star, but am discovering more in Wild New World that “speaks” to me. Would love to know if there is anyone in the Toronto (Canada) area who would like to start a discussion group, very informal, maybe just coffee meetups.

    • Rocio M. (Montreal, Canada)
      Rocio M. (Montreal, Canada) says:

      Hello fellow Canadian, it seems there aren’t too much of us here yet. I live in Montreal and once in a while I happen to visit Toronto. I’m just finishing to read the book and today I bought the audio seminar -not started that yet but very soon. If you visit Montreal, let me know and we may get together to discuss. I know it has been a year since you wrote but if you are still into it, I would like to know about your thought.

  16. Diane H
    Diane H says:

    Finally… I have found ‘my peeps’!

    Martha’s Wild New World resonated with me in a way that nothing else ever has. With every page, that nagging little voice inside myself said “Yes! THIS is what I’ve been trying to tell you all these years!”

    I’d love to hook up with other like-minded Floridians, either in the Lake Mary/Orlando area or the Tarpon Springs/Clearwater vicinity to discuss this ‘calling’ that Martha has so brilliantly put into words.

    I’m thinking let’s get outdoors! Maybe a shelter at a park or a west coast beach? Where better to start practicing Martha’s first lesson of Wordlessness!

  17. Lenette H.
    Lenette H. says:

    If anyone in or near Richmond, Virginia is interested, I’ve been reading Martha’s books for years now and would love to see a group form.

  18. Mona K
    Mona K says:

    Herndon, Virginia — If you are in or near Herndon, Virginia, please join me for a book discussion group on “Finding Your Way in a Wild New World.” This group will meet in person every other week, midweek and during the day, to go over Martha’s four wonderful technologies. We haven’t yet set a specific date or time as I’m looking to gauge interest and see what everyone’s schedule calls for.

    To RSVP for this ongoing event, or to get in touch with me, please join our “Work at Home” meetup group at You may email me through the website.

  19. Nada G. (Michigan)
    Nada G. (Michigan) says:

    I hosted a Wild New World book club brunch on January 20, 2013 for four friends who had read the Intro. and felt themselves to be part of the team. Discussion about our ‘rhinoceros’ moment immediately solidified the group as a safe space for sharing and intimacy. The ‘space between the eyes’ was chosen as the favorite meditation practice. The group parted, surprised that five hours had passed; and planned, therefore, to meet February 6 for Oneness.

  20. Sherry B
    Sherry B says:

    I’m starting a group where we do the activities from Wild New World together. We’re all reading the book now. It starts March 16th, for 2 hours or so for maybe 6 Sundays. If you’re in the Austin Texas area, e me, find out more, and meet with us.

  21. Sherry B
    Sherry B says:

    I’m starting a group where we do the activities from Wild New World together. We’re all reading the book now. It starts March 16th, for 2 hours or so for maybe 6 Sundays. If you’re in the Austin Texas area, e me, find out more, and meet with us…

  22. Anastasia B.
    Anastasia B. says:

    Question for Martha: I use the wordless ness exercise with my clients (the heartbeat one). I am touching them as I guide them through the exercise. It makes for a POWERFUL session! However, while finding the heartbeat in the breath’s pause, I notice that I stop feeling mine for a time and it feels like a very heavy pressing in my chest. I have to really hold strong to stay with my own heartbeat. Theory: moving in to oneness causes a oneness heartbeat?

    I am starting a group on Whidbey island! Please email me should you be inspired to join! And are in the area!

  23. Scott Theisen
    Scott Theisen says:

    WHAT: Two book discussions + experiential exercises in Dubuque, Iowa. Just get Finding Your Way In A Wild New World by Martha Beck and read to page 130 prior to 8/14.

    WHO: From the curious, to the highly empathic, to those who KNOW they have a specific purpose involving a major transformation in human experience.

    INTENDED BENEFITS: To reclaim your true nature and use your gifts in the healing transformation of the environment and our human family. Inspiration, support, wisdom, optimism, and fun!

    WHERE: Body & Soul Fountain Park, 2728 Asbury Rd, Ste. 777 in the Atrium Building

    WHEN: August 14 & 28, 7-9 pm.

    COST: Free. Love offerings accepted on behalf of Resources Unite (RU). RU is a local non-profit that strengthens our community by connecting people to volunteer opportunities and resources. (Learn more at

    FOR MORE INFO: Go to and click on the “NEWS” tab.


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