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Monthly Archives: August 2012


Receive with an Open Heart: Giving and Accepting Gifts of Real Love

You’d be wholeheartedly thrilled with that gift, that compliment, that declaration of affection—if it weren’t for the wary little voice in the back of your mind wondering how you’ll ever be able to reciprocate…or did the giver really mean it…or what’s the catch? In the long run, we can’t stay emotionally healthy without accepting gifts, - Continue Reading


Getting Rid of Stuff…Insight from Martha

  Ok, so here is the deal: All this cheesy law of attraction stuff actually works—at least when you do it in a non-cheesy way, which I’ve been trying to learn and teach my whole life. The big thing I’ve been trying to create for the past little while is to purchase a property that borders - Continue Reading


The Good Work Foundation: Martha’s Playing the “$25,000 Match Game”!

Martha’s asking for your help and saying ‘thank you’ by matching what you give! The Good Work Foundation is in need and is the primary organization supported by The LEAP Foundation, which is near and dear to Martha’s heart. Located in South Africa, the GWF’s main focus is on education. The GWF’s goal is to - Continue Reading


On Martha’s Bookshelf: Books I’ll Never Give Up

Books have been sacred to many of us for a long time. They were the avenues through which we could communicate with wise friends we would never meet in the flesh, many of whom lived long ago. But as I de-cluttered my home, I realized that the Internet really truly is not going away. I - Continue Reading


Explain This: Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Okay, this time you’re serious. You’re going on a regimen that will really improve your health—not like that crash diet: You’ll snarf down antioxidants; exercise moderately but consistently; balance fats, proteins, and carbs; and pay attention to the way you explain whatever happens to you. Wait a minute. The way you explain what happens? What - Continue Reading