On Martha’s Bookshelf: Busting Loose From the Money Game

One of my Montana friends, a brilliant and eminently sane lawyer, lent me a book that at first glance did not appeal to me at all. It’s called Busting Loose From the Money Game by Robert Scheinfeld. I was thrilled to receive it, though, because lately I’ve been quite preoccupied with the issue of helping people make a practical physical living while entering what I call the new consciousness.
“Aha!” I thought, “This will give me the language to talk to businessy folks who don’t wander through my corner of Blissville even on their way to buy milk.” I was all excited to come down out of the clouds to get some firmly grounded financial strategies for my clients and coaches.
Well, or not.
Scheinfeld’s pathway to prosperity involves exactly the same kind of “woo woo procedures” I keep writing about in my own work. Essentially, Scheinfeld believes that our entire reality is a kind of movie being scripted, acted out, and filmed by pure consciousness.
This is not what I expected from a book whose cover depicts two businessmen and a lot of dollar bills. I would never ask you to believe what Robert Scheinfeld believes, however; I would invite you to try his methods. As always, my criterion for accepting any premise is very simple: does it work? Scheinfeld’s method has been working for me for decades now. I am relieved that someone else has been willing to codify the procedure so that I can offer it to my financially anxious loved ones—and then bounce away like Tigger to play in the fields of infinite abundance. By the way, that abundance is not in my bank account, it is in the field of consciousness itself.