Regarding The January 15th Live Video Event

Greetings to all my readers!

I just want you to know that the technical issues with today’s video conference all came from the service provider, which was chosen by my publisher. My deepest apologies to you all. Please email with questions and to receive information about a follow-up conference call. 

I don’t want to sound all snippy, but I have to say that the technologies of magic I learned from jungle friends work a helluva lot better than certain magical technologies that shall remain nameless!

I had a spoon ready to bend and everything…

I hope to hear from you all soon. Thank you again for your kindness and attention.



P.S. Needless to say, we will not be using the same service for my upcoming telecourse, “Wild New Year, Wild New You”. We’ll be going a bit “old-fashioned” for that one with a regular teleconferencing system and a telephone line!

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  1. Rae
    Rae says:

    It was such a dream come true for me to see and hear you live on video, regardless of the difficulties. Thank you so much for the opportunity! The spoon-bending would have been icing on the cake, but I have unwavering faith that someday I’ll behold myself performing the same wonderful magic – yay! My heart and soul are just reverberating with excitement about “Wild New Year, Wild New You” – SO EXCITED! 😀

  2. Cheryl
    Cheryl says:

    I ran across one of your articles earlier today while reading an old Oprah magazine. I have struggled with shyness, insecureness, and fear all my life. I am looking forward to reading more of your books and being connected to your website. I believe it will help me at least I’m hoping so I am 48 years old and I feel like I have so much to contribute to others but my fear continues to hold me back. Thank you and I look forward to learning a lot from you.

    Cheryl Williams

  3. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Thanks for continuing to bring imagination, fun and play into your converstations. I’m currently working to assist educators with connecting back to their creativity in order to thrive within the changes in education. The more streams for the message, the stronger the pull to trust in their talents and guide our children towards the wonder and wander they so dearly need.


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