Kiss, Kiss

Well here it is: 2013. My understanding was that this year was never supposed to exist because of something the Mayans said in their fancy carvings. I’m not one to kick the Mayans when they’re down—I’m just saying. Being a woman of faith, I just assumed I would not exist as this point, so I’m scrambling to come up with some New Year’s resolutions.

I feel inspired because someone gave me a reading from the amazing Ainslie MacLeod, and I basically got a kiss from the angels. By “kiss,” I mean the acronym for the statement KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID. Several times Ainslie repeated that he was hearing the phrase “simple simple simple” repeated three times. This is not the first time I have been told I make things more complicated than they need to be. And from my observation, I am not the only person with this problem. Even if you never make resolutions, the New Year is psychologically important as an opportunity to recalibrate your daily habits and your overall way of living. So here are some instructions to help:

  1. List all the improvements you’d like to make in your body, your career, and your moral character.
  2. Throw away the list. It is way, way, too complicated to make all those changes overnight. (KISS, KISS)
  3. Choose one small EASY change that would inch your life in a slightly more positive direction. For example, during my recent move I fell off the exercise wagon completely. It is a 30-minute drive to the nearest gym. Since I moved from Phoenix (where people regularly drop dead from heat exhaustion just going to 7-Eleven) I’m conditioned only to work out in gyms. To remedy this I bought exercise implements and put them in my barn. Our dog became convinced that the gym equipment was an evil animal and became so hysterical at the sight of it that we eventually had to cover it with a tarp. This conveniently hid even the idea of regular exercise from my guilt-ridden eyes. My New Year’s resolution is simply to go into the barn and touch the exercise equipment every day. Oh, all right, every couple of days. (KISS, KISS)

This action step may seem absurdly small but as the magical Ainslie MacLeod reminded me, change is so hard for most of us that only the tiniest, simplest resolutions are ever kept.
I’m issuing a call for tiny resolutions! Make a ridiculously small resolution and post it (and a picture or video) on my Facebook page. We will call it “The Tiny Resolution Club.” Click on my video below and just you watch: Come March, August, October we’ll be the ones easing our way into significant change. (KISS, KISS, KISS)

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  1. Emmy
    Emmy says:

    Your resolution made my day! Thanks, I look forward to reading your blog more for advice and good humor. 2 years ago I ditched the personal resolutions and decided to make one change every month for the environment. It made my life better actually which I did not expect! For exercise I was lucky to find a lake which I just love running around even in winter, there’s a short way and a long way which gives me some options!

  2. Dianne
    Dianne says:

    Thanks for your inspiration! I have been putting off officially writing my “story” and decided that I would create a new habit of writing 1 word everyday. If you can touch your exercise equipment everyday, I figure writing one word a day is also a pretty good way for me to overcome whatever is keeping me from writing. I am looking forward to reading your blog in 2013! Happy New Year!

  3. Athena
    Athena says:

    Dear Martha,

    I don’t know how to get this message to you, so I am posting it here. You have changed my life. You know, the usual… I was also raised Mormon, in a family of intellectuals (how does “intellectual” and “Mormon” coexist? Crazy, but true.) and have found your writing and v-blogs inspirational. Please continue however, and whatever you are doing.

    If you knew the work I am doing as a result of your inspirational books you would smile and say “Yes! Of course”. Without divulging the details…imagine having the audacity of writing academic journals about the most war torn, dangerous area of the world, and trying to make it better by encouraging people to love and care for each other NO RELIGION REQUIRED. When ever the “Mormon guilt” or “academic impossibility” complex pops up I smile and go wordless.

    Since truth is love, I sign this email with love,

  4. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Thank you for this. I needed this today. I have a project I have been brewing in my head for a while, and sometimes I feel like I will never see it actually come to fruition. The end vision is spectacular (and somewhat complicated). I will continue taking small steps to its end. One step at a time. One tiny step in the right direction, with an attempt to enjoy the journey. 🙂

  5. tazie
    tazie says:

    Oh my, I loved it! The power of ‘touch’, inspirational. Just wanted to say I check in with you everyday and your words are truly ‘food for thought.’ Wisdom and a little joy to share; I feel like you’re a spiritual friend. Thank you.

  6. Sara Garcia
    Sara Garcia says:

    I’m going to do this with my juicer! Sure takes the pressure off and makes me feel less emotionally attacked by the fruits and greens in my fridge. Brilliant!

  7. Milena
    Milena says:

    I have a saying on my wall in my bedroom: Success is in simplicity. The most powerful methods are simple. Just think of some methods in NLP, like modelling. I always encourage my clients to do one simple thing every day consistently that will change their lives in a long run. It is really that simple!


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