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The Critter & The Creator…Insight From Martha

Ever since we moved to California, I’ve been seeking some sort of community for my son Adam, who, as many of you know, has Down syndrome. I haven’t had much luck. Most of our neighbors are wild animals, and there’s no well-developed special-needs program among the bobcats and the bears I’ve met so far. Even - Continue Reading


Freedom From Fear…Insight From Martha

Lately I’ve become thoroughly exasperated with the part of my tiny brain that insists on continuously creating fear. Fear of dying soon. Fear of living too long. Fear of being alone. Fear of being spread out too thin between loved ones. Fear of drought. Fear of flooding. Fear of change. Fear of things staying the - Continue Reading


When in Drought…Insight from Martha

Last year was the first I spent in California. Having come from the desert, I was all excited about the winter greenness, the rains that always come in October…okay, November…well, FOR SURE in December…or absolutely in…January? Or not. This is the first time in recorded history that the rain has not come at all. The - Continue Reading


December Disasters and Other Gifts…Insight From Martha

This year was going to be the one when I finally did the holidays right. I was going to be both pragmatic and intuitive, jolly and serene, organized and free-flowing, and full of holiday joy. Two words: face plant. If you happen to be in a counseling profession (life coaching, social work, parenthood, cocaine sales) - Continue Reading


How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Several years ago, four of my friends—Marlene, Ellie, Karla, and Chip—all resolved to get in shape and lose weight. Now, these people had never met, so the odds of their making exactly the same resolution were…actually quite predictable, since pretty much everybody puts fitness on their New Year’s resolutions list. There are rumors of humans - Continue Reading


How to Stay Sane This Holiday Season

Are you looking forward to the season ahead with shivers of anticipation? Or just shivers? Here are 6 steps to save you untold aggravation, angst, time, and money by persuading you not to do the things you don’t want to do this holiday season. List Your Holiday Traditions  Take a few minutes to write down - Continue Reading


Foul Play… Insight From Martha

In 1666 a Dutch physicist noticed that two pendulums mounted on the same board always ended up swinging at the same rate. He called this “entrainment.” It affects any oscillation, including breathing, heartbeats, brain waves, and turkeys. Yep. Turkeys. Yesterday I decided to meditate on my front porch.  As I settled in, a large delegation - Continue Reading


Yes? No? Maybe? How to Make Decisions

“I’ve got to commit to this relationship or end it,” said Tessa, sounding a little desperate. “I can’t go one more day without making the decision.” It was clear that she really meant this…just as she had the first time I heard her say it, eight years earlier. Tessa is prone to ambivalence, a torturous - Continue Reading


Make Your Own Pocket Eden… Insight from Martha

I’ve written a lot of delirious prose about my experiences in Africa, and in my new home where the back yard is a national forest. If I could, I would take everyone to these gorgeous places that restore my spirit. It frustrates me that I can’t. Recently, however, I’ve found a spot as wondrous and - Continue Reading


How to Deal with Your Darkest Secrets

As a registered nurse, Jamie often finds herself keeping other people’s secrets. Most of the time, this doesn’t bother her; she empathizes with patients who conceal a scary diagnosis. But recently, Jamie found herself holding a couple of secrets that didn’t rest so easily.  Both came from her coworkers. When a nurse named Esther bungled - Continue Reading