Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

big magicEven though Elizabeth Gilbert is one of my very favorite writers, it took me a long time to read her book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. The reason is that when I read about creativity, or when I read Gilbert’s work, I get so motivated I have trouble sleeping. I’m talking for weeks at a time. Liz Gilbert writing about creativity? Frankly, I found that a little scary.

Then, last week, I went to the Arctic in search of the aurora borealis (also called the Northern Lights, and definitely something you should put on your bucket list). Since the lights are most likely to show up between midnight and 4:00 AM, a little insomnia was in order.  So I read Big Magic between excursions into the arctic cold, and I got wired like a fox terrier on cocaine, jet-propelled into every creative project I’ve got going. I read, I laughed, I marveled, I ran about in tight circles just to cope with Gilbert’s wonderful energy and my own enthusiasm. I didn’t sleep for four days.

When I finally saw the northern lights—which are amazing—the book reminded me that the aurora borealis is only one of the creative miracles unfolding around and within all of us.  I’d love you to go on that adventure too, so head north, and read Big Magic.