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On Martha’s Bookshelf: Busting Loose From the Money Game

One of my Montana friends, a brilliant and eminently sane lawyer, lent me a book that at first glance did not appeal to me at all. It’s called Busting Loose From the Money Game by Robert Scheinfeld. I was thrilled to receive it, though, because lately I’ve been quite preoccupied with the issue of helping people make - Continue Reading


On Martha’s Bookshelf: The Night Circus

The book I’m recommending this month is a delicious read, and also has educational components for any wacky tribe members. It’s called The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. The author has a delicious time creating magical realism—painting pictures with words but, paradoxically, creating a wordless response in the reader. The world Morgenstern dreams up is a place - Continue Reading


On Martha’s Bookshelf: Books I’ll Never Give Up

Books have been sacred to many of us for a long time. They were the avenues through which we could communicate with wise friends we would never meet in the flesh, many of whom lived long ago. But as I de-cluttered my home, I realized that the Internet really truly is not going away. I - Continue Reading


On Martha’s Bookshelf: The Better Angels of Our Nature

I’m in the middle of Steven Pinker’s delicious book The Better Angels of our Nature: Why Violence has Declined. In case you think violence is not declining, you are perhaps basing your generalizations on television news reports, rumors, and your personal experience of fear and pain. In fact, while violence will always be part of the - Continue Reading


On Martha’s Bookshelf: The Great Animal Orchestra

One of the books I’m reading right now is The Great Animal Orchestra: Finding the Origins of Music in the World’s Wild Places. Acoustics expert Bernie Krause was a sound man for the movies when he first began going into nature to collect sounds for his customers. He traipsed through forests and deserts, seashores and mountains - Continue Reading


On Martha’s Bookshelf: The Firestarter Sessions

First of all, I want to shout out to the many people who have been giving me books by mail and in person. It is always an honor to receive a heartfelt book and I seem to attract that honor at a level that has now outstripped my reading speed. If I have not contacted - Continue Reading


On Martha’s Bookshelf: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

This month I had the pleasure of working on some scripts for the next season of Oprah’s Life Class. One of her featured guests will be Deepak Chopra, whose work I’ve read before, but in a rather cursory way. Because I wanted to understand the subject matter thoroughly, I spent considerable time with Dr. Chopra’s book The - Continue Reading


On Martha’s Bookshelf: Philip Pullman

This month, as usual, I’ve read a lot of self-help, brain research and random manuscripts given to me by hopeful coaches. The books that impacted me most, though, were recommended by my dear South African friend Kate Groch, who is not only a genius, but also one who understands enjoyment and enchantment. She recommended Philip Pullman’s trilogy - Continue Reading


Martha’s Bookshelf: Marriage Rules

This month’s book is a fresh offering from one of my favorite authors in psychology, Dr. Harriet Lerner. The book is called Marriage Rules: A Manual for the Married and the Coupled Up. Those of you who have read Dr. Lerner’s various books such asThe Dance of Anger and The Dance of Intimacy will be happy to hear that - Continue Reading


Martha’s Bookshelf: Incognito – The Secret Lives of Brains

The statement “truth is stranger than fiction” is more true of current neuroscience than it is of soap operas.  Fabulous new books seem to come out on a monthly basis, and more and more things are being discovered about the strange little blob of cells our heads that are capable of changing the world and - Continue Reading