Coach 4 2day – 3 Ns

Social Media for Technophobic Coaches

Yo, tribespeople, this is Martha! I hate computers, view the Internet with profound mistrust, never surf the Web, and am terrified of my own email. Yet I have a successful on-line business. How is this possible? Because I use a few small tricks to help me create an on-line presence despite my technophobia.

Because I don’t want this to be a yucky sales pitch, I’ll tell you my favorite things right now, in the video below. Then, if you want, please head over to Coach Spot and sign up to join me for my “Social Networking Media for Technophobic Martha Beck Coaches” seminar. It’s live on Thursday, at 5:00 PM Pacific Coast time, 8:00 PM East Coast Time.

In the seminar, my networking coach David Scott Jones will help me teach you the basics of creating an on-line presence using easy, simple, time-saving tricks. He’s also going to teach me to do on-line live broadcasts simply and easily. There will be a question-and-answer period using new video technology that you’ll learn as we go.

This is the next step for all of us who want to gather our Tribes using the new “magical” technologies. Come one, come all, it’s going to be a (very valuable) blast!

The Team Is Everywhere!

This guy could be more like you than your own relatives.

As you may know, I’m convinced that there are a bunch of us on earth at this point in history who are here to save the world. Of course, every generation has saved the world in its own way, but here in the 21st century there are so darn many humans that we literally have to change unless we want cockroaches to outlive us all.

Fortunately, all over the world there are people–ordinary people, people without fame or wealth–who feel this same mission. They’re starting a transformation in the way humans live and think. They’re doing it person by person, Team member by Team member. And it’s time we all began working together.

Tonight in Nairobi I met two Team members who have the same passions and aspirations as a middle-aged female life coach from suburban America. One is a Ugandan genius who creates home-made solar panels to bring sustainable, eco-friendly energy to impoverished people; the other is a thirty-something Maasai “elder.” He wants to start a small eco-tourism business to help his people earn a living by protecting wildlife, such as the elephants who compete for drinking water with the women of his village.

The video quality of the clip below is awful–you can barely see these wonderful guys–but it’s enough to show that the Team is not just idealistic middle-class Americans. It’s brave people all over the world, doing small things with great love (to quote Ma Teresa). These guys are just like any other Team members. We just happen to’ve been born in different places.