Staying in Your Sweet Spot Webinar

Staying in Your Sweet Spot

with Martha Beck

FREE, August 28 at 10 AM Pacific | 1 PM Eastern

Do you sometimes have moments or days that feel joyful, interesting, and “on purpose,” only to lose that sweetness and have everything turn bitter or stale?

The ability to stay in your “sweet spot” is part of your instinctive nature. Martha has tools you need to find your sweet spot, stay in it as consistently as possible, and recover quickly when you find yourself losing it.

These tools are practical and magical, scientific and spiritual—and best of all, a lot of fun. Martha’s trademark humor will have you laughing as you learn in this FREE Webinar: Staying in Your Sweet Spot. Martha will also be answering questions and coaching LIVE, you aren’t going to want to miss this!

Five Paths To Your Purpose

with Martha Beck


Do you feel called to make a difference but can’t see your path yet? The map to your purpose is already within you. Martha will show you how to read it,  in a FREE Webinar, Five Paths to Your Purpose.

Martha also answered questions and coached LIVE in the last part of the call! It is not too late to sign up to watch! You’ll want to experience this webinar if only to find out why you must follow the spoons. . . .

“She’s one of the smartest women I know.” – Oprah Winfrey


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