The “Beck On” Collecti-On—Summer Fundle Sale!

Twelve powerful recordings of Martha that focus on some of the big ones: Approval... Confidence...Envy...Faith...And so much more. If you’re ready for some truth bombs wrapped up with love and insight from Martha herself, you’ll want to get your hands on this fundle.

$58 ($128 Value)

The “More Martha” Collection—Summer Fundle Sale!

Can’t get enough of Martha’s coaching? This Fundle is for you! Listen to Martha coach ten different clients on a variety of topics. Perfect for coaches looking to hone their skills or for anyone seeking a little Martha magic.

$49 ($100 value)

“Book Nook Nerd” Collection—Summer Fundle Sale!

Can’t get enough of Martha’s books? Then “nerd” out with Martha’s Master Coaches--who love Martha’s work as much as you do--as they take you on a chapter-by-chapter deep dive of each book. Martha herself leads the “Wild New You” course, based on her book, Finding Your Way in a Wild New World.

$96 ($246 Value)

Facebook Covers & Pinterest Pins

Are you a social media maverick looking to jazz up your Facebook profile or spice up your Pinterest page? Well, look no further! We've put some of Martha's most popular quotes onto Facebook Covers and Pinterest pins to spread the word. Enjoy...