The “Wild New You” eCourse

product-images-ecourseAre you ready for a Wild New You?

Join Martha for this four-session self-study eCourse based on Martha’s latest book, Finding Your Way in a Wild New World. The pre-recorded eCourse plus supporting materials are designed to help you reclaim your true nature. You’ll learn how to surf the ever-changing tides of your life rather than feeling swept away by the tsunami of change we’re all experiencing.

The Wild New You eCourse bundle includes:

  • Four class recordings with Martha, 90 minutes each. Delivered as downloadable MP3 files.
  • Lots of NEW concepts, exercises, and ideas Martha has learned since writing the book.
  • Printed transcripts of each recorded class. Delivered as downloadable PDF files.
  • One 24-page workbook including exercises and class recaps. Delivered as downloadable PDF files.
  • A closed Facebook group where you can connect with the rest of the Team!
  • BONUS! One recorded 60-minute Q&A session with Martha. Delivered as downloadable MP3 files.

Here’s what Martha has to say about this eCourse:

Hello, Wayfinders!

I’m writing to you from my ranch in the mountains of Central California that I manifested using the very technologies of magic I write about in Finding Your Way in a Wild New World. As I perfect my wild turkey call and issue heavy-duty tranquilizers to my citified dogs, it occurred to me that some of you might like some more in-depth help on how to use the technologies of magic.

I’ve heard from so many of you who have enjoyed the book and expressed a desire to learn more about how to implement all of the tools. I’ve recorded a four-week telecourse to take you deep into the technologies of magic and how to use them to reclaim your true nature and navigate this wild new world.

Class 1: Wordlessness

Yes, it is ironic that at least in part we will use words to explore and “drop in” to this concept of wordlessness. Wordlessness shifts your consciousness out of the verbal part of the brain and into the more creative, intuitive and sensory brain regions. Which is more powerful? Well, the verbal region processes about forty bits of information per second. The nonverbal processes about eleven million bits per second. You do the math.

Class 2: Oneness

Oneness allows you to sense the interconnection between your consciousness and that of beings that are apparently unconnected to you. Science now confirms that we are highly interconnected. We are basically energy vibrating at different frequencies, unbounded and overlapping.

Class 3: Imagination

Once the technologies of wordlessness and oneness are active, imagination becomes their supportive servant. Used in a state of nonverbal connection with the world around you, it will help you achieve a level of problem solving that feels like pure fun and looks like pure genius.

Class 4: Forming

Forming creates in physical reality the situations, objects and events you’ve imagined. For example, if you’ve used the first three methods to imagine a perfect relationship, career, or home, forming is that stage where you actually meet your soulmate, launch your business, or buy the new house. There are two ways to make things happen at the stage of forming: by moving things around with physical processes alone, or by adding physical action to the other three skills. Forming in this second way is so much more effective than simply slogging through the various physical processes that it makes a wayfinder appear to be doing magic.

Buckle up! Each recorded session is dedicated to learning and practicing one of these technologies of magic.

We pulled some of Martha’s quotable juicy tidbits from the eCourse below. (If you know Martha, you know this class is full of juicy tidbits…)

“If you want to be in the new consciousness, just know that your Being will always tell you when you’re not doing your magic right, because you will feel small and helpless and powerless and hurt and angry and sad… and there will be no loving you. And that’s the prompt you can’t ignore. Even if you can ignore it for a while, it gets bigger and bigger; and then there you are in your room feeling like a tiny little helpless point of pain.

And that’s the time when you are being given your cue: Use your wild self. Use the part of you that we didn’t know existed in the 20th century, not in our culture.Go into the wild place, dropping the Wordlessness. Picture yourself going down, down to the bottom of the ocean where it’s still and quiet and you’re completely comfortable because that’s where your magic lives and you’re at home there. And you can feel the Oneness of your consciousness creating everything you see and connecting with all other consciousness in beautiful love.”

~Martha Beck, Class Four: Forming of The “Wild New You” eCourse

Here’s what you’ll gain as a result of the “Wild New You” eCourse:

  • A clearer picture of reclaiming your true nature–your life’s purpose and mission–and concrete ways you can move toward it.
  • Empowerment to use your own imagination to create healing change in every area of your life, including stubborn and long-standing problems.
  • The ability to use the technologies of magic to connect, problem-solve, and create from your wildest, most essential self.
  • New insights to make all your relationships more rewarding and less stressful.
  • More intimate connection with the earth, the elements, animals, and plants that constitute your natural home and “family.”
  • Profound hope for your own future and the future of all you love.

“Wild New You” Product Details:

  • Four (4), 90-minute recorded sessions (Mp3 Format, delivered by download)
  • One (1)  BONUS 60-minute Q&A recording (Mp3 Format, delivered by download)
  • Lots of NEW concepts, exercises, and ideas Martha has learned since writing the book.
  • A 24-page workbook (PDF Format, delivered by download)
  • Transcripts of each call recording (PDF Format – 5 files total, delivered by download)
  • Access to the Wild New World private Facebook group

*This course was originally presented as a live telecourse entitled “Wild New Year, Wild New You.”


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