Do It! How to Achieve Spectacular Success…Even When You Think You Can’t MP3

shop-do-itPresented by Master Coaches Terry DeMeo and Jackie Gartman

Why are some people so wildly successful and others stop short of turning their dreams into reality?  Are successful people born under a lucky star?  Do they only sleep two hours a night?  Do they have a fairy godmother with a magic wand?

Or is there another way?   —   Absolutely!

If there’s something you really, really want to do, (or even a whole bunch of somethings) and it’s just not happening, then this is the class for you.  Whether you want to move forward in your business or career, break a pesky habit like overeating or smoking, or have an elusive goal like getting more exercise, Master Coaches Jackie Gartman and Terry DeMeo will teach you the secrets of achieving real-world success, even when it’s eluded you in the past.  You’ll learn specific, proven, cutting-edge tools and tips including:

  • What the specific attitudes and mindsets of successful people are.
  • How to move forward with your dreams powerfully without forcing yourself.
  • How to keep yourself inspired and motivated, even when the going gets tough.
  • Why the word “goal” is not a dirty word, even though it has four letters.
  • How to beat the lure of email, Facebook, and other bright shiny objects that distract you.
  • How to outsmart the pessimist that might be lurking inside you.

So stop staying stuck, giving up, or trying to bribe, force, or shame yourself into action.  Unclog your brain drain and move your dreams, passions, and desires into the real world.

Single-session Telecourse, 1 hour 45 minutes. Delivered as a downloadable MP3 file.

Terry DeMeo, J.D., is a Master Certified Relationship Coach, writer, and educator who guides coaches and other smart people to create joy, success, and deep satisfaction in their relationships with themselves, the people in their lives, and their work.  She combines cutting edge discoveries from social science and neuroscience with ancient wisdom practices and a little bit of magic.   She works with individuals, couples, and groups in person in Miami, and by telephone, worldwide.  You can learn more about Terry, check out her upcoming classes, and read her blog at

Jackie Gartman is a Master Certified Life Coach and mentor for soul-guides in training.  She’s been an Instructor for four years and recently served as Life Coach Training Coordinator.  Her speciality is mentoring newly-minted coaches who want to stop getting in the way of their own greatness (and start changing lives already!) and coaching women who are ready to illuminate their self-limiting patterns and stride into an ultra-bright floodlight of purpose and meaning – at work, at home and everywhere that matters .