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Buddy Up and Giddy Up…Insight from Martha

I’m learning to ride a horse, which is a lot like driving a car, if cars were nervous and unpredictable and expressed their anxiety by leaping suddenly sideways and accelerating uncontrollably whenever the breeze picks up. Also their shock absorbers were made out of jerky. And they bit. So I sit on this huge beast - Continue Reading


The Critter & The Creator…Insight From Martha

Ever since we moved to California, I’ve been seeking some sort of community for my son Adam, who, as many of you know, has Down syndrome. I haven’t had much luck. Most of our neighbors are wild animals, and there’s no well-developed special-needs program among the bobcats and the bears I’ve met so far. Even - Continue Reading


Freedom From Fear…Insight From Martha

Lately I’ve become thoroughly exasperated with the part of my tiny brain that insists on continuously creating fear. Fear of dying soon. Fear of living too long. Fear of being alone. Fear of being spread out too thin between loved ones. Fear of drought. Fear of flooding. Fear of change. Fear of things staying the - Continue Reading


When in Drought…Insight from Martha

Last year was the first I spent in California. Having come from the desert, I was all excited about the winter greenness, the rains that always come in October…okay, November…well, FOR SURE in December…or absolutely in…January? Or not. This is the first time in recorded history that the rain has not come at all. The - Continue Reading


December Disasters and Other Gifts…Insight From Martha

This year was going to be the one when I finally did the holidays right. I was going to be both pragmatic and intuitive, jolly and serene, organized and free-flowing, and full of holiday joy. Two words: face plant. If you happen to be in a counseling profession (life coaching, social work, parenthood, cocaine sales) - Continue Reading


Taming Wild Mustangs… Insight From Martha

For the last three days I’ve been fulfilling a longtime Wildly Improbable Goal, watching my friend Koelle and some of her Equus coaches taming wild mustangs here at the ranch. It’s just amazing. And it’s reminded me how we really change our lives, and the world, for the better: calmly, kindly, joyfully. Before our two - Continue Reading


Foul Play… Insight From Martha

In 1666 a Dutch physicist noticed that two pendulums mounted on the same board always ended up swinging at the same rate. He called this “entrainment.” It affects any oscillation, including breathing, heartbeats, brain waves, and turkeys. Yep. Turkeys. Yesterday I decided to meditate on my front porch.  As I settled in, a large delegation - Continue Reading


Make Your Own Pocket Eden… Insight from Martha

I’ve written a lot of delirious prose about my experiences in Africa, and in my new home where the back yard is a national forest. If I could, I would take everyone to these gorgeous places that restore my spirit. It frustrates me that I can’t. Recently, however, I’ve found a spot as wondrous and - Continue Reading


Doing Nothing… Insight From Martha

Yesterday I went whale-watching with my son Adam and my partner Karen. It was a beautiful day, and there were humpbacks everywhere. Aside from the slight injuries I sustained being elbowed by other tourists, it was awesome. Of course Adam had his own odd way of whale-watching, which consisted of sitting on the boat with - Continue Reading


Joy to the Boy… Insight From Martha

PEOPLE, IT’S TIME TO SET MEN FREE! I started my career back in the 90s writing about the way social change was tearing women apart. Twenty years later, I think women have made huge strides toward an altogether new way of viewing themselves and moving through the world. Our wonderful tribe of coaches is made - Continue Reading