The Team Is Everywhere!

This guy could be more like you than your own relatives.

As you may know, I’m convinced that there are a bunch of us on earth at this point in history who are here to save the world. Of course, every generation has saved the world in its own way, but here in the 21st century there are so darn many humans that we literally have to change unless we want cockroaches to outlive us all.

Fortunately, all over the world there are people–ordinary people, people without fame or wealth–who feel this same mission. They’re starting a transformation in the way humans live and think. They’re doing it person by person, Team member by Team member. And it’s time we all began working together.

Tonight in Nairobi I met two Team members who have the same passions and aspirations as a middle-aged female life coach from suburban America. One is a Ugandan genius who creates home-made solar panels to bring sustainable, eco-friendly energy to impoverished people; the other is a thirty-something Maasai “elder.” He wants to start a small eco-tourism business to help his people earn a living by protecting wildlife, such as the elephants who compete for drinking water with the women of his village.

The video quality of the clip below is awful–you can barely see these wonderful guys–but it’s enough to show that the Team is not just idealistic middle-class Americans. It’s brave people all over the world, doing small things with great love (to quote Ma Teresa). These guys are just like any other Team members. We just happen to’ve been born in different places.

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  1. rebecca @ altared spaces
    rebecca @ altared spaces says:

    “Small things with great love” is what drew me to Mother Teresa’s convent after I graduated high school. I thought I was going to become a nun.

    I’ve spent some wonderful time this morning gazing around your website trying to make some connections to fill in the blanks with this blog entry. Alas, I’ve had great fun…but still a bit lost.

    I’m totally captivated by your last story about the oranges. There’s something here, I can feel it, that is the RIGHT thing for me. But I’m missing the link. How will the elephants and the people share the drinks? How does the electricity help? And what’s the connection to the middle aged American…besides the human one?

    I’m sorry I’m just in need of a few more connected dots. But anxious.

    I love this overseas ribbon of united lives.

  2. Kate Apanui
    Kate Apanui says:

    Hey Martha
    Seriously, how can we help these guys? I love that you are using your super powers for good and connecting all the dots of our lives together.
    So How can I help Africa? (seems like kind of a big task when I put it like that) but help these 2 guys….that I can do

    Love katexx

  3. Doots
    Doots says:

    Dear Martha,

    I read “Finding Your North Star” a few months ago and found the book very inspiring. Just happened to check your website today and I’m amazed to see that you are in my home country (or at least you were as recently as last Friday). I would be interested to learn if you are holding any public events here in Kenya during this trip or sometime in the future.

  4. Jonna Templar
    Jonna Templar says:

    Hello Doots – Also check out Steering By Starlight, Martha’s newest book. It is equally wonderful.

  5. Anna K
    Anna K says:

    Hello, my name is Anna and I’m a Teamaholic.
    (faint chorus: Hiii, Anna!)
    You know what?
    Kiva loans are showing a better return on investment these days than Vanguard funds.
    The Mennonites have done microfinance for decades. Why not us?

  6. Doots
    Doots says:

    Thanks Jonna, I got the audiobook of “Starlight” last week and have been listening to it the past couple of days.

  7. Carrie
    Carrie says:

    Martha, we are missing you on your blog and on twitter! It is the highlight of my day. My therapist asked me last month what good thing happened to me that week and I said “I found Martha’s twitter!”. Come back soon!

  8. Abu
    Abu says:

    Hey Martha,
    Thanks for givng us a cool window to the world. Since I got back to Kampala we have been working extra hard to finalise one component of the solar system that will give it longevity and enable families spend less on lighting. I hope you got back to the US safe. Very cool website this.

    Check out my blog…its me spilling my thoughts on social enterpreneurship, business and leadership in africa. Three things that I think are fundamental to changing Africa’s fortunes. Hope you enjoy it.


  9. Mamai John
    Mamai John says:

    Hi Martha, Thank you so much for a great job you are doing your end. You are so inspiring. It was pleasure meeting you and your team courtesy of J’Lein, my special friend. We will keep in touch.

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