Coach 4 2day Video- Loss of a Pet

“Spend the time with yourself, with nature, in a wordless place of peace and love that you were spending when your pet was alive.”

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  1. Lisa Lipani
    Lisa Lipani says:

    Amazing timing for this post! I lost my little 17 1/2 year old SHIH TZU named Tiramisu on May 14. My grief just keeps coming in waves.

  2. Donna
    Donna says:

    Thanks for this video Martha. My sweet dog, Bella, died last year, and although I somehow was able to work through the grief (at the time I couldn’t imagine ever being able to do so), and we now have another sweet dog, Nina, there are still times when I miss Bella so much it brings me to tears. I really like the ideas you shared, and I think they will be very helpful during those times when I miss her most.

  3. Gretchen Pachlhofer
    Gretchen Pachlhofer says:

    Harold, my beloved Shih tzu, said goodbye two days before Christmas 2012. Yes, I have his portrait in my kitchen, and yes, Martha, you are absolutely right. Remembering what he taught me for the pasy 13 years is my way of getting out of the dark hole of grief. In fact I am platforming my coaching business on this concept. You really never get over the loss but with time, it becomes easier to talk about. Your wisdom is a timely gift. Thank you.
    MBLT June 2012

  4. Kirsten Marion
    Kirsten Marion says:

    Many thanks for this, Martha. It comes scant months after my beloved, but aged, chow died. I stii miss him every day. And, today I was also reading about Oneness, in your new book, Making Your Way in a Wild New World. This line jumped out at me ‘Things once in contact remain in contact through all time and space’. That gave me such comfort – that we are never really separated from those we love.

  5. Marsha Hildebrand, RN/Certified Health Coach Take Shape For Life
    Marsha Hildebrand, RN/Certified Health Coach Take Shape For Life says:

    We lost our 13 yr old apricot miniature poodle, Teddie on the 31 of January. My husband and son gathered round Teddie and I held him as he went from this world to the next. It broke our hearts to have him leave us but we did not want him to suffer. he is in the yard and we talk to him everyday. We all still hear his tap tap as he walked on the floor. I still wake and think I see him laying beside me on the bed. Thank you for this lovely support!
    from my heart

  6. Janine
    Janine says:

    My animals have always been the path to wordlessness for me, and our connection is deep perhaps for that reason. My horse is getting on in years, my cat is 22 (ripe old years) and thankfully the dogs are young and healthy. I can feel my heart clench at the thought of losing any of them, but I am always cheered by the presence/spirit of my crabby cat (she only loved me – no one and nothing else it seemed). To this day none of the other animals can sit in her chair – try though they might, and every time I sit there I think of her fondly.

    I agree with you totally Martha, the richness of s strong human to animal bond is something that needs to be preserved.

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