Video: Coach 4 2day – Conflict

“The nature of conflict means you can’t set a boundary in your life & take care of someone else’s feelings at the same time.”

  1. nedi safa
    nedi safa says:

    On another topic, Martha: In your “Infinite Loop” teleseminar, you very quickly said to rest until you feel like activity, and then do whatever motivates you. As a consumer of every time “management” system that has been sold, the words “do whatever motivates you” produces great anxiety. Are you serious? Is that how you suggest managing time?
    Much Love (and worries), Nedi

  2. Marcia
    Marcia says:

    Thanks. For me, it’s getting used to just letting there be silence, if you get the silent treatment, and choosing to be silent, also. It’s a relief, actually, once you get it. Also, being silent yourself gives you time to breathe and not blurt out concessions that you regret later. Good vid, Martha! Helpful.

  3. Pam McCoy
    Pam McCoy says:

    I don’t have a problem dealing with conflict in business BUT when it comes down to the people I love who are closest to me …I struggle! Thanks for some great tips!

  4. The Question Blog
    The Question Blog says:

    What I started considering after watching your video is that boundaries are only set once and maybe reinforced from time to time, afterwards. Conflicts that come out of not setting boundaries hurt constantly until eventually resolved through one of the parts setting boundaries, of course.

  5. Bien
    Bien says:

    I was so confident I was ready to talk to my son in his 40’s after I watch the video on conflict. I was calm, I spoke to him when he was in jovial mood. BUT not! I said in a mild joking tone ” pls do not shout at your wife “He got upset and responded ” If people are so sensitive ,it is not my problem “. I did not even get a chance to tell him that he yells at me too and in front of other people. There were just the two of us. His wife and sis in law were not aware of our conversation. I am not aware that he raises his voice to their child’s nanny nor to employee/friend’s family who he has always complimented. He claims he does not shout. I do not know what to do.

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