Lame Animal Totem: Chicken


Chicken energy comes to teach you how to scratch more, obsess about your position in social hierarchies, fight for dirt-encrusted corn kernels, and die young. If you encounter Chicken in your daily life, you should probably be taking growth hormones. Then Chicken will teach you to fight for dominance when alarmed, and spend the rest of your time brooding. People whose totem is the Chicken should expect to have their creations stolen from them on a regular basis.

Periodically I’ll be sharing the animal totems you wish you knew more about: the marginalized, the disrespected, nay I say, the lame. You’ll learn the illuminating messages they hold for you. You’re welcome. ~Martha

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  1. Sarah Vermunt
    Sarah Vermunt says:

    Martha, I’m LOVING this new series you’ve got going on! Do you know anything about the goat as an animal totem. I’m absolutely certain the goat is my own spirit animal – they’ve been popping up everywhere – and I’m curious about it. 🙂

  2. Toni
    Toni says:

    Martha, the chicken is me! It’s me! And my creations ARE stolen on a regular basis! And telling me to take growth hormones is not really helpful. In all your experience with foul you must have further instructions. All and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I really don’t like this chicken stuff and nobody else does either.

    Seriously, this stopped me in my tracks. What is the connection with this behaviour and having creations stolen?

  3. Linda Smith
    Linda Smith says:

    Love the concept. Spot on description of how I feel sometimes. I agree with Toni, I’d like to see a bit more than “take growth hormones” – especially since taking growth hormones is particularly bad for chickens! I’m eager to see then next totem.

  4. Wendy
    Wendy says:

    I love this!! Thanks!! Sadly I just watched my neighbors own dog kill one of their chickens. It moaned like a human being mauled by a bear. It was one of the worst experiences I've been thru. We couldn't get onto our neighbors yard to help, he (the neighbor)is the bully dog and dangerous. Trapped a frustrated by his life. All of the energy around him is like that. There is always a "victim" at his disposal.
    He steals everyone's eggs……….
    Anyway, great observation on Chicken.
    If anyone carries Chicken energy I hope they stay very aware of their surroundings!! Predators are abundant in all kinds of ways!!

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