Due to the increased and overwhelming concerns about the COVID-19 virus, we have made the hard decision to cancel the Gathering of Wayfinders that was to be held in Austin, TX in November, 2020. We are very disappointed, but know it is the right decision based on the information we have today. Your health, safety, and well-being comes first.

We will be issuing full refunds to those who have already registered. Please wait to hear from us with instructions. You will receive information on how your refund will be processed within the next 30 days.

The JW Marriott will be cancelling the MBI room block this week. If you made a room reservation within the room block, it will automatically be cancelled. If you have any questions about your reservations, please call the hotel directly at 1-844-473-3959.

We were truly looking forward to gathering, hugging, laughing, sharing, and learning together. While we have not rescheduled the event at this point, we will begin planning a future gathering once it becomes safe to travel again. You will be the first to know when we have details!


Friends, the time has come to gather.

For a few days in early November 2020, Wayfinders will make their way to Austin, Texas from all over the world, bearing with them the spark of their individual magics.

When we converge, people, we’re going to light up the sky.

There’s never been an event quite like this: coaches, Light Writers, readers, and Martha enthusiasts all in one place, all burning bright. It’s going to be a phenomenon. Wayfinders, you are not going to want to miss this.

You’ll get to hear Martha speak, of course: blowing our minds, opening our hearts and cracking us up six ways from Sunday. Our brilliant posse of Master Coaches and Light Writers will hold sessions on all aspects of the crafts and magics we practice. There will be opportunities to socialize, reconnect with beloved old friends, make amazing new friends, enjoy Austin, improve your coaching practice, enhance your writing, and change your life.

Wait, scratch that. Life changing comes with the price of admission. That’s just going to happen.

Why gather?

We have an incredibly vibrant community. The connections we make are deep and enduring, and can be a lifeline. But don’t you ever find that your friends feel the slightest bit—how shall I put this?—too dang far away?

Yeah, us too.

Because let’s face it. Wayfinders are an unusual bunch. We’re quirky. We’re idealistic. We don’t always see the world the same way most people do… and that can get lonely. Every now and again it’s essential that we bring our magic together and, you know, hang out.

Plus, it’s a rare opportunity to spend time with Martha. Many of you know the electric energy, the vibration of pure inspiration that’s present when Martha is onstage. With a room full of dedicated Wayfinders, though? Honestly, the roof might come off.

And where better than the city that wants only to keep itself weird? It’s like the unofficial Wayfinder HQ.

Way·find·er (n.)

    1. Ancient navigators who charted courses through the Pacific islands using their ability to “sense” the patterns of the ocean
    2. The community of people who feel a deep connection with the work of Martha Beck

This is for you!

As Martha wrote in Finding Your Way in a Wild New World, “Just the fact that you’re reading this means you’re probably a born Wayfinder.”

This event is for anyone whose life has been impacted by Martha Beck’s work.

Maybe you took life coach training many years ago: you’re invited!

Maybe you’re a Light Writer: you’re invited!

Maybe your bookshelf has dogeared and underlined copies of all Martha’s books: guess what? You’re invited!

Do you show up for the Gathering Room each week? Lurk on Martha’s social media, or read the newsletters and Compass Points? Invited, invited, invited!

Maybe you just discovered Martha during a Google search last week: no worries, new Wayfinder, you’re invited!


What will you get?

If you’re a coach, expect to find opportunities to develop your skills or business practice.

If you’re a Light Writer, there will be sessions about writing and developing your work.

If you love personal development, there will be opportunities to be coached and to learn new tools.

If you love spiritual growth, there will be meditation and teachings.

If you’re an introvert, you will be among your people. So many introverts come to Martha Beck events they all end up becoming friends against their will!



All things considered, we do pretty well, don’t we? We work, we love our families, we navigate life’s challenges, and we do our best to heal and grow along the way.

In the middle of all this, I sometimes need a recharge. Like, a big one. I need to touch in with my essential self, with my sense of mission. I need to be inspired, energized, and reconnected with the hearts and souls and minds and smiling faces of people who get me.

This, friends, is why we gather.

Sure, it’s great to connect online, and no one loves our weekly Gathering Room get-togethers more than I do. But it’s not exactly the same, is it? Not the same as being in one place, feeling each others’ energy, hearing each other’s laughter, looking into each other’s eyes.

So despite being a hard-core introvert, I’m all lit up with a plan to bring our Wayfinder community together! I’m inviting all of you, anyone reading this, to come gather for a few days in Austin, Texas.

It’s going to be wild, folks.

You’ll put faces to names, get to hug your online pals, reunite with people you knew in training, and discover old soul-friends you’ve never met in the flesh. When we gather, the magic kicks up fast and bright. I can’t wait to feel that and to share it with you.

While you’re connecting with the community of Wayfinders, you’ll also be helping another community that’s close to my heart. Most of the profits from our gathering will go to the incredible Good Work Foundation, which brings the light of education to thousands of rural South Africans and changes countless lives for the better.

So let’s spend a few days together and remember why we’re here. Coaches, light writers, readers, Gathering Room regulars, fellow lovers of pajamas and squirrels and mismatched socks… everyone is welcome. There will be magic, there will be hijinks, there will be light and laughter. There will be us.

See you soon!


Gathering Highlights

What you can expect

Expect to have many occasions to exclaim, “Oh, it’s YOU!”

You may even spill your drink from how hard you’re nodding at what someone else is saying. There will be a regular chorus of, “I know, right?” (these are your people!)

Expect to be immersed in the energy of world-building, of personal and spiritual evolution, of new ideas and awakening.

why you should come

Not only are you invited, you can also invite!

Why not use the gathering as an excuse for a reunion with far-flung friends from your training? Or the writers you most admired in Write Into Light? What about the person whose comments on the Gathering Room you always like? Do you have a friend who doesn’t know Martha’s work yet but NEEDS TO?

Call her now.

by the end of the week…

As Martha predicts, you’ll put faces to names, get to hug your online pals, reunite with people you knew in training, and discover old soul-friends you’ve never met in the flesh. When we gather, the magic kicks up fast and bright.

In short, expect to meet your old friends, your new friends, your village, your people.

We move at dawn.