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Danielle M De La Mare

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As a tenured professor, I was unhappy for a long time: attached to my academic identity, addicted to work, and regularly experiencing shame-driven anxiety due to imposter syndrome. Not surprising, this cycle led to burnout. I now coach women in soul-crushing careers and help them find lives and careers that nourish them.

Bev Barnes

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Are you a smart, empathic women who wants to make a difference in the world, but you’re hiding? I help born healers, helpers and guides to get clear on their soul’s calling, define their soul’s niche and stop hiding…because the world needs your light now!

Kristin Brownstone, MBA

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I’m a seasoned Silicon Valley corporate storyteller and content guru, life and speaker coach, and stage actor who loves deep 1:1 work. I work with mid-life, mid-career men and women who want to live with deeper clarity, fulfillment and satisfaction. Act 1 was about doing it “their” way. Act 2 is about doing it your way.

Gorett Reis

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Gorett is a certified life coach, career coach, and speaker. She works with dedicated professionals who are looking to advance their careers or find direction. Ultimately, they desire more fulfillment and financial security. Her clients range from actors to executives. She speaks about career and life fulfillment as well.

Darah Wagner

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Darah is coach, community builder, global media expert, and activist.

She works with clients in transition whether it be a career, relationship or a new city. They crave change and seek tools to explore new options. Working as a team, we design a purposeful, confident, compassionate, and meaningful life experience.

Vicki Evans

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Kia ora, Hello from New Zealand!

I primarily work with purpose-driven folks who are fed up with feeling overwhelmed to reduce stress and self-pressure, clarify what brings meaning to their lives, and live and work with more ease.

I’d love to hear from you.

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