Personal Growth

Koelle Simpson

Koelle has spent her life learning from nature and horses.   Combining coaching and horse whispering skills, she travels the globe to help others find their true nature and lead a better life.   Koelle teaches other coaches to help their clients implement profound change through her year long Equus Coach Training.

Carlette Patterson

Carlette is an internationally recognized Sports Life Coach with 20+ years of senior leadership in amateur, collegiate and professional sports organizations. She has a passion for sports life coaching, utilizing the power of sport to equip and empower people to become “champions” in life- personally and professionally.

Liezl Thom

The first step to wisdom is knowing yourself. Over the past decade, it has been my pleasure and privilege to guide my clients on this voyage of self discovery and awakening. I help people to change the stories they tell themselves about themselves, which liberates them from fear and helps them harness the power of change.

Margaret Clarke

Using my experience as a Specialised Kinesiologist, a Rhythmical massage therapist and a Life Coach I will be able to help you to discover where you are feeling out of balance and unfulfilled in your life – personal, family or work.

I particularly enjoy working with youth, teens and women.

Indrani Nathu Goradias

Indrani became a triathlete and marathoner after 50. She uses yoga, meditation, and vibrational sound to clear blocked energy. “ Indrani is a gifted intuitive, who will help you attain your right life

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