Women's Issues

Nancy Kalina

I am a recovering perfectionist, former people pleaser, and a continual work in progress. I support intelligent people to solve problems, rise above life’s challenges and dare to lead a wholehearted life. I support people of all ages to grow & gain confidence in order to live a meaningful life.

Janet Dunn-Davenport CLC

I am the one that helps you move stuff out of the way that stops your dreams, goals, and desires. My practice is all about creating a delicious healthy life. Weight loss, nutrition, mindful practices , and loving what is. My coaching is about you claiming your one delicious life!

Amy Williams

Specializing in helping parents find peace within the chaos of raising children, I guide my clients to attain a better understanding of themselves in order to create healthy and loving family relationships.

Kari Hazzard

I help people tap the Divine Spark of Creativity and manifest everyday magic to live outside of the lines, put color back into life and innovate the personal journey. “Creativity is the highest spiritually-aesthetic prayer to the Universe. Use it to create the original ʻYOUʼ masterpiece with your life.”

Abbe Jacobson

I help smart, busy midlife mamas and professionals who know what to do to be fit and healthy…they just struggle to do it. Let me help you get to the root of your resistance so you can feel healthy, vibrant and strong.

Betsy Pearson

Half my clients are men who were persuaded to talk to me by their wife/ girlfriend/sister… then shocked to discover they like it. We have a blast. I also love coaching coaches (we mine the valuable projections coming up in their own practice) and people overwhelmed by change or stuckness.

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