Women's Issues

Pamela Ballo

Flex Coaching – Join the Inner Fitness Gym: Learn to quiet your mind, focus your action and succeed by working out your life. Benefits: replenished energy, reduced stress, clarity & focus, deliberate action Members: Unlimited coaching and free teleclasses. Work out via phone/online worldwide.

Carlette Patterson

Carlette is an internationally recognized Sports Life Coach with 20+ years of senior leadership in amateur, collegiate and professional sports organizations. She has a passion for sports life coaching, utilizing the power of sport to equip and empower people to become “champions” in life- personally and professionally.

Margaret Clarke

Using my experience as a Specialised Kinesiologist, a Rhythmical massage therapist and a Life Coach I will be able to help you to discover where you are feeling out of balance and unfulfilled in your life – personal, family or work.

I particularly enjoy working with youth, teens and women.

Indrani Nathu Goradias

Indrani became a triathlete and marathoner after 50. She uses yoga, meditation, and vibrational sound to clear blocked energy. “ Indrani is a gifted intuitive, who will help you attain your right life

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