Power without Effort: The Technologies of Magic Masterclass


Are you exhausted by trying to make your life work?

Do you feel like everything shouldn’t be so damn hard?

Well, you’re right. It shouldn’t.

Society teaches us to create in one way, with extreme effort. What we’re never told is that effort actually blocks true creativity. To build the relationships, careers, and experiences we really want, we have to reach into the realm of creativity, where ease — not effort — equals power.

Martha Beck has achieved her own life goals, and helped thousands of others achieve theirs, by exploring modes of creativity based in ease, rather than effort. She wants to share what she’s learned with you.

Expect to learn:

  • when you should use effort, and when you will create more powerfully by relaxing and sensing your inherent “magic.”
  • how to reduce resistance and maximize “flow” as you achieve your goals.
  • why you don’t need any more knowledge to activate your own magical power.
  • steps for creating the career, romance, and lifestyle you want without stress.
  • how to make your life journey rich and delicious — starting now!

What you get:

  • A downloadable MP3 audio
  • A downloadable PDF transcript
  • Video replay of the masterclass