Practical Wayfinding

Practical Wayfinding is a series of workshops created by Martha Beck to teach skills for navigating the tumultuous changes of our time. Beginning in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, Martha now offers the course—with all-new content—once a year.

Continuous change is our “new normal,” and every day brings unprecedented challenges and opportunities.

In this summer’s Practical Wayfinding, Martha will teach “the Creativity Mindset.” This is a skillset that allows you to imagine and then generate a life that is perfect for you. Even the most unsettling changes offer huge advantages to those who can use the Creativity Mindset.

Join Practical Wayfinding in June 2021 and connect with a community of others learning to master the Creativity Mindset. This ALL-NEW six-week course is for new Wayfinders and for those who have taken a Practical Wayfinding course before.