Practical Wayfinding

The skill we call “Wayfinding” is about: deftly navigating a landscape in which the old structures are disappearing and we greet the unknown every day. (Also known as: “right now and for the rest of our lives.”)

Martha Beck has been studying change her entire career. She’s guided thousands of people through personal changes large and small. She knows that huge waves are much less frightening—can even be exhilarating—if you have a surfboard and know how to use it.

She calls it Practical Wayfinding.

As we travel together through a new year of unknowns, Martha is back with an all-new Practical Wayfinding course for the unique moment we’re in now.

Join Practical Wayfinding in June 2021 and connect with a community of others learning to surf the waves of change together. This six-week course is for new Wayfinders and for those who have taken a Practical Wayfinding course before.

Practical Wayfinding is just what we need most right now—so that we can master the chaos, imagine innovative solutions, and create a better world on the other side.