Practical Wayfinding


There’s no rulebook for dealing with what’s happening right now. No map, no guidelines. If you feel like everything’s falling apart, you’re not wrong.

But that isn’t the whole story.

When it feels like we’re breaking down, we can break open instead. We can master skills that will make us stronger, calmer, more capable than we’ve ever been. We can thrive.

Before creating this course, Dr. Martha Beck spent decades learning how to navigate skillfully in times of radical change. She’s helped millions of readers and hundreds of clients find their way through times when everything fell apart for them.

Practical Wayfinding: How to Thrive When Everything’s Falling Apart is a six-week online course. Martha has created powerful all-new content especially for you, in this unique moment in history.

This course will teach you to “surf the tsunami” of change so that you can thrive—body, heart, and soul—in this time of crisis. Don’t think destruction. Think transformation.