Discussion Guide: Finding Your Way in a Wild New World


Downloadable as a PDF file.

Hello, Fellow Wayfinders!

Many of you have been reading – and rereading – Martha’s latest book, Finding Your Way in a Wild New World, and telling us how much it has touched and transformed your life and the way you live in the world. We’ve heard how incredible it was to recognize yourself in just the first few pages of the book and how you finally felt seen and understood in a way you’ve never felt before. (And for those of you who worry about being on The Team – believe this: if you read the book and resonated with the material in any way – or with Martha’s other works in general – you are on The Team!)

Because the exercises in this book are meant to be put into practice in your life and are all intended to work together, we’ve created a book discussion guide to help deepen your experience with the book. It also gives you a great way to share it with others, including ideas on how to organize and promote your discussion. We’ve found that there is nothing more exhilarating than sharing the magic of Finding Your Way in a Wild New World with fellow members of The Team – like experiencing Wordlessness through the path of play, bending spoons, cracking puzzles, or sharing how you’ve learned to wayfind your way through the day.

Download the Finding Your Way in a Wild New World Book Discussion Guide Now!

Be it as an in-person book club party or a virtual Facebook group, we hope you enjoy sharing this book with others.