Radical Relationship 911 MP3


Three-session telecourse

1 hour each

Delivered as downloadable MP3 files.

Presented by Master Coach Dr. Amy Johnson

Do you wonder why relationships are so difficult? Surely some people have relatively easy, drama-free relationships…what do they know that you don’t?

This course will show you the way out of Relationship Hell, and it will point you toward a life where you don’t take things so personally, people don’t constantly disappoint you, and your every mood is not dependent on what others say or do.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. It’s just a matter of taking responsibility for what you can impact and choosing whether or not to accept what you can’t.

It’s about letting people be who they are so that you can spend more time being who you really are, in an empowered and enlightened way.

  • Class 1: What will you accept? In this class you’ll get clear on what you choose to accept in your partner/relationship and what you choose not to accept.
  • Class 2:  Asking for what you want (in a way that doesn’t require them to give it).  Asking for what you want is healthy; expecting others to comply is a recipe for disaster. We’ll talk about setting boundaries that work and voicing your desires without attachment to the outcome.
  • Class 3:  Creating space for more. In class 3, we’ll challenge your expectations for what “always” happens so that you can come to your relationships from a clean place. You’ll create the possibility for more than what’s always been. And we’ll talk about ways for you to fully show up in your relationship so that you can be the person you’d want to be with.

Regardless of your current relationship status, this course will teach you to tools you need to step into your own power with others.  Imagine the freedom…