Steer Your Career with Purpose & Passion MP3

An Evening with Martha Beck


90 Minutes

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Want to learn how to steer your career with purpose & passion?

Then listen in on this truly transformative 90-minute call with Martha. Whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, plumber, entrepreneur, CEO, yoga instructor, or software developer, this call is exactly what you need to help you surf the tsunami of change that is occurring in your career and your life. Martha will help you:

  • Move through fear
  • Stay in peace through presence
  • Cultivate hope through courage
  • Learn how to thrive in the ever-changing world-at-work

Praise for Steering Your Career with Purpose & Passion:

“Amazing how the process already seems to have made me feel lighter, and explains a great deal of what may be going on within. It was a generous opportunity that you shared with me. I will take my notes and review them, and put these useful techniques into my daily practice… As we all raise our vibration may peace be everyone’s home address easily found.” ~Linda Nelson

“What a fabulous call! Thank you, thank you, thank you.” ~Jane Antonio

“Thank you for tonight’s course. I believe the information I received about going through fear every day in order to fall in love again daily with doing my heart’s desire has answered a question that’s been bothering me for soooo long. I also believe acting on the answer will change my life dramatically. I was so happy on the call I nearly threw up!” ~Michelle Wolff