Weight Loss for Smart Women MP3

Find Thinner Peace.


Eight (8) Recordings

Each class 60 minutes. 

Delivered as downloadable MP3 files.

With Master Life Coaches Brooke Castillo & Susan Hyatt

Have you tried everything and still struggle with losing weight? Lose the drama and the weight.  In eight weeks, learn the most effective weight loss tools on the planet from Martha Beck’s The Four Day Win and Brooke Castillo’s If I’m So Smart Why Can’t I Lose Weight? methodologies. It’s thinner peace.

  • Class 1  Pre-Contemplation and 4 Days at a Time
  • Class 2  Eating Tools
  • Class 3  Contemplation and The Watcher, The Dictator and The Wild Child
  • Class 4  Feeling Tools
  • Class 5  Preparation and Action
  • Class 6  Belief Tools
  • Class 7  Keeping the Momentum and Maintenance
  • Class 8  Future Focus Tools