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Love + Energy + Alignment = Power (and a LEAP In Consciousness)

The LEAP Foundation is also The Good Work Foundation USA

LEAP-cascadeLondolozi, where the African STAR takes place, offers a model of healing we hope will be replicated all over the world. In Africa, the healer’s animal totem is the leopard. Because a group of leopards is called a “leap,” we use that word to describe anyone who feels a call to help heal the world. We like to imagine these people creating a leap in consciousness by combining Love, Energy, and Alignment, which add up to a benevolent healing Power.

The African STAR starts by bringing people like you to experience the magically healing power of nature. During a week of intensive coaching and wildlife experience (with five-star accommodations), STAR participants feel a healing force that causes a leap forward in their own lives, then emanates to all other beings and the Earth itself.

All profits from the STARs and all direct donations to the LEAP Foundation go directly to fund education for local Africans through the Good Work Foundation, an educational initiative begun at Londolozi, and the LEAP Foundation. Specifically, STAR profits go to building world-class digitally-[em]powered educational facilities in rural Africa.

You don’t need to go on a STAR to help with this totally not-secret plot to help heal the world. Donate directly by clicking below. The LEAP Foundation has exactly zero overhead and zero red tape—your money will go directly to support the above projects.

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Your donation can make a huge difference in healing the world’s ecosystems and their inhabitants.

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