The Wayfinder’s Compass

Moving Beyond Anxiety


I’m thrilled you’ll be joining me for The Wayfinder’s Compass: Moving Beyond Anxiety.

While these are truly bewildering times we’re living in, The Wayfinder’s Compass will teach you to navigate fluidly through any life situation by using the inner knowing we all possess (but society tells us to ignore).

This summer you’ll learn powerful tools to help you move past anxiety, connect with your innate sense of direction, and follow your own North Star to a life of purpose, fulfillment, and peace.

While we’re working through the course techniques together, you’ll be able to collaborate with your fellow attendees in our dedicated online space: The Wayfinder’s Compass Community powered by Mighty Networks.

This vibrant community is a place where lasting friendships are forged, and I’m delighted you’ll be a part of it this summer!

You will be sent information about how to access your community and course space via email on June 10th, so watch your inbox!

You can find an overview of the course, the complete schedule, and some technical details below.

In the meantime, I’ll be counting down the days until we begin!


Wayfinder’s Compass Class Details

  • Five 90-minute live Q&A classes with Martha
  • All live classes begin at 12 pm ET via Zoom
  • Seventeen pre-recorded videos from Martha
  • Downloadable transcripts and audios available for all classes and videos
  • Interactive Community

Wayfinder’s Compass Community Access

  • June 10 Access to the Community on Mighty Networks

We recommend you watch the first video topic released below on June 11th prior to your first class with Martha on June 24th. You will have the ability to ask Martha questions about the video content prior to each live class. Watch the community space for details and deadlines!


Wayfinder’s Compass Video Topics

  • June 11 – You Are Here
  • July 25 – Your Body Compass
  • July 9 – Your Emotional Compass
  • July 23 – Your Spiritual Compass
  • August 12 – Your Mental Compass
  • August 20 – A Whole New World

Wayfinder’s Compass Live Class Schedule

  • June 24 – Being Here Now
  • July 8 – Getting the Green Light
  • July 22 – Bringing All Your Selves to Joy
  • August 5 – Making Magic
  • August 19 – Using Your Mind to Serve Your Mission

The Wayfinder’s Compass Community & Course Space

The more you interact with your peers in The Wayfinder’s Compass Community, the better your experience of the course will be. You will be sent information about how to access your community and course space via email on June 10th, so watch your inbox!

You will be able to use the community and course space to:

  • connect with one another
  • access course materials, call recordings, videos, and transcripts
  • participate in discussions about the course
  • share about your experiences with The Wayfinder’s Compass exercises

If you’d prefer to use a different email address to access the course, please contact us at [email protected].


We want you to have a wonderful experience in The Wayfinder’s Compass, so please let us know if you need any help. Our team will respond to your emails as quickly as possible.

You can email us at [email protected].