The Wayfinder’s Compass

Moving Beyond Anxiety

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Your Own True North

So many of us feel anxious and uncertain. We worry that we’ve missed the chance to claim the life we yearn to live—and that any move we make now might be the wrong one.

Listen closely: You have within you everything necessary to ensure each step you take follows the path to true fulfillment. You know how to find your way.

In her short course, The Wayfinder’s Compass, Dr. Martha Beck will show you how.

The first step is to move past the anxiety that has kept you frozen. In doing so you’ll learn to center yourself, access your unique purpose, and follow your own North Star to a life only you could create.

All of this will be delivered with Martha’s signature blend of science, open-minded spirituality, and infectious, laugh-out-loud humor. You’ll learn to truly enjoy navigating the chaos of a scary and rapidly changing world.

What is The Wayfinder’s Compass?

In this short course from Martha Beck, PhD, you will learn to use equipment you were born with but likely have never used. Martha will guide you as you find a stable inner haven—from which you can navigate fluidly through any life situation.

You can feel safe and go far simply by using the inborn skills that are your birthright.

Access to your inner compasses
Part of you is always pulling toward your true North

Less anxiety, more joy
Deliberately reprogram your brain to reduce fear and increase happiness

Distinguish your true course from society’s rules
Find out what’s really you, and what you can drop

Find peace in every situation
Connect with an always-available inner haven

Identify your mission and purpose
Explore the places where your joy and the world’s needs meet

Get inspiration to move you forward
Community, true stories, and shared ideas to help you live your best life

Why should I sign up for The Wayfinder’s Compass?

We live in a time of bewildering change. Never before have human beings faced so much chaos—or so much possibility. You were born with the capacity to find your way through any turbulence you may encounter. But you likely haven’t been taught this method of navigation. That’s what you’ll learn in The Wayfinder’s Compass.

In an unstable world, nothing is more important than finding both a safe haven and a clear path forward—the path of your best life. The safest path is the path that only you were born to travel, and you’ll reach it on the other side of the anxiety that’s holding you back.

This course will teach you to invent a new kind of life, one that no one else could live. In this short course, you will learn methods that have been used for millennia to help people thrive in even the most chaotic and frightening circumstances.

Martha Beck, PhD, is a New York Times bestselling author, a Harvard-trained sociologist, and “the best known life coach in America” (USA Today). She has spent decades teaching millions of people how to create joy and success out of the most difficult situations.

For this all-virtual course, you will have video lectures, live teaching calls with Martha, and dynamic exercises that will help you map and follow the path of your best life.

Finding Your Way with Martha

What will I learn?

How to access the intricate steering mechanisms that are an inborn part of your nervous system and psyche
How to differentiate between the rules of society and your inner truth
How to map out a long-term course for a meaningful and fulfilling life
How to know what first step to take right now
How to use your inner compasses to steer through any situation, no matter how challenging

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2024 Registration is Closed
Registration for June 2025 will open in ealy 2025

What is a Wayfinder?

People used to have clearly defined roles and well-trodden paths through life. Not anymore.

In a trackless world, a “Wayfinder” is what I call the person who steers with inner knowing according to their own North Star.

Wayfinders can chart a course through any territory because they know how to read their internal compasses; they can always find true North.

In The Wayfinder’s Compass, Martha Beck will teach you how to find and read these powerful instruments we all possess but society tells us to ignore.

Hi, this is Martha Beck.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’ve been fighting your way through this world for a long time. You’ve done what you were told. And yet…

  • anxiety has stopped you from truly feeling “on track”
  • you’ve been too damaged or daunted to reach for your dreams
  • you’ve fought hard, but faced failure too often
  • you achieved your goals—only to find yourself feeling empty and joyless

These are all the signs of a life lived by the directives of others. It’s time to reconnect with your own innate sense of purpose and direction—the magnetic pull to the life you were meant to have.

So many of us feel that we’ve missed the crucial opportunity to create the life we long for. I’m here to tell you that there’s never been a better time to start living that life.

As a sociologist, author, and coach, I’ve spent decades teaching others to steer their lives by their inner compasses toward their unique destiny.

The difference between a life that feels pointless and a life that feels fulfilling is whether or not you’re plotting your own course. Very few people are encouraged to do this. Most of us don’t know how.

This course will teach you to create a life that feels more YOU than anything you’ve felt so far. A life that you’ve always sensed was waiting just beyond your grasp. You can have that life. It lies just beyond anxiety.

Join me.

The Wayfinder’s Compass Community

Signing up for The Wayfinder’s Compass will also bring you into a community of like-minded, warm-hearted people. In this course, you will experience our online community space, which is fully interactive and user-friendly.

After each of Martha’s inspiring and thought-provoking classes, you’ll have the opportunity to dip into the community and debrief. It’s the perfect place to come together and workshop techniques for using Martha’s tools. Our brilliant and friendly team is in there, answering questions and keeping the conversations bubbling along.

We always hear that new friendships are an important part of Martha’s courses. The Wayfinder’s Compass will be no exception.

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2024 Registration is Closed
Registration for June 2025 will open in early 2025

Wayfinder’s Compass Class Details

  • Five 90-minute Live Q&A classes with Martha
  • All Live classes begin at 12 pm ET and are via Zoom
  • Seventeen pre-recorded videos from Martha
  • Downloadable transcripts and audios available for all classes and videos
  • Interactive Community

Wayfinder’s Compass Community Access

  • Access to the Community on Mighty Networks

Wayfinder’s Compass Topics

  • Moving Beyond Anxiety
  • Your Body Compass
  • Your Emotional Compass
  • Your Spiritual Compass
  • Your Mental Compass
  • A Whole New World

About Martha

Martha Beck has a Harvard PhD in sociology and has spent decades studying change at the individual and societal levels. She is the New York Times bestselling author of many books and countless magazine columns, all designed to help people find their ideal lives.

Martha is a teacher, a speaker, and “the best-known life coach in America.” Oprah Winfrey has called her “one of the smartest women I know” and chose her recent book, The Way of Integrity, for Oprah’s Book Club.

Martha’s forthcoming book (available early 2025) is Beyond Anxiety: Curiosity, Creativity, and Finding Your Life’s Purpose.

“Martha Beck has a rare ability to see the world with wisdom and heart. She is a teacher in the truest sense of the word.”
—Harriet Lerner, author of The Dance of Anger and The Dance of Connection

Be Notified When Registration Opens

2024 Registration is Closed
Registration for June 2025 will open in early 2025


What if I have questions about Wayfinder’s Compass?

There will be a Q&A call via Zoom when registration opens.

You are also welcome to email your questions directly to [email protected].

What is the call schedule?

All calls will be 90 minutes and held live via Zoom on Mondays at 12pm ET—on dates* to be determined.

Remember: If you can’t make it live, you’ll be able to access the recording on your choice of video or audio-only within 48 hours. Closed captions and transcripts will also be provided.

*While we fully intend to keep this schedule, call dates and times are subject to change based on Martha’s availability and the changing circumstances.

Will the calls be recorded?

All calls will be recorded and will be available on your online learning site within 48 hours.

How long can I access the program?

You’ll be able to download the call recordings and transcripts for three months after the completion of the course.

What is the refund policy?

All Wayfinder’s Compass participants may request a refund until the refund closing date. To request a refund, email [email protected].

We will refund whatever you have paid, less a $75 USD service fee. The service fee will not be applied to any future training or events. We will not offer refunds after the refund window closes.

Will Martha also participate in the community platform, or is it populated by paying attendees only?

The Wayfinder’s Compass Community powered by Mighty Networks is a space for Wayfinder’s Compass participants to gather, discuss weekly topics, and share ideas. The community will also be available to participants for three months after the course ends so that the discussion and connection can continue. The community promises to be a vibrant piece of the program!  It will be lovingly moderated, but Martha will not be active within the community space between classes or after the course ends.

How is Wayfinder’s Compass different from Wayfinder Life Coach Training?

Wayfinder’s Compass is designed to help you navigate these times of unremitting change in our individual lives and our collective existence.

There is a small amount of overlap with Wayfinder Life Coach Training on the subject of change, but overall, it’s completely different content.

We strongly recommend The Wayfinder’s Compass for anyone who has taken or is taking Wayfinder Life Coach Training. It is an excellent personal and professional supplement to your life coach training.

Be Notified When Registration Opens

2024 Registration is Closed
Registration for June 2025 will open in early 2025