Find the way. Be the way.

You're here for a reason

If traditional career paths and ways of working aren’t working for you, there’s a reason.

If you feel called to help others, there’s a reason.

If you want a way of making a living that makes you feel connected, rather than disconnected, there’s a reason.

You were born to be a Wayfinder: to set yourself and others free. Ready to learn how?

Ready to find your way? If the answer is yes:



Our culture doesn’t recognize the Wayfinder’s calling, though we need it more than ever. A Wayfinder is someone who, in the midst of chaos, can access an inner compass that always points true north. In countless ancient cultures, Wayfinders plotted the course for their own lives and for others; they are coaches, teachers, healers, and guides.

In the Wayfinder Life Coach Training, you’ll learn the art of Wayfinding, shaped for today’s world. You’ll learn how to reclaim your true nature, and help others do the same. You’ll master an innovative combination of ancient, time-tested tools and modern, scientific ones.

Your best bet for living happily and prosperously is to operate from your true nature. As a Wayfinder, you may not fit comfortably into social norms. You’re not meant to. You’re here to excel by becoming the most authentic version of yourself, then offering your inherent wisdom to others.

How do you make a living by Wayfinding? The best modern cultural entry-point we’ve found is “life coaching.” Wayfinder Life Coach Training (Martha Beck Life Coach Training) will teach you how to live as a Wayfinder and work as a coach.





I’ve created Wayfinder Life Coach Training, a powerful and highly effective way to master the skills of Wayfinding: navigating toward happiness and success in your own life while learning to coach others to do the same.

And Wayfinder Life Coach Training doesn’t end there. There’s a whole village of Wayfinders waiting for you. Smart, funny, caring people who are both rational and magical. Like you.


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Dr. Martha Beck is a Harvard-educated social scientist, bestselling author, and veteran life coach. Her career has been spent changing countless lives using her signature tools, which have been called “simple, practical and incredibly powerful.” A lifelong scholar, Martha consistently updates her methodologies in response to emerging research in psychology, neuroscience and even quantum mechanics.

In training coaches, Martha has two objectives: first, to help them create meaningful and joyful lives for themselves, and second, to use their skills to help others and generate change on a larger scale.

We fix what’s broken in the world one life at a time.”

Martha Beck

In the training program, you’ll learn to navigate to your own best life.


  • Help finding your inner compass. We’ll teach you how to be your most authentic self and translate that into a thriving coaching practice.
  • Personal instruction and guidance by Martha Beck and a team of expert instructors. You’ll learn Wayfinding tools, the science behind life transformation and Martha’s “Change Cycle” model.
  • Hands-on training to build your coaching business. We’ll show you how to establish a unique coaching style, market yourself with integrity, and find the clients that can benefit most from your help.
  • A lifelong community of Wayfinders to help you stay connected, accountable and inspired. Being an entrepreneur or a solo business owner doesn’t mean doing it alone. We all need to surround ourselves with others who relate to us and believe in us.
  • Mastery of a powerful process that will influence every aspect of your life. Many of our coach trainees have made dramatic personal transformations during and after their training. Some have quit their jobs to coach full time. Others have written books, healed their relationships, and improved their health. Most importantly, they have left behind the nagging feeling that they weren’t fully living their destiny.

How the hell did you get where you are? By making your way, as best you could, through a maze of social pressures that were often destructive to your true nature. What the hell should you do now? Find a new way. A better way. Your way.”

Martha Beck

Ready to find your way? If the answer is yes:



How will you create the life you want? For those who are looking to use the training to establish a coaching practice, your Wayfinder tools will help you craft a unique, rewarding business.



  • Identify your personal mission.
  • Build a business that feels authentic and joyful.
  • Market effectively and with integrity.
  • Find your coaching niche and attract your ideal clients.
  • Learn practical tools from master coaches and marketing experts with decades of collective experience.
  • Receive coaching and feedback for working through questions, challenges and limiting mindsets.
  • Create and develop resources, including a Business Workbook, to use when you’re running your business.



  • Copywriting
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Connecting with your potential clients.
  • Cultivating a business that attracts your favorite clients.

If this sounds like typical business, it isn’t. It’s fun, it enriches your sense of purpose, and it’s energizing (even downright magical!) rather than daunting or boring.

Our business, marketing and strategy classes will help you through the hard parts of creating your own business. You’ll have the support of all our business instructors as you dig into everything you need to know to create, run, and market your business.


Mindset and Expectations

Learn some of the many ways you can make Wayfinder Coaching your own, from creating a business to integrating Wayfinding tools into your current career. Get a big picture understanding of entrepreneurship and the business of life coaching.


Coaching your First Client and Setting up Shop
Discover the practical steps of setting up your coaching practice. Learn basics, best practice, and industry-specific necessities.


Power of Story
This is where you discover how to express your true nature and connect with the people you’re meant to serve.


What’s Your Thing and Who Are Your People?
Get clear on what you do and who you love to help. Bring in your passions and expertise, and we’ll show you how to blend them into a Wayfinder Coaching practice.


Marketing Strategy
Understand what marketing is and how it works. Discover how to use your unique genius to to make marketing fun.


“Lizard Lounge”
Circle up with each other and get coached on any fears and worries that arise as you create your business (or revamp a current one). As you release your fear, you’ll be amazed at the creativity that is unleashed in you.

Ready to find your way? If the answer is yes:



Spirituality & Inspiration
Martha will teach you the powerful tools and concepts of her Change- Cycle Coaching Methodology and how to implement them in your life and business. Get step-by-step instructions for finding your unique purpose. Martha will inspire you!
Tools to Build Your Business
Coaches love their work, but sometimes feel overwhelmed by building a business. We'll show you how to attract your ideal clients, find your coaching niche, set up your business, and begin marketing it with honesty and heart.
Classes and Support
You'll have six live classes with Martha and the rest with Master Life Coach Instructors in which they will demonstrate tools, give you real-time feedback in class as you coach, and coach you in group coaching classes. You'll get constant support on our class forums as well.
The Binder & Journal
The Life Coach Training Handbook guides you through the training. You'll use this to keep track of classes and to navigate your online learning site each week. We mail this and an exclusive journal to you before class begins. You'll be referring to it for years as it contains all the tools and concepts you'll learn.
Meet & Greet with Martha
Get a chance to connect in-person with your classmates, your instructors and Martha in this intimate weekend at The Cliffs Resort and Spa in Pismo Beach. This event is optional, but truly transformative, so we highly recommend that participants join. The dates for the Spring 2019 training group are November 2-3, 2019.
Technical & Other Support
All the classes will be recorded and downloadable to view and keep as your personal reference library. You'll also have Support Calls with our Coordinator to help with any program issues. Tech questions are answered regularly in the technical support forum on your class website.

I wasn’t even planning to start a coaching business, but I ended up joining in for the business classes anyway. I was shocked at how personally transformative they were! I would recommend calling in for them even if you’re taking the training just for personal transformation.”

Sarah H.

Life Coach Training Cadet


  • Month 1: Overview, Welcome from Martha, and Your First Few Wayfinding Tools
    We’ll start with a bang and jump right in to learning how to coach. You’ll immediately learn several foundational Wayfinding tools and practice them on yourself and each other in your initial coaching practicum classes. You’ll have your first inspirational class with Martha, and begin watching her series of instructional videos. These are a hilarious collection of wisdom from Martha you can return to anytime, during and after the training. The series includes forty videos in all, and they are interspersed throughout the training, usually delivered weekly.
  • Month 2: Coaching Practicums to Practice Your New Wayfinding Tools
    Time to circle up with your intimate classes of twelve to fourteen participants and practice coaching. Your instructors will guide you gently and kindly through the initial tools in Martha’s Change Cycle method. Every Wayfinder has to know how to navigate change, because our clients will always be coming to us in the midst of transition. You’ll be watching the Change Cycle videos with Martha and practicing on yourself, your classmates, and any volunteers you choose to coach.
  • Month 3: Coaching Practicums for Your New Wayfinding Tools
    Martha will inspire you with her live class and answer all your burning questions. Then it’s back to the practice rooms! More tools to learn, more Change Cycle videos, and more practical application, which is, of course, the best way to become a skilled coach. Get those initial Wayfinder skills under your belt and enjoy a class where you’ll be coached on any fears you may have. This month, the mind-body class will help you connect to your true nature even more deeply. Your Wayfinder tools will begin creating internal change for you and your clients while you discover how to listen to your own inner guidance.
  • Month 4: Building a Wayfinder’s Coaching Practice Class Series
    Start learning how to build or revamp your business; create a way of living and working that makes your heart sing. You’ll develop a workbook of all your best ideas which is yours to keep forever. The workbook will be full of exercises and processes to help you create clarity around your unique business. Later, when you need to refresh or update, you can use these exercises again as needed. Your workbook is worth its weight in gold. There’s also more group coaching to allay any pesky fears.
  • Month 5: Continue Building a Coaching Practice; Coaching Practicums Continue
    Delve into the heart of the business practice classes and continue your coaching practicums. Martha will bring her genius to your live classes so that you can ask her directly to help you understand the Wayfinder tools and the ins and outs of coaching. You will be building confidence and becoming more expert in your coaching skills.
  • Month 6: Coaching Practicums to Practice Your New Wayfinding Tools
    Learn the final set of Wayfinding tools as you move through the Change Cycle method with Martha. She’ll show you how to take the imagined into the real in this month, for you and your clients. As you practice these tools, you’ll be adding in a whole new perspective for how to help clients connect to their true nature. This is where transformation begins to show itself in the external world for you and your clients.
  • Month 7: Final Building a Coaching Practice Classes
    Get stuck into marketing and getting your practice out into the world! Martha will inspire and illuminate in her live classes, and you’ll be finalizing the vision that will allow you to make a living as a Wayfinder, in business, in life, or both! We’ll end this month with more group coaching to set you up with all the strength and enthusiasm to hit the ground running.
  • Month 8: Final Coaching Practicums and Martha’s Send-Off
    In this final month, you’ll have a chance to ask Martha live any remaining questions tailored to where you are in your process. You’ll learn coaching ethics, finish up your coaching practicum series, and enjoy a send-off as a fully-trained Wayfinder ready to thrive in the wild new world!

How do you know if you’re a Wayfinder?


The training influenced who I am as a person. I use what I learned everywhere I go. I use it in my work as a coach and instructor, in my art, in my marriage, and as a parent. The training has been huge in helping me take responsibility for what’s mine and equally for not taking responsibility for what’s not mine. For this reason, I am better able to live my mission and serve my vision for the world.”

Michael Trotta




I never meant to be a “life coach.” I’d always longed to do some good in the world, but basically I was just trying to create a meaningful, authentic life for myself. I was startled when people began asking me to teach them the methods I’d devised to cope with my own personal and professional challenges.

The people who come to my Life Coach Training seem to be a lot like me. They don’t pretend to have perfect lives, but they feel a strong inner pull toward helping others, and they’re committed to finding and following a personal sense of mission. Together, we form a “tribe” of like-minded idealists, determined to create a better world one life at a time.

I designed my Life Coach Training to help each participant learn how to follow their own “North Star,” that deep inner knowing that guides us all. I believe that the best way to truly understand the tools of life coaching is to practice on yourself, and that’s why my training helps participants change their own lives while learning how to help change the lives of others.

If you feel something calling you to join us,
we are waiting to welcome you.



The Meet & Greet is an optional part of the program, but it’s one of our favorite parts! You have the opportunity to meet some of your instructors, your fellow trainees, and Martha IN PERSON!

You will LOVE getting to spend time in person with the new tribe of fabulous people you’ve been training and connecting with online. You’ll also get to workshop with your instructors to deepen your coaching skills and your personal application of the tools in your own life.

Martha will inspire you with her keynote speech on Saturday with her latest ideas, research, and big visions. Curious what is happening to this brave man in the photo? You’ll find out at your Meet and Greet!

The Meet & Greet for the Spring 2019 training group will take place November 2-3, 2019 in Pismo Beach, California. While the Meet & Greet itself is given at no cost, you’ll need to pay airfare, hotel, and some food costs.


Martha Beck Certification is a mentorship process designed to give you the opportunity to become completely comfortable and confident as a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach. You’ll know that you are an effective coach and so will we! Certification is optional and is not automatic nor guaranteed.

We’re in the process of moving from Martha Beck Life Coach Training to Wayfinder Life Coach Training, so we’ll be updating the certification titles as we complete the process.


  • Martha Beck Certified Coach seal to place on marketing materials and website.
  • Access to the Certified Coaches area of the Martha Beck “Coach Spot” Coaches Website.
  • Access to free quarterly Continuing Education Classes.
  • A certified coach listing on Martha Beck’s website.
  • 10% discount on Martha Beck seminars and STAR retreats.
  • More. . . we’re always thinking of new cool things to offer coaches!

The certification fee is $850 (subject to change) and is payable at the time you choose to become certified. There is no time limit on becoming certified after your training although the certification process may change.

Ready to find your way? If the answer is yes:



* Or choose the 8-PAY PLAN OPTION
Use the 8-pay plan if you’d like to pay in bite-sized chunks.


It takes a very special group of people to run The Martha Beck Wayfinder Coach Training. Meet the strong team of individuals who help make this training world-class and loads of fun. From outstanding curriculum development to technical prowess, our team has got it all!

Jennifer Voss
CEO & Wayfinder Life Coach Training Director
Chris Brandt
Wayfinder Life Coach Training Certification Coordinator
Dixie St.John
Wayfinder Life Coach Training Coordinator


We want to answer all your questions! Here are some of the most common questions people have before they register.

If you have questions we didn’t answer below, you can email WLCT@marthabeck.com (for program and curriculum questions) or support@marthabeck.com (for technical and payment questions).

Classes are held weekly at 10 am and 5 pm PT, starting Wednesday, October 2. You’ll need to choose your time slot when you register, so make sure you can attend classes regularly at that time. Note: All classes with Martha are held at 10 am PT, even if you’ve chosen the 5 pm PT for the other classes.

See detailed schedule below:

  • Overview (60 minutes) – October 2
  • Class with Martha – Welcome & Inspiration (90 minutes) – all sections at 10am Pacific Time – October 9
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 1, Class 1 (90 minutes) – October 16
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 1, Class 2 (90 minutes) – October 23
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 1, Class 3 (90 minutes) – October 30
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 1, Class 4 (90 minutes) – November 6
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 1, Class 5 (90 minutes) – November 13
  • Class with Martha – Spirituality and Inspiration (90 minutes) – all sections at 10am Pacific Time – November 20
  • No class – November 27 (American Thanksgiving)
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 2, Class 1 (90 minutes) – December 4
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 2, Class 2 (90 minutes) – December 11
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 2, Class 3 (90 minutes) – December 18
  • No Class – December 25 (Holiday Break)
  • No Class – January 1 (Holiday Break)
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 2, Class 4 (90 minutes) – January 8
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 2, Class 5 (90 minutes) – January 15
  • Class with Martha – Spirituality & Inspiration (90 minutes) – all sections at 10am Pacific Time – January 22
  • Coaching Your First Client (60 minutes) – January 29
  • Lizard Lounge (90 minutes) – February 5
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 3, Class 1 (90 minutes) – February 12
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 3, Class 2 (90 minutes) – February 19
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 3, Class 3 (90 minutes) – February 26
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 3, Class 4 (90 minutes) – March 4
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 3, Class 5 (90 minutes) – March 11
  • Class with Martha – Spirituality & Inspiration (90 minutes) – all sections at 10am Pacific Time – March 18
  • Lizard Lounge (90 minutes) – March 25
  • Mindset & Expectations (60 minutes) – April 1
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 4, Class 1 (90 minutes) – April 8
  • No Class – April 15 (Passover)
  • The Power of Story (60 minutes) – April 22
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 4, Class 2 (90 minutes) – April 29
  • What’s Your Thing & Who Are Your People? (60 minutes) – May 6
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 4, Class 3 (90 minutes) – May 13
  • Turning Story into Engaging Copy (60 minutes) – May 20
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 4, Class 4 (90 minutes) – May 27
  • Marketing Strategy (60 minutes) – June 3
  • Lizard Lounge (90 minutes) – June 10
  • Ethics (90 minutes) – June 17
  • Class with Martha – Spirituality & Inspiration (90 minutes) – all sections at 10am Pacific Time – June 24
  • Wrap Up (60 minutes) – July 1
We imagine you might still have questions and we’re here to answer! We have several options available:
Join us for one of our Ask-Me-Anything calls. The schedule for upcoming calls can be found here:   https://marthabeck.com/ct-ama/

One of the big differences between us and other life coaching programs is that we don’t focus on setting goals. We look at the thoughts and belief systems our clients have and work to dissolve what is holding our clients back. Then they can access their own inner motivation rather than trying to drive themselves by external motivation (which is really hard, often tedious, and frankly not all that effective). We believe that each person has the key to their own right life within them, and our job as coaches is to help them access and act on that information, not offer advice about what we think they should do. We believe that as Wayfinders, we are not instructing or advising our clients, but helping them discover their true nature through a set of highly effective tools. Then, they are able to lead their own lives to create happiness from within themselves.

Homework varies, but we recommend that you set aside three hours per week. This homework is not like schoolwork. We passionately believe that people learn best through fun, relaxed experience of skills that delight and motivate them. If you often spend time talking to friends or family members about their lives, you’ll find the homework is quite a bit like what you’re already doing, only a lot more fun. You’ll be practicing your new coaching skills weekly with volunteers you find in your community, and with your classmates. You’ll also be watching Martha’s video series weekly and listening to accompanying audios.

The books and resources you’ll need to read/reference for this training are:

  • Loving What Is by Byron Katie
  • Steering by Starlight by Martha Beck
  • Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck
  • Finding Your Way in a Wild New World by Martha Beck
  • DIY Integrity Cleanse Kit by Martha Beck

You do not have to read them all before we start! Instead, do this: focus on Steering by Starlight and read from the beginning through the chapter titled “Digging Out of the Dungeon.” Then, grab Loving What Is and start reading. Just try to start digesting the basic concepts described in the book. You do not have to have any of this finished before the training starts! Just get started, and you’ll be fine.

These books are not included in your tuition fee, so you may borrow or purchase them as needed.

All expenses are listed on our website. You are not required to hire a personal coach or purchase anything else during the training or for your certification process. Should you choose to hire a coach, that’s fine, but it’s a personal decision based on what feels right for you.

Yes. We offer an installment plan with eight easy payments. In order to enroll and secure a spot in our training, we require the first of eight equal payments. This option includes a 5% service charge. Click through to the order form for exact terms and dates.

All Wayfinder Life Coach Training participants may request a refund until the Refund Window closes. The Refund Window is open from your initial registration date until the day after your fourth class in the training (dates will vary). To request a refund, email WLCT@marthabeck.com. We will reply to your request and you will be required to return your training materials (binder and journal) as directed. Once those are received, we will refund whatever you have paid, less a $700 service fee (you are also responsible for your cost to return materials). The service fee will not be applied to any future training or events. We will not offer refunds after the Refund Window closes.

All our classes are recorded and uploaded to your online learning site within 48 hours. Although your attendance will not affect your eligibility for certification, we have found that students who are consistently absent are often unprepared to pass their certification exams.

Six times in a session Martha gets on a call with all of the different sections at once. For those classes, everyone will need to dial in at 10am PT. If you can’t make it at that time, remember that all our classes are recorded and uploaded to your online learning site within 48 hours.

Ready to find your way? If the answer is yes: