Join Martha Beck and Rowan Mangan
for a “culture cleanse” retreat in beautiful Costa Rica!

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The following schedule is to give you a sense of how the days may flow while you are on the Pure.Wild.Self Retreat. Please know we might be changing things along the way—all of it it geared toward giving you the best possible experience!

Day 1

Welcome and intention setting

  • Enjoy a private flight from San Jose, Costa Rica, to the landing strip near Imiloa. You will meet the rest of your retreat group and enjoy the beautiful scenery as you fly over Costa Rica’s mountains and the Pacific coastline.
  • Upon arrival at Imiloa, we will gather for delicious mocktails and an introduction talk from the Imiloa team, followed by a chance to settle in your room.
  • After a break, we’ll meet for our first workshop with Martha and Rowan, where we’ll set a course for the retreat—both collectively and individually.
  • We’ll enjoy a beautiful sunset and a 3-course dinner.
  • After dinner, we’ll engage in a powerful fire ceremony to formally open our culture cleanse!
Day 2

Leaving culture behind

  • Begin your first day at Imiloa with a hot beverage of your choice delivered to your doorstep.
  • Enjoy some morning journaling or meditation before heading to a delicious gourmet breakfast.
  • Today we’ll talk in our workshops about what we want to leave behind us from culture.
  • After conversation and laughter over dinner, we’ll be encountering the wordless communication of our true nature in a Sound Journey.
Day 3

Your true nature is trying to get your attention

  • After breakfast, our first workshop will introduce the ways that our true nature tries to help us get back on course.
  • We’ll enjoy a break after lunch and the chance to enjoy forest bathing or journaling and keep listening to that quiet voice of our nature (oh, and maybe get a massage too!).
  • After a workshop about moving into the right hemisphere of our brain, we will experience this in motion as we travel together to the beach for a silent labyrinth/mandala walk.
  • After a gourmet 3-course dinner, you will choose between an early night or communing by the bonfire.
Day 4

The New Consciousness

  • After breakfast, we will begin the day with a symbolic shedding of our “encultured” identity at Imiloa’s waterfall! This might be your first real encounter with your true nature, cleansed from all the “shoulds” of culture.
  • After rest and massages and journaling, we will spend time together debriefing and discussing what Martha calls “the new consciousness.”
  • After our nightly conversation over a gourmet dinner, we will choose between bonfire communion or a quiet night.
Day 5

Living It

  • In today’s workshop sessions we’ll be learning what it means to really live the new consciousness. Martha and Ro will be working with you on skills and practices you can use at home to create mini culture cleanses in daily life.
  • Tonight we celebrate the culture we have created in our group over the week! We’ll be heading down to the beach for our 3-course gourmet dinner and a beach party with music and celebrations under the stars.
Day 6

Return with the elixir

  • Like the heroes described in Joseph Campbell’s work, we will not be going home empty-handed—the “elixir” we receive on our last morning is a way to take our wild selves home with us and stay connected after we go home (maybe until we see each other again next year!).
  • We will have an early breakfast and you will be departing Imiloa around 9 am to take the private plane back to San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO).



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