Wayfinder Life Coach Training

with Martha Beck

Wayfinder Life Coach Training is now open for registrations — for the Spring 2019 Cohort!

For those of you who have been asking us, “I love Martha’s work… what’s the next step?” — this is it! A transformative eight-month course, the Wayfinder program provides for a personal journey of self-discovery as much as it does a skill set and business plan for your new career.

Want to channel your healing qualities as a life coach? You’ll get rigorous training in Martha’s method, which has changed millions of lives. Our program also gives you a firm grounding in the nuts and bolts of being an entrepreneur, so you’ll be business-ready when the training concludes.

Do you just want to dive deeper into Martha’s work? Thousands have taken (and loved!) Wayfinder Life Coach Training without wanting to be a life coach. They integrate the coaching tools into their careers and personal life, thereby creating richer and more fulfilling relationships.

Read about Wayfinder Life Coach Training on our website — but registration closes on February 22, 2019, or as soon as spots are filled, so move fast!

Power Without Effort: The Technologies of Magic

with Martha Beck

Are you exhausted by trying to make your life work? Do you feel like everything shouldn’t be so damn hard?

Well, you’re right. It shouldn’t.

Society teaches us to create in one way, with extreme effort. What we’re never told is that effort actually blocks true creativity. To build the relationships, careers, and experiences we really want, we have to reach into the realm of creativity where ease — not effort — equals power.

Martha has achieved her own life goals and helped thousands of others achieve theirs, by exploring modes of creativity based in ease, rather than effort. She wants to share what she’s learned with you.

Expect to learn:

  • When you should use effort, and when you will create more powerfully by relaxing and sensing your inherent “magic.”
  • How to reduce resistance and maximize “flow” as you achieve your goals.
  • Why you don’t need any more knowledge to activate your own magical power.
  • Steps for creating the career, romance and lifestyle you want without stress.
  • How to make your life journey rich and delicious — starting now!

Get your free recording of Martha’s webinar.


with Martha Beck

Introducing the Storm-Proof Your Life Kit, a five-week interactive video course with Martha. You’ll learn how to use your built-in navigational equipment, deal with storm damage, and use the energy of the tempest to propel you toward a richer, calmer, more joyful life.

This storm is not permanent and in fact, it might be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. When we learn from storms (instead of locking ourselves in the closet and wailing so loud that the house falls down), we end up filled with clarity and creativity. In fact, there are simple tools you can learn to turn the hardest moments of your life into the most transformative.

“She’s one of the smartest women I know.” – Oprah Winfrey


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