Transform your coaching practice and your life


  • Tell us about your life right now in terms of the Change Cycle.
  • Attestation of 100 Coaching Hours

    As part of this application process, we ask that you attest to having coached 100 paid or unpaid hours.

    • You must have coached at least eight (8) different individuals.
    • Your WLCT in-class coaching cannot be counted towards this total.
    • The 100 coaching hours can be any combination of paid or unpaid hours.
    • Note: the ICF has different requirements for the number and types of hours that can be submitted for coaching experience. Consult the ICF website for details.

  • MBI reserves the right to audit your client coaching experience. If MBI were to audit your experience, you would be required to receive your clients’ consent to release their name, contact information, start and end dates of their coaching relationship, and number of paid or unpaid coaching hours provided.
  • Important Guidelines for Submitting Your Coaching Session

    1. Your client should not be another Wayfinder coach (graduate or in training).
    2. Demonstrate your coaching skills, using the Wayfinder Coaching Model and any Wayfinder coaching tool or combination of tools you wish.
    3. Have your client agree at the beginning of the call or in writing to be recorded and to have the recording shared with the WMCT instructors and/or the class for purposes of your application and for receiving feedback. We will maintain your client’s confidentiality and will delete the recording after the training is over.
    4. Your session recordings should be a single, unedited recording that is at least 30 minutes and no longer than 40 minutes long. It will not be considered if it is outside of these parameters.
    5. If you don’t already have a conference call number, use a conference service such as and follow the instructions to sign up for a free account.
    6. If you use Zoom or another video conferencing service, please send the audio only.
    7. Have your call transcribed with breaks between speakers and time stamps. is a transcription service we recommend.
    8. Submit the call audio and transcript below on this application form.

    IMPORTANT: Please do not submit a recording already reviewed as part of your WLCT certification process or within another mentoring program.

  • Max. file size: 50 MB.

  • Max. file size: 50 MB.