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LEAP PORTRAITS-0576When I began training coaches, my goal was to spread hope and healing to clients beyond my reach. What I didn’t expect was that the coaches who enrolled in my program would be such extraordinary human beings, and that so many of them would tell me the training itself was life-affirming and transformative for them. I’m gob-smacked by the joyful, intelligent radiance that comes from these people, and I give them all the credit for being who they are. But I do think training to be a Martha Beck coach helps people come into their best selves and their life purpose, as well as helping others.

What we do with our system of coaching is to clear away the obstacles that are blocking people’s best selves. We add nothing, we simply subtract what isn’t working. The essential self that remains is far more sophisticated, intelligent, and beautiful than anything we could dream up. Since all our coaches are intensively trained, it shouldn’t surprise me that when they do this work in the world, they shine like lighthouses.

I’m still amazed that I get paid to do the most meaningful, absorbing work on earth (helping people realize their best lives). I know many of my coaches feel the same way. In a world that’s getting more bewildering, unsettling, and unsure, these coaches offer clarity, constancy, and confidence, both in the way they live and in the way they coach. These are rare and precious skills that will only become more valuable as we navigate the uncertain future.

If you feel the call to do this kind of work, then say yes to your heart. I can’t wait to see you shine.

martha beck



All About the Martha Beck Life Coach Training

Martha Beck Coaches are the best—I’m in awe of these people and the work they’re doing in the world. In this training, my Master Coaches and I teach you the skills you need to become an outstanding coach, someone who can help any client with issues ranging from career choices, relationships, weight loss, and personal mission to general peevishness.We have coaches who teach you how to commune with horses, cope with raising an autistic child, deal with food allergies, become a not-so-wicked stepmother, learn to love your body, and whip up a green smoothie. And that’s just one coach! Kidding. It’s two.

We help you find the intersection between your special gifts, passions and talents, and the people who need you. Then we give you the tools to build a successful coaching practice around that. Here’s the cool part—you define success. It may mean a six-figure full time coaching practice, coaching within a corporation, adding coaching to your existing practice, or taking a few clients a month for fun and a little extra income. People take this training for everything from personal development to becoming best-selling authors and speakers, as well as one-on-one coaching. You’ll use the very tools you learn in this training to decide what path feels right for you. Our “cadets” (as I affectionately call them) often tell me that the most delightful surprise of their training is finding themselves in a community of like-minded, friendly, helpful, fun, and sometimes-irreverent coaches, dedicated to helping one another as well as clients.

“During my coach training, I heard Martha say that the difference between her coach training program and all the others is that, when asked, 80% of her coaches say they have no idea why they signed up. That was me! I have never felt surer that I was meant to do something – and Martha’s coach training is the best thing I have ever done.”

Max Daniels

“I consider the Martha Beck Life Coach training to be the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. MBLCT gave me an entirely new perspective on life, a marketable skill and also connected me to the most amazing and supportive group of people I have ever had the privilege of knowing.”

Suzie Coors

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Please Note: Because classes with Martha are held at 10 a.m. Pacific Time for all students—including those in the 5 p.m. Pacific Time sections—we are providing those tentative dates for you below. These are subject to change and will be confirmed in your online learning space (to which you’ll be given access one week prior to training). Note that we observe Daylight Saving Time

Questions? Be sure to snag your Martha Beck Life Coach Training Info Guide where you’ll find loads of info and answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. You’ll also be invited to our occasional Virtual Office Hours calls with Abigail Steidley – your chance to kick the tires and get a feel for the tribe.

January Training Group – Thursdays
January 28 through September 22, 2016

Classes are held weekly with occasional weeks off for holidays, etc.
Note: Due to Martha’s speaking engagements, class dates and times are subject to change on occasion.

  • Overview (60 minutes) – January 28
  • Martha Class 1 – Welcome & Inspiration (90 minutes) – all sections at 10am Pacific Time – February 4
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 1, Class 1 (90 minutes) – February 11
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 1, Class 2 (90 minutes) – February 18
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 1, Class 3 (90 minutes) – February 25
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 1, Class 4 (90 minutes) – March 3
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 2, Class 1 (90 minutes) – March 10
  • No Class – March 17
  • Meet & Greet – Pismo Beach, California – March 19-20
  • The Mind-Body Connection (60 minutes) – March 24
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 2, Class 2 (90 minutes) – March 31
  • Martha Class 2 – Spirituality & Inspiration (90 minutes) – all sections at 10am Pacific Time – April 7
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 2, Class 3 (90 minutes) – April 14
  • No Class – April 21
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 2, Class 4 (90 minutes) – April 28
  • Attracting Your Ideal Clients (60 minutes) – May 5
  • Lizard Lounge (90 minutes) – May 12
  • Coaching Your First Client (60 minutes) – May 19
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 3, Class 1 (90 minutes) – May 26
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 3, Class 2 (90 minutes) – June 2
  • Q&A with a Master Coach (60 minutes) – June 9
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 3, Class 3 (90 minutes) – June 16
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 3, Class 4 (90 minutes) – June 23
  • The Power of Story (60 minutes) – June 30
  • Marketing Your Practice (60 minutes) – July 7
  • Setting up Shop (60 minutes) – July 14
  • Getting Your Practice into the World (60 minutes) – July 21
  • Martha Class 3 – Spirituality & Inspiration (90 minutes) – all sections at 10am Pacific Time – July 28
  • Ethics (90 minutes) – August 4
  • Lizard Lounge (90 minutes) – August 11
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 4, Class 1 (90 minutes) – August 18
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 4, Class 2 (90 minutes) – August 25
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 4, Class 3 (90 minutes) – September 1
  • Coach the Coach Practicum 4, Class 4 (90 minutes) – September 8
  • Martha Class 4 – Spirituality & Inspiration (90 minutes) – all sections at 10am Pacific Time – September 15
  • Wrap Up (90 minutes) – September 22



Abigail Steidley – Life Coach Training Director

I am a Mind-Body Coach who has long helped clients with pain and stress relief. More recently, my work has evolved into a delightful mix of coaching, channeling, and energy work. I work with coaches, therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and other healers, helping them with their own well-being, owning their healer-ness, and stepping into their soul mission.

Jackie Gartman

I am a master certified coach, instructor and mentor for newbie coaches who want to stop getting in the way of their own greatness (and start changing lives already!) and a life coach for women who are ready to illuminate their self-limiting patterns, and stride into an ultra-bright floodlight of purpose and meaning – at home, at work, and everywhere that matters. For more specifics, please visit my web site .

Susan Hyatt

As a Master Certified Coach, I dig entrepreneurs and weight loss clients. I’m a speaker, retreat facilitator, and author of Create Your Own Luck, Seven Steps to Get Your Lucky On and Jacked Up On Greens. I’m known for being lucky, full of energy, and being a “get things done” kind of mentor.

Bev Barnes

My calling is to help people find and live their calling. I work with coaches who are creating their life’s work and people who are unhappy at work – helping them to define their authentic niche, outwit their fears and get on with the business of changing the world. I live in Quebec, Canada and I also speak French.

Jennifer Voss

I’m a Master Life & Equus Coach, but I like to call myself a Dream Facilitator. My mission is to help people find their Truth and harness the Faith to fully Experience living it as they bring their dreams to life.  I believe that when we know, embrace, and live by our own Truth, life becomes one hell of a ride.

Christina Brandt

I’m a master coach who’s helped hundreds of women determine their passions, values, strengths and skills, and coached them through the process of defining their ideal work and how to create it. In addition to coaching, teaching and speaking, I lead international adventure retreats that provide opportunities for deep personal work and connection with others. I excel at laughing at myself, know a divine wink when I see one, and have total faith in the restorative power of a good piece of chocolate and a great conversation.

Terry DeMeo

Coaching and teaching is truly my calling. I specialize in relationships, career transformation, and coach mentoring. I do deeply transformational work and I love watching my clients and students learn to understand and appreciate themselves as they create richer, more satisfying lives. Prior to coaching, I was a trial lawyer. I live in Miami and practice yoga and expressive dance when I’m not writing my blog, visiting my kids in the Big Apple or hanging out with Bruno, my black lab.

Amy Pearson

I help women lead their lives from a place of self-love and confidence so they can play big in the world. My core message is It Doesn’t Have to be a Struggle! I believe that fun and play are requirements when it comes to finding your North Star. People say I’m warm, genuine, and funny (and I would have to agree).

Jessica Steward

Jessica Steward is a Master Certified Mind-Body Coach, Idea Amplifier, Business Witch, and Magical Mischief Maker. Having survived nearly fifteen years in the corporate world, Jessica combines her mad strategy & marketing skills with her spooky ability to see the future, plus a pinch of practical magic to help healing and creative entrepreneurs bring their work to the world. She loves teaching coaches-in-training by facilitating Coach-the-Coach classes as well as leading several of marketing courses. Jessica lives outside of Boston with her husband, dog, two cats, and two ukuleles. The cats can’t play the ukuleles. Yet.

CrisMarie Campbell

CrisMarie’s has been a consultant and coach for over 17 years. Her passion lies in helping women professionals access and incorporate more of who they trulyare into their relationships, work and life. She does this by helping people use their bodies and emotions to tap into their inner wisdom so that they show up authentically, creating results that make their hearts sing! In addition to her Master Coach certification, CrisMarie has her MBA and a Diploma in Counseling from The Haven Institute.

Jen Trulson

I help coaches and women live life ‘turned on’ by their senses to feel awake and alive. I believe it’s all about loving life, being you, on purpose. Seriously, what’s more wonderful than tapping into and experiencing your own magic, miracles, pleasure and purpose. Can you feel it? I can, and I love helping others feel it too. I live in the Pacific Northwest, married my high school love, have three crazy fun kids and can’t live without my gal pals, my lifelines. Bottom line, I’m a lover of life.

Nona Jordan

I am a master coach, energy worker and former CPA supporting coaches and other spirit-driven entrepreneurial women who want to heal and strengthen their relationship with money to create a vibrant legacy of business success.
My heart gets 1,000 times bigger seeing women align intentions, energy and their practical, day to day actions with their true desires. I believe in your innate capacity to create wealth and abundance in energetic integrity with your soul purpose. Let’s get it done!

Susan Grace Beekman

My driving passion is to help clients learn how to declare peace on themselves. What I’ve learned in forty years of transformational work and a long teaching career is this: Curiosity, deep listening, and courageous questioning can clear confusion and open the door for life to flow in. A peaceful, kind life. I love the shifts that naturally occur when we ask questions and listen for our own freedom. I’m certified in The Work of Byron Katie, in counseling and in spiritual mentoring. My oasis is Oregon, where I live and lead retreats. My family, my friends, my dog Calvin, and my own mind teach me all I need to know about peacemaking.

Jill Farmer

I LOVE helping people get more stuff done in less time… so they can experience more meaning and fun in this one amazing life we get to live. Teaching people new ways to dissolve their overwhelm, calm their frenzy and make procrastination a thing of the past truly lights me up! I’m an author, speaker, master certified life coach, wife, mom, and the unsuccessful herder of two incorrigible canines.

Deb Droz

Deb Droz is a Master Life & Mind-Body Coach who loves to see women thrive by fostering a strong connection between the mind, body, and spirit. She’ll show you how your brain interprets the amazing guidance that is always available from your body and soul. And as this dynamic trio of yours joins forces, you’ll move fully into trusting your innate wisdom and personal brand of brilliance. You’ll embrace and live your purpose, and life becomes more authentic and satisfying. It doesn’t get much better than that!  Deb lives in California with her husband, dog, and mostly-at-college son.

Michael Trotta

I’m father, husband, storyteller, certified teacher, sculptor, survival skills expert, wildlife tracker, student of native cultures and the Hero’s Journey, proud dyslexic, facilitator of initiatory experiences, community builder, founder of the Sagefire Institute for Nature-Based Coaching, and writer of really, really long sentences. My mission is to create a world where all people live deeply connected to what my elders would call, their “Original Medicine.” In short, I reconnect people to their true nature, through nature so they can live their lives on purpose and share their gifts with the world.

Dixie St. John

I am a Master Certified Coach and a Koelle Simpson trained Equus Coach. With an M.A. in Thanatology (study of death and dying), I have extensive experience with loss, grief and end-of-life support. As a coach, I often refer to myself as a “transition tour guide”; my passion is supporting my clients as they navigate life’s “in-between” places where transformation originates and new growth takes root. One of my favorites quotes by the English novelist George Eliot captures both my coaching and life philosophy: “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” Let’s get started, shall we?

After your training, you have the option to become a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach

certified coach logoIf you wish to become a Martha Beck Certified Coach you will go through our certification process, which includes:

  • Payment of the $850 certification fee
  • Documentation of 20 paid coaching hours or 75 unpaid coaching hours
    • Complete the written review process with your Martha Beck Master Certified Coach Mentor.
    • Once you’ve met the above criteria, you will coach your Martha Beck Master Certified Coach Mentor for your final oral review, where she will decide if you’re eligible for certification or give you feedback for additional development before trying again.

The Certification process is a mentorship process designed to give you the opportunity to ask remaining questions, clear up any confusion around any tools or concepts, experience the guidance of an experienced mentor coach, and make sure you completely understand the coaching tools and concepts, have gained coaching competency, and have confidence in your abilities. Our coaches will be held to the highest standards and may require additional training if criteria for certification aren’t met. Once you’ve completed the Certification process, you’ll know that you are an effective Martha Beck Life Coach—and so will we! Certification is optional and is not automatic or guaranteed.

All coaches who are granted certification receive:

  • Martha Beck Certified coach seal to place on their marketing materials and website.
  • Access to the Certified Coaches area of the Martha Beck “Coach Spot” Coaches Forum.
  • Access to free quarterly continuing education classes.
  • A certified coach listing on Martha Beck’s website.
  • Ten percent discount on Martha Beck seminars and STAR retreats.
  • More… we’re always thinking of new cool things to offer coaches.

The certification fee is $850 and is payable at the time you choose to become certified. There is no time limit on becoming certified after your training although the certification process may change.

Registration for January training is now open.

Sign up by December 9th and save $500!

We’ve just completed a BRAND NEW series of videos featuring Martha that will knock your socks off! We’ve added new instructors, new classes, completely new training materials, and other updates to the training; it is better than ever. Grab this opportunity now to learn all the coaching tools, get support in living your passion, and enjoy the immense and friendly coaching community. You’ll get structure, inspiration, lots of practical knowledge to get you started, and a deep personal clarity that will give you confidence and energy to make your coaching dream a reality.

The coach training investment is $7,770.

Use this plan if you’d like to pay in bite-sized chunks. The first payment is $2720 with an additional 4 automatic payments of $1360 each (for 4 months beginning 1 month after your first class).*

Click and chart your course to your right life. Get started by choosing one option below:

** Sign up by December 9th and save $500! **
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January 5pm (Pacific Time) Class – Thursdays

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*By using the MBI 5-Pay Plan, you agree to pay $2720 initially and have your credit/debit charged $1360 automatically the second, third, fourth, and fifth months of your training. Please note: a 5% service charge is included in the 5-Pay Plan.

REFUND POLICY:  All Martha Beck Life Coach Training participants may request a refund until the Refund Window closes. The Refund Window is open from your initial registration date until the day after your fourth class in the training (dates will vary). To request a refund, email Training Director Abigail Steidley at Abigail will reply to your request and you’ll be required to return your training materials (binder) as directed. Once those are received, we’ll refund whatever you have paid, less a $700 service fee (you are also responsible for your cost to return materials). The service fee will not be applied to any future training or events. We will not offer refunds after the Refund Window closes. 

Sign up to get our Info Guide and first notice when registration opens for future training sessions (January, April, July, October).

For questions, visit the Life Coach Training FAQPlease carefully review this page, the FAQ, ClassesInfo Guide and, if possible, attend a Virtual Office Hours call or two. There are so many answers to be found there. You may also email (for technical and payment questions) or (for program and curriculum questions).

Frequently Asked Questions about the Martha Beck Life Coach Training Program

1. Is Martha Beck Life Coach Training ICF Certified?

We respect the ICF and many Martha Beck coaches are ICF members. However, there are no regulations on coaching or coaching requirements. The ICF is a trade organization that has set itself up to try and offer some regulation for coaches. We have looked into what it takes to become ICF certified and at this point feel it isn’t something MBI wants to move forward with. Martha’s style is unique, and we wish to retain the flexibility to maintain that unique style.

2. How is the Martha Beck coaching philosophy different?

One of the big differences between us and other coaching programs is that we don’t just start forging ahead and setting goals. We look at the thoughts and belief systems and work to dissolve what is holding our clients back, so they can access their own inner motivation rather than trying to drive themselves by external motivation (which is really hard, often tedious, and frankly not all that effective). We believe that each person has the key to their own right life within them, and our job as coaches is to help them access and act on that information, not offer advice about what we think they should do.

3. What if I miss a class?

All our classes are recorded and uploaded to your online learning site within 24 hours. Although your attendance will not affect your eligibility for certification, we have found that students who are consistently absent are often unprepared to pass their certification exams.

4. What if I live outside the U.S.?

The benefit of our telecourse-based program is that anyone can participate, no matter where they reside. We have coaches who trained while living in countries other than the U.S., including Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Canada, Australia, England, Scotland, New Zealand, Sweden, Japan, Brazil, El Salvador and South Africa.

5. Can I use my cell phone or Skype for classes?

You are welcome to try Skype, Google Voice, or your cell phone. Our conferencing service seems to work well with those connections. No matter how you connect, if we isolate your line as causing interference, we’ll ask that you stay muted or try calling in again. Our training classes offer a toll-free number for callers in the United States and Canada. International callers have found good luck and fair rates using Skype or Google Voice.

6. Do I need to hire my own coach?

No. We will give you everything you need during the training. However, some students find that hiring a mentor coach deepens their learning and fast tracks their practice.

7. Are there any other expenses involved in the training besides the training fee, the certification fee, and my personal travel expenses should I choose to attend a Meet and Greet?

No. All expenses are listed on our website. You are not required to hire a personal coach or purchase anything else during the training or for your certification process. Should you choose to hire a coach, that’s fine, but it’s a personal decision based on what feels right for you.  

8. How much homework will there be?

Homework varies but we recommend that you set aside three hours per week.  Again, this homework is not like schoolwork.  I passionately believe that people learn best through fun, relaxed experience of skills that delight and motivate them.  If you often spend time talking to friends or family members about their lives, you’ll find the homework is quite a bit like what you’re already doing, only a lot more fun.

9. Is there any pre-work or anything I need to do prior to starting Martha’s coach training program?

Yes. To prepare for the training, please read Steering by Starlight by Martha Beck and Loving What Is by Byron Katie. These are the two books you’ll need to have read for the start of training. You’ll need to also read Finding Your Own North StarFinding Your Way in a Wild New World, and The Joy Diet by Martha Beck. However, you can complete those during your training.  These books are not included in your tuition fee, so you may borrow or purchase them as needed

10. Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. We offer an installment plan with five easy payments. In order to enroll and secure a spot in our training, we require a $2,720 down payment. $1,360 will be automatically charged to your credit card approximately 30 days after the start of the training and the three remaining payments of $1,360 will be charged each thirty days after that. This option includes a 5% service charge. See the Register tab for exact terms.

11. Is tuition refundable?

All Martha Beck Life Coach Training participants may request a refund until the Refund Window closes. The Refund Window is open from your initial registration date until the day after your fourth class in the training (dates will vary). To request a refund, email Training Director Abigail Steidley at Abigail will reply to your request and you’ll be required to return your training materials (binder and journal) as directed. Once those are received, we’ll refund whatever you have paid, less a $700 service fee (you are also responsible for your cost to return materials). The service fee will not be applied to any future training or events. We will not offer refunds after the Refund Window closes. 

12. Are Martha’s classes all taught consecutively?

Martha’s classes are interspersed throughout the training to give you time to absorb and practice the coaching concepts she teaches. We design the curriculum to allow you time to “deep practice” and integrate the core concepts, tools and skills.

13. What is the Meet & Greet?

The Meet & Greet is your opportunity to meet  your “tribe-mates” and instructors in person. You’ll workshop with your instructors all weekend to improve your coaching skills, apply the tools to your personal growth, and learn even more! Martha gives a Keynote speech on Saturday, where you’ll get to hear her latest ideas, research and big visions for the coach tribe.

 The Meet & Greet is an optional part of the program, and is not required for certification. The Meet & Greet for the October 2015 and January 2016 training groups takes place March 19-20, 2016 in Pismo Beach, California. While the Meet & Greet itself is given at no cost, you’ll need to pay airfare, hotel and some food costs.

14. How many life coach trainings are offered per year?

Training is offered four times per year:
January (Thursdays), April (Tuesdays), July (Wednesdays), and October (Mondays)
at 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Time (
Daylight Saving applies), depending on availability.
(Four classes with Martha will have all sections meet together at 10 a.m. Pacific Time.)

Please note that the training is offered on a first come, first served basis. Your space will be confirmed and secured once payment is made.

15. How do I become certified?

After you finish coursework, you can initiate the certification process:

  • Requirement 1: Pay the $850 certification fee
  • Requirement 2: 75 free hours or 20 paid coaching hours (you can accrue these hours while in training)
  • Requirement 3: Pass the written review.
  • Requirement 4: Once you’ve met the above criteria, you will coach a Martha Beck Master Certiifed Coach as your final oral review, where she will decide if you’re eligible for certification or give you feedback for additional development before trying again.

16. What are the benefits of certification?

  •     Martha Beck Certified coach seal to place on marketing materials and website.
  •     Access to the Certified Coaches area of the Martha Beck “Coach Spot” Coaches Forum.
  •     Access to free quarterly continuing education classes.
  •     A certified coach listing on Martha Beck’s website.
  •     10% discount on Martha Beck seminars and STAR retreats.
  •     More…we’re always thinking of new cool things to offer coaches.

17. Does Martha Beck, Inc. license or regulate its coaches?

Neither Martha Beck nor Martha Beck, Inc. (MBI) regulate, oversee, or have a financial relationship with Martha Beck certified coaches. MBI Life Coach Training (LCT) is an educational program. MBI certification signifies coaches have fulfilled the basic requirements of the LCT course.

Ethics and professional responsibility education have been provided to all coaches who have completed MBI Life Coach Training. While it is MBI’s hope that all coaches will conduct themselves at the highest level of professional and ethical standards, MBI cannot be held responsible for the conduct of individual coaches.