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Are you on the Team? Of course you are! If you are feeling that indescribable pull to do some of the most powerful work on Earth, here’s Martha to explain why:

Martha Beck Coaches are the best—I’m in awe of these people and the work they’re doing in the world. In this training, my Master Coaches and I teach you the skills you need to become an outstanding coach, someone who can help any client with issues ranging from career choices, relationships, weight loss, and personal mission to general peevishness. We have coaches who teach you how to commune with horses, cope with raising an autistic child, deal with food allergies, become a not-so-wicked stepmother, learn to love your body, and whip up a green smoothie. And that’s just one coach! Kidding. It’s two.

We help you find the intersection between your special gifts, passions and talents, and the people who need you. Then we give you the tools to build a successful coaching practice around that. Here’s the cool part—you define success. It may mean a six-figure full time coaching practice, coaching within a corporation, adding coaching to your existing practice, or taking a few clients a month for fun and a little extra income. People take this training for everything from personal development to becoming best-selling authors and speakers, as well as one-on-one coaching. You’ll use the very tools you learn in this training to decide what path feels right for you. Our “cadets” (as I affectionately call them) often tell me that the most delightful surprise of their training is finding themselves in a community of like-minded, friendly, helpful, fun, and sometimes-irreverent coaches, dedicated to helping one another as well as clients.

“During my coach training, I heard Martha say that the difference between her coach training program and all the others is that, when asked, 80% of her coaches say they have no idea why they signed up. That was me! I have never felt surer that I was meant to do something – and Martha’s coach training is the best thing I have ever done.”
Max Daniels

“I consider the Martha Beck Life Coach training to be the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. MBLCT gave me an entirely new perspective on life, a marketable skill and also connected me to the most amazing and supportive group of people I have ever had the privilege of knowing.”
Suzie Coors

Hear what other Martha Beck coaches have to say:

Our telecourse-based coach training is extensive, rigorous, sometimes raucous, and pretty much always fun. I require that my coaches “live it to give it,” by which I mean you do your own work, find your own clarity, and clear your own obstacles as you learn to help others. You’ll mine out the gunk that’s keeping you from creating your best life, then you’ll turn right around and help others do the same.

All classes are held over the phone, which makes them convenient and easily accessible. Learning by phone is beneficial because the majority of Martha Beck Certified coaches conduct their client sessions by phone. (If you’re wondering, yes, this is surprisingly intimate, satisfying, and powerful.)

Below, LCT Coordinator, Abigail Steidley, shares more on the program and her own experiences in the training!


Coach training is for you if:

  • You don’t know why the hell you’re on this website but feel a strong pull to do this. (Seriously, MOST of my cadets report this sensation. You’re not crazy. Or we all are. Either way, you’re in the right place.)
  • You’re the person others turn to for advice and guidance.
  • You’re compassionate and open-hearted.
  • You’re drawn to one or more of these things – animals, nature, creative endeavors, and various forms of healing.
  • You have a bent for entrepreneurship or want to be more active in shaping your career.
  • Even if you’ve accomplished a great deal in the world, you need something more to satisfy your soul.
  • You’ve read some of my work and feel an uplifting “zing” inside or hear a little voice in your head saying, “I want to do THIS!”
  • You’ve been through difficult and painful life events and want to help others with these life experiences.
  • You’re in job transition and looking to finally do your thing. For example, you’re a stay-at-home mom who wants to coach while your kids are in school, or you’re a professional counselor who wants to add powerful coaching tools to your repertoire, or you’re looking to coach in the corporate world (lord knows they need you!), or you’re hoping this training will help you find your own North Star (it will).

We offer four sections (2 in the AM and 2 in the PM) with a maximum of 27 students per section. Most classes sell out weeks in advance, so if you’re ready, claim your spot!

Class Date & Times:
Mondays beginning September 29, 2014 (training timeline)
The AM sections (Sections 1 & 2) meet at 10 a.m. Pacific Time.
The PM sections (Sections 3 & 4) meet at 5 p.m. Pacific Time.
(Daylight Saving applies

Important Notes:
Six classes will be taught by Martha at 10 a.m. Pacific Time only. All four sections combine to attend Martha’s classes together. See the class topics to book out your tentative “Martha class” dates.

All training calls offer toll-free numbers for U.S. and Canadian callers. For International callers, charges are determined by your local provider. We invite you to try Skype or Google Voice to minimize your cost.

The 8-month Life Coach Training includes the following classes:

6 Core Coaching Concepts classes taught by Martha Beck (90 minutes)
I will teach you the most powerful tools and concepts of my Change-Cycle based coaching methodology and show you how to use them.  First you’ll view a video of me teaching you the tools for that lesson. Then we’ll converge on the phone where I’ll demonstrate the tools, answer questions and even coach a few of you. It’s a blast!

Welcome Class
The Change Cycle
The Basics
Comfort into Chaos
Dissolving Into Dreaming
Moving from the Ideal into the Real/Square 3 to Square 4

Each class includes a follow-along outline and supporting documentation for all the tools and techniques covered during class. After each class, you’ll be given homework that allows you to put the concepts you learned into action (please note: this “homework” is less like school than it is like having coffee and conversation with very interesting people). You’ll also use the tools you learned in these videos in your “coach-the-coach” practicum classes. My classes are interspersed throughout the 8-month program allowing you time to absorb and put each concept into practice before the next class.

14 Learning Your Craft Classes – The “Coach-the-Coach” Practicums (90 minutes)
These classes are where you practice and master the skills and tools taught in my classes. Your Master Coach instructor will demonstrate tools and give you real-time feedback and support as you give them a go. We break the AM and PM groups into smaller groups so everyone has multiple chances to practice and receive personalized feedback. My instructors pride themselves on creating a supportive environment for you to flex your coaching muscles.

7 Building Your Coaching Practice Classes (60 minutes)
My master coaches are genius at helping you get your business launched—they helped me launch and grow mine. You’ll learn everything from how to get organized and set up shop to understanding how the dues you’ve paid in the past will lead you straight to the clients you want and the work you want to do in the world. (Hint: resting and playing will figure prominently here.) If you want to incorporate the coaching tools into your current career, you’ll also get lots of help around how to do so.

Attracting Your Ideal Clients
Coaching Your First Client
The Power of Story
Setting Up Shop
Bringing Your Practice to Life
Beyond 1:1 Coaching
Getting Your Practice into the World

8 Getting Support Classes (60-90 minutes)
I want you to feel supported throughout your coach training journey, not only with building your coaching practice but with bringing the tools into your own life and learning to, as we say, “Live it to Give it.” These classes will do just that!

Overview Class:  In this class, you’ll meet your Training Coordinator, Abigail Steidley, cover the nuts and bolts of the program, and get started!

The Mind-Body Connection:  This class is designed to support you in strengthening your own mind-body connection so that you can hear and trust your essential self both in your personal life and as a coach.

3 Lizard Lounge Classes:  Named for my infamous “inner lizard,” these group coaching calls are facilitated by Master Certified instructors and are designed to deepen your self-awareness and enhance your own development. You will be coached on issues related to your training, receive help identifying your blind spots and how they interfere with the coaching process, and be guided through releasing  belief systems and fears that prevent you from coaching with your natural genius.

2 Coordinator Check-In Calls:  These calls are designed to support your training experience by allowing you to ask Abigail any pressing questions, discuss important milestones along the training path, and get any guidance needed as the training unfolds. 

Wrap-Up Class:  This class with Abigail supports your program completion with transitional processes for taking your newly-minted coaching self out in the world and joining our larger Martha Beck Coach Community.  

In-Person Meet & Greet with your instructors and me
This is so fun! The Meet & Greet is your opportunity to meet me, some of your instructors, and your fellow cadets IN REAL LIFE! I spend the first day with you sharing my latest research and tools, and demonstrating some coaching techniques that are just better done in person. Your second day is spent skill-building with the Training Coordinator and another Master Coach. Those topics are customized to class feedback.

The Meet & Greet is an optional part of the program, and is not required for certification. (But it sure is a heck of a good time!) The Meet & Greet for the September 2014 and January 2015 training groups takes place on May 2-3, 2015 in Pismo Beach, California. While the Meet & Greet itself is given at no cost, you’ll need to pay airfare, hotel and some food costs. 

Martha Beck Life Coach Training Handbook and Journal
The Life Coach Training Handbook includes supplemental class materials and extensive coaching tools along with a Question Sheet to use just in case you run into a difficult issue while coaching. We loves us some shiny binders (and suspect you do too) so we mail this to you before classes begin.

Bonus Recordings and Tools
You will receive a wealth of additional resources to download and study on your own time.

Need to miss a class or want to listen again?
No worries! All classes are recorded and downloadable so you’ll have your very own extensive resource library on your computer by the end of the training.

Extensive Online Learning Community
All cadets will be included in an online learning community, what I call my “village” of coaches.  This location (on the Internet) includes all course materials, class schedule, and bonus materials, as well as a private discussion forum where you can interact with one another and with your instructors.


 Registration is now open below for training beginning September 29!

The coach training investment is $7,000 for September 2014. Tuition will increase for January 2015 training.

We’ve added new instructors, new classes, and other updates to the training; it is better than ever. Grab this opportunity now to learn all the coaching tools, get support in living your passion, and enjoy the immense and friendly coaching community. You’ll get structure, inspiration, lots of practical knowledge to get you started, and a deep personal clarity that will give you confidence and energy to make your coaching dream a reality.

Use this plan if you’d like to pay in bite-sized chunks. The first payment is $3500 with two automatic payments of $1925 during the second and third months of your training.*

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*By using the MBI 3-Pay Plan, you agree to pay $3500 initially and have your credit/debit charged $1925 automatically the second and third months of your training. Please note: a 5% service charge is included in the 3-Pay Plan.

REFUND POLICY:  All Martha Beck Life Coach Training participants may request a refund until the Refund Window closes. The Refund Window is open from your initial registration date until the day after your fourth class in the training (dates will vary). To request a refund, email Training Coordinator Abigail Steidley at Abigail will reply to your request and you’ll be required to return your training materials (binder) as directed. Once those are received, we’ll refund whatever you have paid, less a $700 service fee (you are also responsible for your cost to return materials). The service fee will not be applied to any future training or events. We will not offer refunds after the Refund Window closes. 

Sign up to get our Exploration Packet and first notice when registration opens for future training sessions (January, March/April, June, September). 


For questions, visit the Life Coach Training Frequently Asked QuestionsPlease carefully review this page, the FAQ, and the Exploration Packet prior to emailing (for technical and payment questions) or (for program and curriculum questions). 


After your training, you have the option to become a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach

If you wish to become a Martha Beck Certified Coach you will go through our certification process, which includes:

  • Documentation of 20 paid coaching hours or 75 unpaid coaching hours
  • A review process with a Martha Beck Master Coach Mentor, who works with you to make sure you fully understand and are confident using the coaching tools. This includes:
    • A written review of the coaching tools with feedback from your mentor
    • A final oral review with your mentor, after which you receive feedback

The Certification process is designed to give you the opportunity to ask remaining questions, clear up any confusion around any tools or concepts, experience the guidance of an experienced mentor coach, and make sure you completely understand the coaching tools and concepts, have gained coaching competency, and have confidence in your abilities. Our coaches will be held to the highest standards and may require additional training if criteria for certification aren’t met. Once you’ve completed the Certification process, you’ll know that you are an effective Martha Beck Life Coach—and so will we! Certification is optional and is not automatic or guaranteed.

All coaches who are granted certification receive:

  • Martha Beck Certified coach seal to place on their marketing materials and website.
  • Access to the Certified Coaches area of the Martha Beck “Coach Spot” Coaches Forum.
  • Access to free quarterly continuing education classes.
  • A certified coach listing on Martha Beck’s website.
  • Ten percent discount on Martha Beck seminars and STAR retreats.
  • More… we’re always thinking of new cool things to offer coaches.

The certification fee is $850 and is payable at the time you choose to become certified. There is no time limit on becoming certified after your training although the certification process may change.