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Wayfinder Life Coach Training OVERVIEW

Our 211-hour ICF accredited program, Wayfinder Life Coach Training (WLCT), has three distinct components:

  • Live classes (with recordings available for anyone who can’t make it live)
  • A robust online learning space, including the interactive forums and your library of multimedia resources
  • In depth mentoring (see below for details)

Finding Your Feet – The First Month
In the first few weeks of your training, you’ll tune into the overview call and Martha’s first class. These are always lots of fun! You’ll be invited into the forums on your online learning space, where you can introduce yourself and start getting to know your instructors and peers. You’ll also gain access to the library of resources for explanations of the tools and coaching demonstrations.

Then you will join your Coach-the-Coach group — a small group of up to ten fellow Wayfinders who will be a huge part of your training experience. Coach-the-Coach classes include regular opportunities for observed coaching sessions with feedback from an instructor (see below).

Coach-the-Coach Classes

These interactive and hands-on classes comprise the bulk of your training. With your small class group you’ll have the chance to work with the tools you’re learning from every angle: as “coach,” as “client,” and as the observer of your peers’ learning. 

Your instructor in these classes will be a seasoned Wayfinder Master Coach with extensive experience using the tools in real-life contexts. Your instructor and group will create a welcoming space where you’ll feel empowered to practice coaching and receive constructive feedback.

Since our coaching methodology is so hands-on, guidance from experienced mentors is a key part of your training. These group and individual sessions are interspersed throughout the training, giving you the opportunity to steadily build confidence in your craft and the coaching business you may wish to establish. Your mentors are experienced coaches who have built their own coaching practices and have been using Martha’s tools effectively for years.

Mentoring sessions are your chance to ask any and every question you may have about coaching—from the nitty-gritty of the coaching tools to larger concerns about business and entrepreneurship.

There are two types of mentoring in Wayfinder Life Coach Training:

  • Group mentoring. You will have ten of these sessions during your training program. They will cover aspects of effective coaching, ethical decision making, the  ICF core competencies, as well as give you ample opportunity to ask questions. 
  • Individual (one-on-one) mentoring. All trainees are offered three individual mentoring sessions over the course of the training. These sessions will be used to support you in becoming a more skillful coach and evaluate your coaching if you wish to become a Certified Wayfinder Coach. 

Note: If you aren’t interested in certification (Wayfinder or ICF), you are most welcome to use your individual mentoring sessions for personal or professional coaching from your mentor.


Business for Wayfinders classes
Start creating a way of living and working that makes your heart sing! The business classes are full of exercises and processes to help you create clarity around your unique practice, whether you coach for a living or use your Wayfinder tools in another way. The ethics materials and the ideas you will have at the end will be worth their weight in gold.

Between each of the business classes, you will have Group Mentoring calls with your small group to practice and integrate all the coaching tools you learned in the training. This is an ideal opportunity to coach and be coached around the business class exercises and how you wish to employ your Wayfinder tools after the training has concluded.


Evaluation and Certification
Many trainees choose to be certified as a Wayfinder Life Coach, though this process is optional. It is generally seen to lend legitimacy to your status as a life coach: a “seal of approval” and confirmation that you have mastered the Wayfinder tools and are ready to launch your practice as a full-fledged coach.

Completing the Wayfinder Life Coach certification process includes the following:

  • Completion of required self-study modules and objectives in the online learning space for the training.
  • Coach in at least six observed coaching sessions during the sessions in class during training.
  • Attend at least seven hours of group mentoring during the training.
  • Coach at least 75 hours outside of class (paid or unpaid).
  • Complete a multiple-choice and a long-answer written review based on what you learn and practice during the training..
  • Schedule and complete three one-on-one mentoring sessions with your assigned Wayfinder Master Coach Mentor. 
  • Record at least one 30-minute coaching session to review with your Wayfinder Master Coach Mentor during your mentoring sessions.
  • Once your Wayfinder Master Coach Mentor determines that your written reviews and coaching recordings meet the required standards, you will become Wayfinder certified.

For more information about becoming certified, visit the Certification page.

Wayfinder Life Coach Training Schedule

Classes are held weekly at 1 pm and 8 pm USA Eastern Time (ET) on Thursdays, starting on March 10, 2022. You’ll choose your time slot when you register, so make sure you can attend classes regularly at that time.

Note: All classes with Martha are held at 1 pm ET even if you’ve chosen the 8 pm slot for other classes. This is the expected class schedule and is subject to change.

All classes are 90 minutes.

  • March 10Overview
  • March 17Inspiration and Coaching with Martha
  • March 24Ethics and the Fundamentals of Coaching
  • March 31Your Essential Self as the Best Coaching Tool
  • April 7Starting a Coaching Session
  • April 14Asking Powerful Questions
  • April 21No Class (Passover)
  • April 28The Body Compass
  • May 5Finding Limiting Beliefs
  • May 12Inspiration and Coaching with Martha
  • May 19Group Mentoring One: The Anatomy of a Coaching Session
  • May 26Business for Wayfinders
  • June 2Introduction to Thought Work
  • June 9The Work of Byron Katie
  • June 16The Work of Byron Katie: The Art of Turnarounds
  • June 23Defusing Painful Thoughts: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • June 30Thought Work: Putting it All Together
  • July 7Inspiration and Coaching with Martha
  • July 14Group Mentoring Two: Lizard Lounge
  • July 21Dream Analysis Wayfinder-Style
  • July 28Body Analysis: Sensations as Symbols
  • August 4Small Steps to Big Goals
  • August 11The Metaphor Tool
  • August 18Making the Ideal Real
  • August 25Achieving Wildly Improbable Goals
  • September 1Inspiration and Coaching with Martha
  • September 8Certification Overview
  • September 15Group Mentoring Three: Lizard Lounge
  • September 22Group Mentoring Four: The Art of Coaching
  • September 29Group Mentoring Five: The Art of Coaching
  • October 6Wayfinding Your Coaching Practice
  • October 13Group Mentoring Six: The Art of Coaching
  • October 20What’s Your Thing and Who Are Your People?
  • October 27Group Mentoring Seven: The Art of Coaching
  • November 3Creating a Coaching Offer
  • November 10Group Mentoring Eight: The Art of Coaching
  • November 17Communicating Your Coaching Offer
  • November 24No Class (American Thanksgiving)
  • December 1Group Mentoring Nine: Coaching Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  • December 8Group Mentoring Ten: The Art of Coaching
  • December 15Graduation Party with Martha and Your Instructors

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