Become A Master Coach

It only gets better! This year’s Master Coach Training Curriculum is fresh, innovative, and designed to guide you to true coaching mastery.

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This training is only open to currently certified Martha Beck coaches. It will build on all of the training you’ve had so far, deepen your knowledge and use of the Martha Beck coaching tools, and help you take your practice to the next level.

Much like many indigenous cultures use a Medicine Wheel to contain their traditional teachings, we have the “Medicine Wheel of Master Coach Training.”  (The Martha Wheel, if you will.)  There are many different ways that Elders and traditional teachers have expressed the four directions of the wheel:  the four teachings, the four winds, the four seasons, and other relationships expressed in sets of four.  The four elements of the Martha Wheel include:

  • Inner Work:  Coaching Mastery
  • Outward Expression:  The Soul of Your Practice
  • Spirituality:  Connection to Source
  • Inter-Connectedness:  Community & Support

This training is designed to embrace the individual gifts that each of you bring; the gifts that these four elements bring to your coaching; the learning process created as you master each one; and the community formed along the way.  Embracing these elements, you will find that the interrelated whole is greater than the sum of its parts, yet the parts cannot be fully appreciated until the shape of the whole can be seen.

Say More?  Okay…

Inner Work:  Coaching Mastery

The “coach-the-coach” classes are different than what you experienced in LCT. These classes will give you the deep practice and personal, straightforward feedback you need to be able to tap deeply into your intuition and build your confidence as a coach. You will be asked to show up, be confident in your knowledge of the tools, and ready to serve your clients despite the natural ego distraction of performance anxiety. Once you have completed this course, you’ll have solid and intuitive coaching skills, moving you from competency as a coach to true coaching mastery.

Outward Expression:  The Soul of Your Practice

How would your soul like to express itself to the world? Through the course, you will be challenged to allow your soul to help sharpen your writing skills at the hands of Martha herself, learn how to get published, create products, teach effectively, speak engagingly, conduct retreats and workshops, lead programs and groups, and coach from your intuitive genius. You’ll learn from subject-matter expert Master Coaches who have been there, done that, and want to share what they’ve learned with you. You will not only learn about the above concepts, but also you will create content in the form of required real-world assignments to demonstrate mastery of what you learn, and further your coaching practice. Classes will require at least 2 hours of homework per week. You will often have pre-class assignments so that you can get personalized feedback workshop-style in class. The course content is designed to help you create a sustainable business that allows your soul to help turn it’s calling into the highest expression of yourself.

Spirituality:  Connection to Source

You’ll do assignments and learn a lot, but what really happens is you embark on your own spiritual Hero’s Journey. We do not yet know exactly where you will travel, but every Master Coach Cadet finds the training to be deeply personal and transformative. There is no doubt that you will take a personal journey as well—your Hero’s Journey—as the course progresses.

Inter-Connectedness:  Community & Support

You will not take this journey alone. In fact, one of our primary intentions is to provide you with a community of support as you explore who you really are. Past participants report not only being deeply transformed by the experience, but also held and supported by the class, the instructors and Martha. We are not meant to travel alone.

Martha Beck Master Life Coach Training is designed for you to play to your edge. You will be expected to move quickly, expand your comfort zone, meet deadlines, coach yourself and be coached through your sticking points, ask for help when needed, and deliver high quality work on time. The assignments are not theoretical. They are designed to move your coaching practice forward as you navigate the Martha Wheel. This course will ask a lot from you and—in return—you will learn much about yourself and what you are capable of doing.

Will you heed this call to adventure?

“Master Coach Training is like signing up for surfing lessons with some of the earth’s best wave cruisers. It’s thrilling, fascinating, scary (at times) and it gave me the tools to ride the ever growing tide of change in my life and the world. The intimacy of the learning cohort, the chance to learn directly from Martha in a highly interactive environment, and the collective brilliance of the Master Coach instructors proved to be priceless. It also helped me pinpoint my purpose, connect to my passion and inner wisdom, and trust in my ability to do bigger work in the healing of the world.”

Jill Farmer, Master Certified Life Coach

“Looking back on it, the MBI Master Coach Training was a pivotal point in my journey as a coach. I began it with confidence and even a bit of arrogance, unconsciously out to prove I had nothing more to learn. Yet from the get go, I found myself facing all of the unresolved beliefs that prevented me from being as effective and as happy as I could have been. The training, as well as my classmates, helped me to become clearer, more confident and more peaceful as a coach and person. Not only did I find my center and own unique voice as a coach and facilitator, but I made some of the most important friendships of my life while in this amazing program.”

Michael Trotta, Master Certified Life Coach

“Drop your fears and your favored excuses. The Master Coach Training is a life-changing, perpetual gift and adventure unto self. It will never be the right time and it will always be the right time. My advice: if you are drawn to this training, throw your hat in the ring as soon as you are able; show up with a beginners mind; and trust the process.”

Debby Werthmann, Master Certified Life Coach

Published Schedule

This is the 2015 Master Coach Training curriculum. While we will make every attempt to follow this published schedule, life happens sometimes.  Therefore, we ask you to stay in perpetual creative response to whatever is present if something shifts from this publishes preliminary schedule and the actual schedule at the time the course begins.

Class will meet Wednesdays at 10 am PT.

  • 3/25 – Overview with Jennifer Voss
  • 4/1 – Master Coach Welcome with Martha Beck
  • 4/8 – The Soul of Your Practice with Jessica Steward
  • 4/15 – Recorded Session Feedback with Jackie Gartman & Jennifer Voss
  • 4/22 – Retreats & Workshops with Christina Brandt
  • 4/29 – Deep Dive into the Basics: The Work™ with Terry DeMeo
  • 5/6 – How to Teach with Bev Barnes
  • 5/13 – Deep Dive into the Basics: The Work™ with Susan Grace Beekman
  • 5/20 – Developing Coaching Programs with Pamela Slim
  • 5/27 – WEEK OFF
  • 6/3 – Product Development & Passive Income with Jessica Steward
  • 6/10 – Public Speaking with Jill Farmer
  • 6/17 – Dream Analysis & The Field with Michael Trotta
  • 6/24 – Recorded Session 2 Feedback with Jackie Gartman & Jennifer Voss
  • 7/1 – WEEK OFF
  • 7/8 – You Do You, Boo (The Art of Coaching) with Bridgette Boudreau
  • 7/15 “How to Teach” Feedback with Bev Barnes
  • 7/22 – Writing Group 1 with Martha Beck
  • 7/29 – Writing Group 2 with Martha Beck
  • 8/5 – Publishing with Betsy Rapoport
  • 8/12 – Writing 3 with Betsy Rapoport
  • 8/19 – Coach the Coach: Wildcard Class with Jackie Gartman
  • 8/26 – Bringing the Soul of Your Practice to Life with Jessica Steward
  • 9/2 – Your Spiritual Life as a Coach with Abigail Steidley
  • 9/9 – Wildcard Class with Martha Beck
  • 9/16 – WEEK OFF
  • 10/1 to 10/4 – Live MCT Retreat at North Star Ranch
  • 10/14 – Intentions Going Forward with Jennifer Voss

Onsite MCT Retreat (Mandatory)

October 1-4, 2015, San Luis Obispo, CA

This year’s MCT retreat will take place at Martha’s ranch in San Luis Obispo, CA—how cool is that? You’ll stay in Pismo Beach and carpool to the ranch for each day’s activities. Martha is so stoked (she says things like “stoked” now because she’s a Californian) to host all of you again that we practically had to give her a Xanax.

We used to call this weekend an “intensive.” To be honest, it was… intense—for all of us. Your training will still be rigorous—will likely be “intense” for you at times—and that’s perfect. You’ll learn to coach yourself and be coached through those rough parts. However, this weekend is all about celebration, community and magic. You’ll connect with your fellow cadets, have fun, and learn about your self and each other. We, along with the horses, nature, and your own higher consciousness, will take you on your own personal journey of discovery over the course of the weekend.

This weekend will not be considered as part of your certification. Please see the Certification section to learn about that process.

Weekend Highlights:


Martha has so many ideas for what she wants to teach you. She wants to help you open your heart, learn to receive your own higher guidance, care for yourself deeply and profoundly, connect with nature and your own purpose, and much more.

Horse Whispering Daylong Workshop

You will learn about your leadership and communication style and how to use each effectively with your clients and everyone in your life.

Cool, Life-Transforming Stuff

We could write something here about what you might actually experience, but in all honesty, we’ll be custom-designing the workshop for your cohort much closer to the date. We’re pretty good at this, so if you’re up for a fun adventure, trust us, we’ll deliver.

Celebratory Luncheon

We will end the weekend together with a luncheon celebration with Martha.

Jennifer Voss

I’m a Master Life & Equus Coach, but I like to call myself a Dream Facilitator. My mission is to help people find their Truth and harness the Faith to fully Experience living it as they bring their dreams to life.  I believe that when we know, embrace, and live by our own Truth, life becomes one hell of a ride.

Abigail Steidley

I am a Mind-Body Coach who has long helped clients with pain and stress relief. More recently, my work has evolved into a delightful mix of coaching, channeling, and energy work. I work with coaches, therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and other healers, helping them with their own well-being, owning their healer-ness, and stepping into their soul mission.

Chris Brandt

I’m a master coach who’s helped hundreds of women determine their passions, values, strengths and skills, and coached them through the process of defining their ideal work and how to create it. In addition to coaching, teaching and speaking, I lead international adventure retreats that provide opportunities for deep personal work and connection with others. I excel at laughing at myself, know a divine wink when I see one, and have total faith in the restorative power of a good piece of chocolate and a great conversation.

Terry DeMeo

Coaching and teaching is truly my calling. I specialize in relationships, career transformation, and coach mentoring. I do deeply transformational work and I love watching my clients and students learn to understand and appreciate themselves as they create richer, more satisfying lives. Prior to coaching, I was a trial lawyer. I live in Miami and practice yoga and expressive dance when I’m not writing my blog, visiting my kids in the Big Apple or hanging out with Bruno, my black lab.

Bev Barnes

My calling is to help people find and live their calling. I work with coaches who are creating their life’s work and people who are unhappy at work – helping them to define their authentic niche, outwit their fears and get on with the business of changing the world. I live in Quebec, Canada and I also speak French.

Susan Grace Beekman

My driving passion is to help clients learn how to declare peace on themselves. What I’ve learned in forty years of transformational work and a long teaching career is this: Curiosity, deep listening, and courageous questioning can clear confusion and open the door for life to flow in. A peaceful, kind life. I love the shifts that naturally occur when we ask questions and listen for our own freedom. I’m certified in The Work of Byron Katie, in counseling and in spiritual mentoring. My oasis is Oregon, where I live and lead retreats. My family, my friends, my dog Calvin, and my own mind teach me all I need to know about peacemaking.

Jessica Steward

I am a Master Certified Mind-Body Coach, Chief Mischief Maker, and an Interfaith Minister-in-Training. Having survived nearly fifteen years in the corporate world, I combine my mad strategy & marketing skills with my spooky ability to see the future, plus a pinch of practical magic to help healing and creative entrepreneurs bring their work to the world. I love helping Master-Coaches-in-Training  find and explore the soul of your coaching practice, as well as create products and passive income for your business. I live outside of Boston with my husband, dog, two cats, and two ukuleles. The cats can’t play the ukuleles. Yet.

Jackie Gartman

I am a Master Certified Life Coach, instructor and mentor for newbie coaches who want to stop getting in the way of their own greatness (and start changing lives already!) and a life coach for women who are ready to illuminate their self-limiting patterns, and stride into an ultra-bright floodlight of purpose and meaning – at home, at work, and everywhere that matters. For more specifics, please visit my web site .

Jill Farmer

I LOVE helping people get more stuff done in less time… so they can experience more meaning and fun in this one amazing life we get to live. Teaching people new ways to dissolve their overwhelm, calm their frenzy and make procrastination a thing of the past truly lights me up! I’m an author, speaker, master certified life coach, wife, mom, and the unsuccessful herder of two incorrigible canines.

Michael Trotta

I’m father, husband, storyteller, certified teacher, sculptor, survival skills expert, wildlife tracker, student of native cultures and the Hero’s Journey, proud dyslexic, facilitator of initiatory experiences, community builder, founder of the Sagefire Institute for Nature-Based Coaching, and writer of really, really long sentences. My mission is to create a world where all people live deeply connected to what my elders would call, their “Original Medicine.” In short, I reconnect people to their true nature, through nature so they can live their lives on purpose and share their gifts with the world.

Bridgette Boudreau

I have an amazing gig running Martha Beck’s company that tends to keep me busy. Yet I am also called to help you realize that you, like me, aren’t broken. That you are a spiritual being. (Even the most cynical of you—yeah YOU—spiritual being baby, all the way.) That you can experience the fullness of life—all the lows and the highs—and that’s what we’re all here to do. That’s the wild life. As for credentials and such, I too am a Martha Beck Master Coach and am currently writing a book.

Pam Slim

I am a career and business coach with a huge passion for helping people gain the skills and experience required for thriving in this new, wild, constantly changing world of work. In addition to working with individuals, I am also an author and speaker, and work with organizations and brands that want to build true connection with employees, customers and fans.

Betsy Rapoport

Betsy Rapoport is a master coach who’s also been a professional book editor for 34 years; her authors include Martha Beck, President Jimmy Carter, Candice Bergen, Boyd Varty, and numerous other bestsellers. She’s been a professional writer and ghostwriter since 1994 and has been published in the New York Times, Salon, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, and in many other publications and anthologies. You may find her editorial website here and her life coaching website below.

All of the work you produce as part of this course is evaluated as part of your certification. But more important than what you do is how you do it. It’s not about showing up and doing it all perfectly—at all. It’s about showing up, being YOU, and doing your work as your stuff comes up. That said, here is what we consider as part of the certification process:

  • Showing Up: Attendance + engagement/not hiding + participation = showing up.
  • Meeting Deadlines: Missed deadlines are unacceptable. If you miss a deadline, you will not receive feedback on your assignment and you may be required to do additional work. You must complete all assignments to be certified. This parallels the “real world.” If you are hired by a magazine to write a piece and miss your deadline, that’s it. The intent here is to show you that you can step up and surprise yourself with what you can accomplish.  We do know that emergencies arise, and we are compassionate about that, but you will also find that we are very serious about this—because we believe you can.
  • Coaching Skills Mastery: The goal of MCT is to move your coaching skills from competency to mastery.
    • The recorded coaching sessions that are assigned as part of the application process, as well as any assigned throughout your training, will be part of your certification review.  You will need to be able to demonstrate mastery of the basic coaching model and coach someone correctly through a dream analysis.  We may ask you to resubmit recordings.  Please know this is part of the process! We want you to be great coaches!
    • The next part of your certification process will be an oral coaching session (on steroids) over the phone with Jennifer. This can happen at any point in the training you feel you are ready, but must take place before the retreat.
    • If you do not meet the bar of mastery for any of these certification elements, you will be given feedback and additional work to do to assist you in gaining mastery. You will then have another opportunity to be reviewed. This process will take as long as it takes—meaning you may or may not be certified by the end of the course.

Participation in Master Life Coach training does not ensure certification as a Master Coach. All decisions about certification will be made by Martha and Jennifer.

Here’s the deal about the prerequisites. We may not follow them. If you feel called to be a Master Coach, apply. We use these criteria as guidelines, but we also feel completely free to break our own rules. (Except the first one; you must be a certified Martha Beck Life Coach.)

  • Earned a Martha Beck Life Coach Certification
  • A minimum of 75 paid coaching hours (documented)
  • 6 months experience as a Martha Beck Certified Coach
  • Completed the Master Coach Training online application

Once you become a Master Certified Martha Beck Coach, you will be eligible to be considered for teaching Martha Beck sponsored classes and to become a Life Coach Training Instructor.  Being a Master Coach, although, does not guarantee these opportunities. You may also propose your own ideas for MBI.

The 2015 Master Coach Training concludes with the mandatory on-site retreat in San Luis Obispo, CA October 1-4, 2015. Training is limited to 12 people. Master Life Coaching is only offered once per year.

The application process for the 2015 class is now closed. If you would like to be notified when the 2015 Master Coach Training application process opens, you may sign up for our interest list.

You will be required to submit two recorded coaching sessions and your coaching hours documentation along with your application. All details about submitting your application can be found in the application packet.

Some details about the recorded sessions in case you want to get started on these:

  • Your client must be someone other than a Martha Beck coach or coach-in-training.
  • Recorded session #1:  Coach someone by employing the basic coaching model—find the area of least satisfaction and demonstrate your knowledge of The Work.  Please include the entire session (no editing).  We don’t want to just hear you go through The Work.  We want to hear you begin the session, decide which thought to work, help the client figure out how to implement the turnarounds, and end the session.  Recording should be no longer than 30 minutes.
  • Recorded session #2:  Coach someone through a dream analysis and submit the three column table. Again, we want to hear the entire session.  We want to hear the recap of the dream, the symbol selection, the analysis, and how you and the client interpreted the dream.  Recording should be no longer than 30 mintes.  (It is possible!  We promise!)
  • Your recordings will be listened to by your fellow cadets in Master Coach Training.  Please make sure to get permission from your clients to share the recordings.  The recordings will not be used in any fashion outside of this MCT virtual classroom.

Additional Information

If you have further questions, contact program coordinator Jennifer Voss.