In this 168-hour ICF accredited training, you’ll focus on creating your own ideal coaching practice, using the process as a way to master every coaching tool—skills you’ve already learned and new methods Martha has just created. You’ll reach mastery as a coach while realizing your visions for your career.

Your basic coaching taught you to change your thinking. This training will teach you to change your actions. Through the process of building your ideal coaching practice, you’ll learn to approach any situation with confidence and skill.

The way we do anything is the way we do everything. So in this training, the practical work of setting up a coaching practice will bring a laser focus to any “blind spots” that still limit your success. You’ll get support and guidance as you apply your advanced skills to your practice and your life.

As you learn from Martha and other expert instructors, you’ll free yourself from nagging, self-sabotaging patterns. You’ll get personalized feedback in workshop-style classes. The course will support you as you break negative habits, internalize more effective ones, and create a coaching practice that brings both deep satisfaction and sustainable abundance to your life.

In your Wayfinder Coach Training, you accepted a “call to adventure” by committing to heal yourself and others. In Wayfinder Master Coach Training, you’ll complete this journey, focusing on turning your ideals into reality. In the traditional hero’s journey, the traveler ultimately returns with a gift for the people. In this training, you’ll identify, build and offer to the world the gift that only you can bring.

You will not take this journey alone! A benefit of Master Coach Training is the engaged and enthusiastic community it creates. The bonds created during these months of shared endeavor often last a lifetime.

Wayfinder Master Coach Training will challenge you to play to your most exciting, life-enhancing edge. The program will ask a lot from you—and in return, it will take you to the expression of your highest capabilities. In the flow that comes from true mastery, you’ll discover a level of effortless joy and creativity that is your life’s purpose.


Master Coach Training was a pivotal point in my journey as a coach. I began it with confidence and even a bit of arrogance, unconsciously out to prove I had nothing more to learn. Yet from the get-go, I found myself facing all of the unresolved beliefs that prevented me from being as effective and as happy as I could have been. The training, as well as my classmates, helped me to become clearer, more confident, and more peaceful as a coach and person. Not only did I find my center and own unique voice as a coach and facilitator, but I made some of the most important friendships of my life while in this amazing program.


Certified Wayfinder Master Coach

Master Coach Training is everything you think it is, none of what you think it is, and more! I met coaches with varying styles that inspired me, friends who are now sisters, and teachers who saw the magic in me and helped me to see it deeper in myself, enabling me to move forward with more confidence. My life, my coaching, and my relationships are bigger, better, and deeper because of this journey. If you feel called to this, do it. You don’t need to know why. I didn’t. I wish I could do it all again.

Deb Munies

Certified Wayfinder Master Coach