Transform your coaching practice and your life


If you want magic and the best Martha has to give, this is it!

  • Five live classes with Martha, including writing instruction and feedback from the master herself
  • Twenty-two additional classes with her Master Coach Instructors
  • Individual deep dive coaching
  • An intimate four-day retreat with Martha, Jennifer Voss, and your fellow Masterpeeps

Top that off with a curriculum that is fresh, innovative, and designed to guide you to the sweet spot where your Stargazer self meets your coaching practice, and you have a magical mastermind experience that is much more than a training.

This training is only open to currently certified Martha Beck coaches. It will build on all the training you’ve had so far, deepen your knowledge and use of your coaching tools, and help you take your practice to the next level.

Our goals

Our goal for this experience is to create a safe place for you to explore your intuitive skills, your practice as a coach, and the trajectory you wish your work to take in the world. To that end, this training consists of four main elements:

  • Inner Work: Integrity, Tool Integration & Intuition
  • Outward Expression: Your Energetic Calling Card
  • Spirituality: Connection to Source
  • Inter-connectedness: Community & Support

The best part? It works. It works. It works. Embracing these elements individually is valuable; yet you will discover an alchemical synergy when they are combined in the crucible that is master coach training. So many coaches have taken this training and completely transformed their work, their mindsets, and their lives. We want to help you authentically establish your work in the world and connect with your tribe. The world needs you now more than ever.

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This powerful program exceeded all of my expectations. The training from Martha Beck and the Master Coaches was an invaluable education that brought my life and coaching to a surprising new level. The friendships and deep bonds that formed during the training have continued on as we support each others growth and engage in a way that is authentic and exciting.

This is not a cookie-cutter education. This program is very much alive and lively. No matter what you think it might be, it will likely surprise you. It did me! Your coaching, writing and personal growth will undergo a powerful transformation and all the while you will be supported and loved for who you are along the way.

Mary Ann Johnstone

Master Certified Life Coach

To me, MCT was like LCT on steroids. It’s exhilarating to whiz along the electric fence, but I daresay you might scorch your knickers in the process. If I wrote a personal ad for MCT, it would read:

Opportunity: for learning from content experts, giving and receiving feedback, making coaching tools your own, community-building, and discovering deep truths depending on how fully you show up [one of mine: the degree to which I own my own trauma is equivalent to the degree to which I own my own power].

Recommended: foam-padded steel bar for ‘strapping in’ on the craziest of potentially transformative roller coasters; sense of humor and adventure for surviving the ride.

Warning: nowhere to hide (n=12); possibly hazardous to your limbic system; likely to kick up dust at the least convenient moment and serve as a magnet for all unresolved drama in your life; lots of laughter, work, and tears; also lots of love, learning, and growth.

Jennifer Johnsen

Master Certified Life Coach

As a full-time nurse/business owner each year when the invitation to apply for MCT arrived, I told myself I “don’t qualify.” THAT kind of training is only for the “REAL” coaches. Following an irresistible urging, last year I considered the requirements. I decided completing the application process was enough of an achievement for me. Ta-Da!! I qualified. But then I got in. I was terrified. MCT ended up being the next leg on the journey to myself. Am I a better coach? Oh yeah. More than that, I learned to deeply trust in myself and know that I can do anything I put my mind to. And bonus, I now have a beautiful circle of forever friends.

Kym Hibbard

Master Certified Life Coach

Master Coach Training is everything you think it is, none of what you think it is, and more! I met coaches with varying styles that inspired me, friends who are now sisters, and teachers who saw the magic in me and helped me to see it deeper in myself, enabling me to move forward with more confidence. My life, my coaching, and my relationships are bigger, better and deeper because of this journey. If you feel called to this, do it. You don’t need to know why. I didn’t. I wish I could do it all again.

Deb Munies

Master Certified Life Coach

Say More? Okay…


  • INNER WORK: Integrity, Tool Integration, & Intuition
    We begin with an Integrity Cleanse to which we add deep coaching practice and some straightforward feedback to create a path for you to tap deeply into your intuition and build your confidence as a coach. You will be asked to show up, confidently demonstrate your knowledge of the tools, and be ready to serve your clients despite the natural ego distraction of performance anxiety. Once you have completed this course, you’ll have solid and intuitive coaching skills that will move you from coaching competency to true mastery.
  • OUTWARD EXPRESSION: Your Energetic Calling Card
    How would your soul like to express itself to the world? Throughout the course, you will be challenged to tap into the unique vibration of your energetic calling card, sharpen your writing skills with the guidance of Martha herself, discern where to publish your art, create products, teach effectively, speak engagingly, coach from your intuitive genius, and lead retreats, programs, and workshops. You’ll learn from subject-matter expert Master Coaches who have been there, done that, and want to share what they’ve learned with you.You will then be asked to create content in the form of required real-world assignments that reflect how you want to send your energy and art out into the world. Classes will require at least 2 hours of homework per week. You will often have pre-class assignments so that you can get personalized feedback workshop-style in class. The course content is designed to help you create a sustainable business that allows your soul to turn its calling into the highest expression of yourself.
  • SPIRITUALITY: Connection to Source
    You’ll practice creative expression and learn a lot, but what really happens is you embark on your own spiritual Hero’s Journey. We do not yet know exactly where you will travel, but every Master Coach finds the training to be deeply personal and transformative. There is no doubt that you will embark on a personal journey as well—your Hero’s Journey—as the course progresses.
  • INTER-CONNECTEDNESS: Community & Support
    You will not take this journey alone. In fact, one of our primary intentions is to provide you with a community of support as you explore who you really are. Past participants report not only being deeply transformed by the experience but also held and supported by their fellow Masterpeeps, the instructors, and Martha. We are not meant to travel alone.
    In fact, we have modified the course this year to include six Mastermind calls. As stated at the beginning, consider this a Mastermind infused with the magic of your fellow Masterpeeps.

    Wrapped in that magic, Martha Beck Master Coach Training is designed for you to play to your edge. You will be expected to move quickly, travel beyond your comfort zone, meet deadlines, coach yourself and be coached through your sticking points, ask for help when needed, and deliver high-quality work on time. The assignments are not theoretical. They are designed to move your coaching practice forward. This course will ask a lot from you and—in return—you will learn much about yourself and what you are capable of doing.

Curious to learn more?
Jennifer Voss hosted a Q&A call on Wednesday, June 27th. To listen to the audio recording of that call, click here.

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Schedule & Curriculum

The 2018 Master Coach Training will begin September 5, 2018 and run through May 8, 2019. The mandatory retreat will be held May 2-5, 2019 in Cashiers, NC at the gorgeous Blue Star Ranch.

  • 09/05/18: Welcome & Intention Setting with Jennifer Voss
  • 09/12/18: Wayfinding Mastery with Martha
  • 09/19/18: Northstar Mapmaking—Finding your Stargazer Coordinates for MCT with Jennifer Voss and Jen Johnsen
  • 09/26/18: Play and Your Practice with Michael Trotta
  • 10/03/18: Expression of Soul: A Vibrational Practice with Beverly Belling
  • 10/10/18: NorthStar MapMaking – The Heart of Your Practice with Jennifer Voss & Chris Brandt
  • 10/17/18: The Work Q&A—Recorded Session Feedback with Erin Cutshall and Terry DeMeo

  • 10/24/18: Speaking from Your Soul with Sheila Whittington
  • 10/31/18: Teaching from Your Heart 1 with Natalie Miller
  • 11/07/18: Teaching from Your Heart 2 with Natalie Miller
  • 11/14/18: Product Creation with Adrienne Enns Edgar
  • 11/21/18: Week Off
  • 11/28/18: Masterpeep Mastermind 1 with Jennifer Voss and Chris Brandt
  • 12/05/18: Masterpeep Mastermind 2 with Jennifer Voss and Chris Brandt
    Holiday Break
  • 01/09/19: Writing Self-help for Publication or Blog with Martha
  • 01/16/19: The Art of Giving (and Receiving) Feedback with Renee Sievert
  • 01/23/19: Masterpeep Mastermind 3 with Jennifer Voss and Chris Brandt
  • 01/30/19: Writing Feedback 1 with Martha
  • 02/06/19: Writing Feedback 2 with Martha
  • 02/13/19: Lizard Lounge on Writing with Betsy Rapoport
  • 02/20/19: Week Off
  • 02/27/19: Final Writing Feedback with Martha
  • 03/06/19: Masterpeep Mastermind 4 with Jennifer Voss and Chris Brandt
  • 03/13/19: Recorded Session Debrief 1 with Jennifer Voss and Renee Sievert
  • 03/20/19: Recorded Session Debrief 2 with Jennifer Voss and Renee Sievert
  • 03/27/19: Week Off
  • 04/03/19: Masterpeep Mastermind 5 with Jennifer Voss and Chris Brandt
  • 04/10/19: Masterpeep Mastermind 6 with Jennifer Voss and Chris Brandt
  • 04/17/19: Preparing for the Retreat & Lizard Lounge with Jennifer Voss
  • 04/24/19: Week Off
  • 05/02 – 05/05/19: MCT Retreat at Blue Star Ranch with Martha & Fellow Masterpeeps
  • 05/08/19: Mastermind Wrap-up with Jennifer Voss

Onsite MCT Retreat (Mandatory)

May 2 – 5, 2019 at Blue Star Ranch in Cashiers, NC*

We used to call this weekend an “intensive,” and to be honest, it was intense for all of us. Your training will still be rigorous—possibly “intense” for you at times—and that’s perfect. However, this weekend is all about celebration, community, and magic. You’ll connect with your fellow Masterpeeps, have fun, and learn about yourself and each other. We, along with the horses, nature, and your own wayfinding ways, will take you on a personal journey of discovery over the course of the weekend.

*Why is it not at Martha’s ranch in San Luis Obispo? Because Martha moved! We scouted out the perfect spot for us to land together and celebrate. Fellow Master Coach Trish Ring’s Blue Star Ranch feels like just the place!

Retreat Weekend Highlights

Martha always has so many ideas for what she wants to teach you. Regardless of the game or activity, she wants to help you open your heart, learn to receive your own higher guidance, care for yourself deeply, connect with nature and your purpose, and much more.

Equus Coaching Daylong Workshop
You will learn about your energetic signature, your communication style, and how to use each effectively as you bring your work into the world.


Cool, Life-Transforming Stuff
We could write something here about what you might actually experience, but in all honesty, we’ll be custom-designing the workshop for your cohort much closer to the date. We’re pretty good at this, so if you’re up for a fun adventure, trust us—we’ll deliver.

We will end the weekend together with a celebration lunch with Martha.


All of the work you produce as part of this course is evaluated as part of your certification. But more important than what you do is how you do it. It’s not about showing up and doing it all perfectly—at all. It’s about showing up, being YOU, and doing your work as your stuff comes up. That said, here is what we consider as part of the certification process:

  • Showing Up: Attendance + engagement/not hiding + participation = showing up.
  • Meeting Deadlines: If you miss a deadline, you will not receive feedback on your assignment and you may be required to do additional work. You must complete all assignments to be certified. This parallels the “real world.” If you are hired by a magazine to write a piece and miss your deadline, you don’t get published. Simple as that. The intent here is to show you that you can step up and surprise yourself with what you can accomplish. We do know that emergencies arise, and we are compassionate about that, but you will also find that we are very serious about this—because we believe you can.
  • Coaching Skills Mastery: The goal of MCT is to move your coaching skills from competence to mastery.
    • The recorded coaching sessions that are assigned as part of the application process, as well as any assigned throughout your training, will be part of your certification review. You will need to be able to demonstrate mastery of the basic coaching model. We may ask you to resubmit recordings. Please know this is part of the process! We want you to be great coaches!
    • The next part of your certification process involves coaching sessions over the phone with Jennifer. You will be asked to check in and be open to being coached by her or another one of your Masterpeeps. You will also coach her. The later can happen at any point in the training you feel you are ready, but must take place before the retreat.
    • If you do not meet the bar of mastery for any of these certification elements, you will be given feedback and additional work to do to assist you in gaining mastery. You will then have another opportunity to be reviewed as long as you met the initial assignment deadline. This process will take as long as it takes—meaning you may or may not be certified by the end of the course.
  • Participation in Master Life Coach training does not ensure certification as a Master Coach. All decisions about certification will be made by Martha Beck and Jennifer Voss.

Once you become a Master Certified Martha Beck Coach, you will be eligible to be considered for teaching MBI-sponsored classes, including Continuing Education for Coach Spot, and becoming a Life Coach Training Instructor. Being a Master Coach, though, does not guarantee these opportunities. You may also propose your own ideas to MBI.


Here’s the deal about the prerequisites—we may not follow them. If you feel called to be a Master Coach, apply. We use these criteria as guidelines, but we also feel completely free to break our own rules (except the first one; you must be a certified Martha Beck Life Coach). We require that you have:

  • Earned a Martha Beck Life Coach Certification
  • Coached a minimum of 75 paid hours (documented)
  • Completed the Master Coach Training online application


The application window for 2018 is now closed.

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Payment information & Questions

  • 2018 Master Life Coach Training Fee: $9950
  • A 3-PAY PLAN OPTION is available.*
  • Payment is due upon your acceptance to the program. You will receive links to the payment process in your acceptance email. You can either pay in full or use the 3-Pay Plan Option.*

*By using the MBI 3-Pay Plan, you agree to pay $3,482.50 initially and have your credit/debit card charged $3482.50 automatically 30 and 60 days following your registration. Please note: a 5% service charge is included in the 3-Pay Plan.


Do you have further questions?

Please contact program coordinator
Jennifer Voss,

Master Coach Training is like signing up for surfing lessons with some of the earth’s best wave cruisers. It’s thrilling, fascinating, scary (at times) and it gave me the tools to ride the ever-growing tide of change in my life and the world. The intimacy of the learning cohort, the chance to learn directly from Martha in a highly interactive environment, and the collective brilliance of the Master Coach instructors proved to be priceless. It also helped me pinpoint my purpose, connect to my passion and inner wisdom, and trust in my ability to do bigger work in the healing of the world.

Jill Farmer

Master Certified Life Coach

Coach Training was a pivotal point in my journey as a coach. I began it with confidence and even a bit of arrogance, unconsciously out to prove I had nothing more to learn. Yet from the get go, I found myself facing all of the unresolved beliefs that prevented me from being as effective and as happy as I could have been. The training, as well as my classmates, helped me to become clearer, more confident and more peaceful as a coach and person. Not only did I find my center and own unique voice as a coach and facilitator, but I made some of the most important friendships of my life while in this amazing program.

Michael Trotta

Master Certified Life Coach

Drop your fears and your favored excuses. The Master Coach Training is a life-changing, perpetual gift and adventure unto self. It will never be the right time and it will always be the right time. My advice: if you are drawn to this training, throw your hat in the ring as soon as you are able; show up with a beginners mind; and trust the process.

Debby Werthmann

Master Certified Life Coach

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