Develop a coaching practice that perfectly expresses your unique mission.

Access Martha’s newest tools, based on her entire body of work and the latest research she’s excited about.

Deepen your understanding of the tools you learned in Wayfinder Life Coach Training to coach effectively in any situation.

Earn a Wayfinder Master Coach seal while also working toward an ICF credential.

You’ve learned the tools of a Wayfinder. Now it’s time to master them.

The world needs Wayfinders now more than ever. This program will make you a master navigator of change as the world continues to speed up. You’ll use the challenges of this moment in history to build a better coaching practice, for you and for your clients.

Wayfinder Master Coach Training will help you become a truly expert coach, with a successful practice perfectly designed by and for you.

When everything is in alignment within you, you allow everything you want to flow to you. Wayfinder Master Coach Training is about bringing integrity to every part of your life and coaching practice.

Even when we know how to find our own North Star, we still need structure, guidance, and support to realize our mission in the world. That’s why Martha has created this training to be unlike anything else she’s ever done. As a Master Coach trainee, you’ll be among the first to learn Martha’s latest tools, based on her complete body of work and the current research she’s most excited about.

Want to join a supportive and collegial mastermind group all working toward a common purpose?

Wayfinder Master Coach Training is for you!


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Our 168-hour Wayfinder Master Coach Training is an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program.

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What’s Included

Wayfinder Master Coach Training includes:

  • A curriculum based on Martha’s body of work and latest research
  • A three-day intensive online workshop taught by Martha and Master Coach instructors
  • Real-world projects to help you transcend every obstacle, whether personal or professional
  • Seven months of workshops, classes, and ongoing support from Wayfinder Master Coach Instructors, Martha, and your fellow Master Coaches in training
  • Individual mentoring as you build your unique coaching practice
  • A final online retreat with your comrades to celebrate your achievements, growth, and success
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Thank you for this powerful Master Coach Training experience! It was rich in so many ways, and I love all of you beautiful instructors and mentors who guided us through the process. Yesterday, my mentor asked me what I am most proud of, and I got a bit teary-eyed. I told her that I was proud of myself and everything about me. And as I was saying that, I realized that moment might have been the first time I ever spoke those words out loud, and every cell in my body believed it. It’s probably one of the most important and cherished gifts I have given myself!


Certified Wayfinder Master Coach