Transform your coaching practice and your life



Wayfinder Master Coach Training will take you from a well-trained coach to a master navigator of our turbulent world. Times have never been tougher, and you can rise to this moment—for yourself, your clients, and the world.

This challenging time calls out for exceptional people. To master your craft is to rise to peak confidence, power and skill. Wayfinder Master Coach Training will make you a maximum force of resilience and positive change. Are you ready?

As a certified Wayfinder Life Coach, you already have a wealth of insight and experience. Master Coach training will challenge you to exceed your current limits: to meld your intelligence, integrity, and training into a powerful, resilient instrument of positive change.

You will emerge from Wayfinder Master Coach Training knowing that you can meet any challenge with confidence, courage—and in command of Martha Beck’s newest, cutting-edge coaching tools. Be among the first to learn the “Integrity Cycle” for yourself and your clients.

This all-new Master Coach Training features an entirely revised curriculum.  As part of the first group to work with this method, you’ll have regular live video classes with Martha herself. You’ll learn her latest, most exciting, and most effective concepts and coaching processes.

You’ll also gain the training and mentoring you need to apply for certification by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), either at the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) level or the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level once the program has been accredited.*

The training includes:

  • A three-day intensive, online “launch” seminar taught by Martha
  • A brand new set of coaching tools and skills to transform you, your business, and your life
  • Real-world projects to help you transcend every obstacle, whether personal or professional
  • Seven months of support from instructors as you identify and dissolve the obstacles to your business success and personal happiness
  • Individual mentoring as you offer your unique gifts to the world
  • A final online retreat celebrating your achievements, growth, coaching practice, and comrades in Master Wayfinding.

The all-new curriculum is based on Martha’s new book, The Way of Integrity, coming to stores in April 2021 (but to Master Wayfinders in training, just a bit earlier). It will bring a whole new paradigm for Wayfinder Coaching, which will greatly increase your confidence, capability, and effectiveness.

This is where logic and magic meet—continuously. As you work to build your coaching practice, the tools you’ll master will enable you to turn your dreams into realities more directly than ever before. Sometimes this will look rational… and sometimes, it will look miraculous.

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Using real-world projects as your training ground, you’ll integrate your knowledge and capacity as a coach until you can navigate to the fullest expression of your true self. That will take you to the kind of success that fulfills you both energetically and financially.

  • New real world tools: Accessing your deepest truth—continuously
  • Action patterns that create success: Turning work into play
  • Your own heroic journey: Offering your unique gifts to the world
  • Connection and collaboration: Joyful, supportive relationships

The best part? This stuff works. It works. It works. It works!

Each component of this training will move you forward as a person and as a coach—all within an energizing and inspiring community of instructors, mentors, and fellow trainees.

The world needs Wayfinders now more than ever. This program is designed to help you use this moment of historic challenge to create unprecedented transformation. It will help you use obstacles to uplevel your coaching practice, for you and for those you aim to serve.

Ready for a major up-level? Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Master Coach Training was a pivotal point in my journey as a coach. I began it with confidence and even a bit of arrogance, unconsciously out to prove I had nothing more to learn. Yet from the get go, I found myself facing all of the unresolved beliefs that prevented me from being as effective and as happy as I could have been. The training, as well as my classmates, helped me to become clearer, more confident and more peaceful as a coach and person. Not only did I find my center and own unique voice as a coach and facilitator, but I made some of the most important friendships of my life while in this amazing program.


Master Certified Life Coach